During the two years of cultivation under Teacher's great benevolence and salvation, I gradually raised my level of understanding of the Fa [universal law and principle]. I will now relate to you my experience escaping from detention by means of maintaining righteous thoughts as well as through Teacher's assistance.

Since we were put into detention center on March 9, we were faced with a lot of difficulties with practice and Fa study. After exchanging views with one another, however, we realized that we must go through all tribulations with the most righteous thoughts, so that the evil would not find any loophole within us. Through the elimination of the bad thoughts in our mind, we stopped talking in the way of everyday people and treated ourselves strictly as genuine practitioners. Whenever we were allowed to be out of the cell for a breath of fresh air, we collectively practiced the five sets of exercises and studied and promoted the Fa. Gradually our determination became strengthened with the daily-intensified righteous thoughts.

Everyday we did the five exercises. Whenever we started to collectively practice, we sent forth our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and not allow the wardens to interfere with us; even if they came, we would send forth our righteous thoughts to keep them away. As a result, the wardens no longer came to the open-air grounds, and they never perceived our collective practice. Four practitioners, as well as another three or four who had just attained the Fa in jail, practiced every day, and our righteous thoughts gave us confidence and courage. Whenever there was someone who tried to damage the Fa, we, including the new practitioners, sent forth our righteous thoughts all together to eliminate the evil.

Before "Labor Day" this year, the prison undertook a "complete search" of the cells and even conducted a body search on everyone. Among the twelve people in the cell, I was the person who kept the Dafa books and articles at that time, and I was the first one to be searched. Maintaining a very calm state of mind at that moment, I succeeded in warding off the danger. When I taught the new practitioners the first set of the excises and recited its kou-jue (verse)---" Shen shen he yi, Dong jing sui ji; Ding tian du zun, Qian shou fo li," I attained a further understanding of its meaning. Meanwhile, from exchanging views with other practitioners, I came to realize that only with faith in Teacher and Dafa would we be able to overcome any kind of hardship in cultivation, and it was because of our lack of faith in Dafa that we failed to do well in a trial or a tribulation.

Moreover, I began to appreciate the deep meaning of what Teacher taught us: "Because the more his Main Consciousness controls his brain the less other lives can step in..." Therefore, I was suddenly enlightened to the fact that in going through our tribulations, it is the parts of our bodies we have cultivated that are undertaking the rectification of Fa in the way of strengthening our Buddha nature and eliminating the evil nature constantly.

On April 25, after I recited Teacher's new article "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful" several times, I came to understand that within the context of the rectification of the Fa at the present time the deep meaning of benevolence was the elimination of the evil. Recently, with the truth of Dafa more and more widely spread in our city, the evil has gone mad; everywhere they are arresting the practitioners and ransacking their homes, exhibiting the final rampage before death.

"Actually, every Dafa disciple has abilities. It's just that the abilities do not manifest in the surface dimension, so they think that they don't have supernormal abilities. But regardless of whether they can manifest in the surface dimension or not, when a person's True Thoughts come forth, they are very powerful." [Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful] Our Master is enlightening us to use our righteous thoughts to conquer the evil in our dimension. It is now the time that we should go out, to rush out of the blockade of iron gates, electric nets and guards in the detention center. Seeing we had sent forth our righteous thoughts, Teacher hinted to us immediately: take the opportunity and do not hesitate. At 2:00 PM, May 2, the authorities of the detention center asked three of us (including one non-practitioner detainee) to go out to change the soil for the flowers. The head guard surnamed Zhao said to us, "You practitioners are likely to escape." My fellow practitioner and I immediately understood that the opportunity had come. Accidentally, one flowerpot was smashed, and we needed to go up to the top of a house to carry more flowerpots down to the flower terrace. I said to the head, "Go get more flowerpots." Then he went away as I told him. The detainee working with us said, "It's possible to escape." While I was still judging the situation, my fellow practitioner had gone to the wall on the west side with a flower pot in hand. Finding that some people were at the front gate, we climbed across the wall to the neighboring yard, where a small door happened to be open. We ran quickly and, meanwhile, said to ourselves repeatedly: "They will not find us." After we went around the high wall, we sent forth the thought to the guard surnamed Zhao to fix his movement. In order to leave the place as soon as possible, we sent forth the thought that everyday people would not see us.

Presently a wide river blocked our way, and the water was as high as a person's waist. Cross it! Without more hesitation, we took off our shoes and, hand in hand, we helped each other in wading across the rapid current. The other side of the river had a hill. While going up along the hillside, we heard the barking of dogs behind us---two uniformed policemen were catching up to us. We rushed into the woods, but the policemen were still hot in pursuit. We had to go as quickly as possible, and a highway appeared off to the distant left. While I still had some hesitation, my fellow practitioner said: "All Buddhas, Taos and Gods, please help us." I followed her immediately and said: "Teacher, please help us." With a pure state of mind, we got to the highway in a short time and went aboard a vehicle. Shortly after we passed a toll station, the police blockaded the crossroad. We arrived at a small village, where the graceful branches of willow trees swayed in the breeze and the birds sang and flew in happiness and freedom. Facing the beautiful scene, my fellow practitioner could not help reciting Teacher's poem: "A pool of clear lake water, Mists and rosy clouds mirror a bit of sparkling lights; Being in the chaotic world, It's difficult to be a lone beauty." [unofficial translation of one of Teacher's poems in Hongyin]

The iron gates of the detention center, the electric fence and the guards are the things that usually make everyday people frightened, but how can they confine the Dafa practitioners with righteous thoughts? We deeply realize that, as disciples of the Lord of Buddhas, using our righteous thoughts is validating Fa and demonstrating the power of the Fa.