[Minghui Net] Zhao Yayun, female, 54, is a resident in the Lequn Village of Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. In July 2000, she was unlawfully taken from her home and detained in the Second Detention Center of Shuangcheng City. Because she refused to compromise with the evil, she was sent to the Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province one month later.

Ms. Zhao died as a result of the torture she endured at the Wanjia Labor Camp on June 20, 2001. Her body was covered with wounds and bruises when she died. The thugs in Wanjia Labor Camp tightly blocked this news from leaving the labor camp and they attempted to conceal the truth by cremating her body. When Ms. Zhao's family questioned them they said, "You can go anywhere you'd like and sue us. The case will be finished after a payment of 2000 Yuan RMB." This is another example of Jiang Zemin's gang of criminals killing people without repercussion and then treating it as suicide.

We want to appeal to all international organizations and kind-hearted people around the world to terminate and condemn the crimes committed by Jiang Zemin's band of criminals--those people who have brutally persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners. At the same time, we want to warn those people who persecute Falun Dafa: evil will be rewarded with evil.