[Minghui Net] Miss Zhao belongs to the category of people who learned Qigong by chance. That was during the time that Qigong had become popular. Consequently, her celestial eye opened. In and of itself, having this experience is not a big deal. No one should dwell on having supernormal capabilities.

In the summer of 1993, Miss Zhao's mother was hospitalized for liver cancer. Among her sisters and brothers, she was the only one who did not care about her personal comfort and showed the most concern for her mother's situation. Everyday, she walked a long way to the hospital to help her mother. She washed her mother's body, fed her and cleaned the feces and urine away. Every patient in the ward praised her for her good character.

One day, on the way to the hospital, she saw a very tall and full-bodied young man from far away. His body radiated a brilliant light. He walked toward her along with several other people. Miss Zhao thought, "This person must be a great Qigong master, it will be nice if I could learn Qigong from him." Right after she finished thinking that, she heard what the young man said in his mind, "Come! Learn from me!" Miss Zhao was very happy at that time and felt this young man was very kind. When she thought about her mother's illness, she said in her mind to that young man, "I really want to learn from you, but I don't have time, my mother is seriously ill, I need to take care of my mother." The young man turned his body but still communicated with her using his mind, "Come! Learn from me." Miss Zhao also turned her body and said using her mind, "I really want to learn from you, but my mother is sick, I need to take care of her and don't have time to learn." In this way, the two had communicated with each other, using their minds.

Three days after that, upon returning home, Miss Zhao saw a "flying saucer" with a 2-plus meter diameter spinning three meters away from the balcony of her living space. She cried and asked all her family members to come and watch. Her sister and father both watched it spin for about 10 minutes. At that time, she thought that it would be nice if the flying saucer could go up. It was colorful and there was a golden shiny symbol in the middle. On the fourth day, she felt that her throat was very tight, as if she were choking on something. Next, she had diarrhea. The more diarrhea she had, the more energetic she became. At that time, she did not understand the reason. Later, after she learned Falun Dafa, she knew that she had experienced the placement of the mysterious pass, and the purification of her body. This illustrates what Teacher said, "Namely, you do not need to practice at the low level. Upon purifying your bodies and moving you up, I will install a complete system of cultivation practice in your bodies. You will practice cultivation immediately at high levels." From this story, we know that Teacher always looks after his genuine disciples, and that Falun has been following the disciples with predestined relationships for a long time.

From the beginning, she felt Falun spinning in her lower abdomen, and the more it spun, the more comfortable she felt. Miss Zhao had many supernormal abilities. For example, when someone was sick, if she had compassion for that person, that person's illness would be gone. However, her heart was not disturbed, and she handled these things very well.

On July 22, she wanted to go out on the streets and shout : "Falun Dafa is righteous, you cannot slander Falun Dafa." Later, she repeatedly went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. She has supernormal abilities, but she does not normally talk about them. She uses her supernormal abilities to protect other practitioners. Those who do Dafa-related work, print Dafa materials, and access the Falun Dafa websites are especially looked after. Therefore, practitioners in her area do not have any trouble; the whole district is very normal. All the practitioners have persisted in studying the Fa and clarifying the truth, right from the beginning.

After Teacher's article "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" was published, she exchanged experiences with other practitioners, regarding what she saw, using her supernormal abilities. She realized that practitioners needed to use their righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and clarify the truth. Before they went out to distribute the truth-clarifying materials, they studied the Fa with a calm mind and asked Teacher to help and protect them. The banners they posted were larger each time and they posted the banners in many busy districts and on official buildings. She saw that when Falun Dafa practitioners went out, their bodies were covered with a layer of light. When Falun Dafa materials were posted, they were shining with a boundless radiance in the other dimensions and the demons fell down, one after another. She described, "Before, petty abilities and skills like pasting some symbols or drawing some incantations could suppress the evil influence in the other dimensions and urge some gods at low levels to help suppress the evil. When the characters of the Law of the Universe are posted, the demons are truly afraid. Those posted characters are like orders, the righteous gods everywhere come and help the Falun Dafa practitioners to eliminate the evil and the demons are quickly eliminated."

Miss Zhao has a schoolmate who was very steadfast in her belief in Falun Dafa. Her schoolmate led other practitioners in the prison to resist all kinds of persecution. She saw that the wicked people had beaten her schoolmate to death three times in prison. She saw this with her celestial eye. As a result, she cried in front of the Teacher's picture and begged the Teacher to bring her schoolmate back. Unexpectedly, her schoolmate was brought back to life, three times, however, after that, her schoolmate enlightened along an evil path. She deeply regretted it and said that her attachment to human sentimentality harmed her. Through this thing, she gave up many of her attachments. After that, the Teacher dropped hints in her dream. She saw in her dream that the body of her schoolmate had become like a demon. The Teacher came and pointed at Miss Zhao's schoolmate, a golden light was sent out and a shell with a demon character in her schoolmate's body came off. The Teacher pointed once more, another golden light was sent out and those shells with demon characters were completely removed. This enabled her to give up even more attachments. It allowed her to validate Falun Dafa and clarify the truth more rationally and clear-mindedly and closely follow the Teacher during the Fa-rectification.