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Xiao Xingai was a 39 year-old female who worked at a paper factory in Hengshui City. She was in good health before being tortured to death. On the evening of December 20, 2000, she was followed and arrested by the police for posting leaflets that proclaimed "Falun Dafa Is Good." On December 22, Xiao Xingai was brutally beaten by the police during their interrogation. A policeman named Li Qiang cruelly punished Xiao Xingai by forcing her to stand with one foot on the floor, while holding one hand above her head. She was forced to stand in this manner for half a day, making her perspire heavily and causing her severe pain. In the evening she was then illegally sent to the First Detention Center of Hengshui City.

The heads of the detention center, Si Xinkun, and Cui Deru, at one point were beating some Dafa practitioners from Shandong Province. Xiao Xingai stepped forward to stop them and said, "Don't beat people." While continuing to beat the practitioner, the heads of the detention center said, "We are allowed to beat people. You are not allowed to speak. Shut up!" Then one of the head police officers took Xiao Xingai to the interrogation room to handcuff her hands behind her back tightly and torture her. After being handcuffed in this manner for three days, Xiao Xingai felt pain all over her body and sweated terribly. At that time, even the inmates asked the police not to back-handcuff her, but the police responded by saying that they would only change the position of the handcuffing after her skin became broken and sore. Xiao Xingai was released from this position after five days, and then only in order to force-feed her, as she had been on a hunger strike since the Chinese New Year. After this torture, Xiao Xingai became very weak, and in the crowded cell, she could barely sit or lay on the cement ground. Her face and feet began to swell, and she suffered severe stomachache accompanied by swelling and nausea.

In addition, she was forced to participate in heavy labor. She only stopped working in April after she had no strength to continue, and by this point the swelling of her body had become very serious. However, the labor camp ignored her condition. Only after her health had deteriorated severely did they report Xiao Xingai's condition. Even on this report the officer came by to take a look at Xiao Xingai and left without saying a word. After several days had past, Xiao Xingai began to vomit black blood during the night. One inmate suggested they keep the black blood to show to the officer the next day. The next morning when the officer checked the cell at 8:00am, Dafa practitioners reported to him regarding Xiao Xingai's condition and showed him the black blood, but he just glanced at Xiao in the cell and left. Around the 27th of April, the officers sent Xiao Xingai to the hospital. While Xiao Xingai was in the emergency room, the court sent an indictment to her family. Her family members commented on how shameful they were to send the indictment, when Xiao Xingai was tortured to death. They left dejectedly. On the afternoon of May 10, 2001, they released Xiao Xingai, who was on the verge of death.

On June 15, 2001, at 6:00pm, Xiao Xingai stopped breathing. The hospital examination showed that her death was not caused by any disease. This is the second incident in which blood was left on the hands of the Hengshui authority.

Xiao Xingai's home phone number 86-318-2052038

It is said that the Chief of Hengshui Police department, Liu Kuangying, has treated people brutally and committed all kind of crimes. He has also ruthlessly persecuted Dafa practitioners since July 20, 1999. Three Dafa practitioners in this city were tortured to death, and over 20 practitioners were sent to labor camps. Liu Guangying met his retribution on June 9, 2001. While having dinner in a restaurant he was severely stabbed.

Late in the evening on May 31, 2001, the Hengshui police department took united action to ransack Dafa practitioners' homes for no reason and arrested 16 practitioners. These practitioners were sentenced to criminal detention or administrative detention (Persons placed in labor camps by administrative decision and often not told of the reasons for their detention. No time is set for their release. Often family members are not informed where the person is held - translators note.) The practitioners also had to pay bails of at least 3,000 Yuan (about six month salary of an average worker in cities of China ?translators note) and were required to write repentance statements. Some were released after fifteen days, while others were not.

As of now, Qi Jingfeng, Zhao Sujun, Gao Qindong, Song Jingyun, Sun Sumei, Su Guirong, Liu Guichun, and Sun Xiuzheng have been released and each of them was forced to pay 3,000-5,000 Yuan.