[Minghui Net] It has been reported that on January 29th of this year, there was a severe river traffic accident in Xiaohe Town, Hechuang City, Chongqing. On June 8, Chongqing City severely punished the 15 people who were responsible. Wu Daofan, mayor of Hechuang City, and Liu Chaoqing, deputy mayor, received a disciplinary warning and a disciplinary sanction, respectively. Yang Rongmin, director of Hechuang City Transportation Bureau, and Nian Yalin, director of Harbor Control Post, each received a disciplinary sanction.

This severe accident happened right after Zhou Jiaying, a representative of Hechuang City People's Political Consultative Conference, was dismissed from her post for requesting an end to the persecution against Falun Gong. According to AFP's report, Zhou Jiaying was dismissed from her post because she submitted a proposal at last December's People's Political Consultative Conference stating that it was not right for the government to classify Falun Gong as a [Jiang Zemin's slanderous term omitted], and requesting the immediate cessation of the persecution against Falun Gong.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Hechuang City are not concerned about those who are persecuted. They follow Jiang Zemin in order to engage in corruption and degeneration. They refuse to see Falun Gong's great benefits to practitioners as well as to society. In order to make themselves look good to the higher authorities, they gang up with certain people in Chongqing City and severely persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

However, heaven is watching. Whoever commits various crimes of persecution against Falun Gong will not escape judgment.

[Xinsheng Net]