[Minghui Net] An investigation revealed that one of the two Falun Dafa practitioners who were tortured to death was Wang Lanxian, a sixty-year-old woman from Majia Village, Sunji Town, Shouguang City. The other was Li Yinping, a thirty-seven-year-old female employee of the Weifang Animal Husbandry Bureau.

The other two female practitioners who were persecuted severely had been transferred secretly, and kept under close surveillance by police in Shouguang. All the flow of information has been blocked. The condition of these two Falun Dafa practitioners is uncertain and their whereabouts are unknown. At the same time, the other Falun Dafa practitioners who were illegally detained were transferred to Sunji Town to be forcefully brainwashed.

About twenty policemen were involved in brutally beating Falun Dafa practitioners. Those known to have done so are:

The group leader of Shouguang Surveillance Group (Detention Centre):

Wang Peilin,
Tel: 011-86-536-5225930 (Home);

The evil policeman of Shouguang Surveillance Group (DetentionCentre):
Wang Huanliu,
Tel: 011-86-536-5227967 (home);

Wang Chunzeng,
Tel: 011-86-536-5298115 (home).

The others are to be specified.

The Secretary of Shouguang Municipal Party Committee:
Xu Zhenxi,
Tel: 011-86-536-5261999, 011-86-536-13853663899 (cell);

The Mayor of Shouguang City:
Liu Keqiang,
Tel: 011-86-536-5256016;

The Public Security Bureau on-duty telephone line:
011-86-536-5221108, 011-86-536-5221801;

The Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau:
Zhang Dongliang,
Tel: 011-86-536-5298002, 011-86-536-5298386;
Pager: 011-86-536-199-27736011;
011-86-536-13806364666 (cell);

The Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau:
Yang Rongmao,
Tel: 011-86-536-5298003, 011-86-536-5298388;
Pager: 011-86-536-199-27736012,
011-86-536-13906366319 (cell);

The Section Chief of the Security and Protection Section of the Public Security Bureau: Mao Dexing,
Tel: 011-86-536-5298733; 011-86-536-5226621(home);

The Surveillance Group on-duty line: 011-86-536-5221801;
The group leader: Song Jiangsheng,
Tel: 011-86-536-5289868, 011-85-536-5238977,
Pager: 011-86-536-199-27736997, 011-86-536-13606475997 (cell).

For detailed information, please refer to "Group of Falun Gong Practitioners Arrested in Weifang; Two Beaten To Death within Days" (6/21/2001)