After being arrested in March 2001 while distributing literature that clarifies the truth about Falun Dafa, Yang Xianfeng, a female practitioner from Shashi City, was sent to the Chaoyang Police Station. In an attempt to force her to reveal the source of this literature, the police handcuffed her to a window frame and beat her relentlessly. At night, a policeman brought in a prostitute, took liberties with her in front of Yang Xianfeng and forced her to watch them. She closed her eyes tightly to avoid seeing their disgusting acts, but the policeman beat her and forced her to watch. Yang Xianfeng resolutely refused to obey his order. The policeman then covered her with a blanket and pushed her down on the floor. He then beat her with an iron bar and violently stomped on her back, breaking it instantly. He said, "According to the instructions from our superiors, if we beat you to death, we can report that you committed suicide!" The pain that Yan Xianfeng felt was unbearable, but even in this condition, she was sent to the Shashi Section 1 Detention Center.

In the detention center, Yang Xianfeng still refused to cooperate with the police by not allowing them to take her picture. The police responded by breaking her right arm. When Yang Xianfeng lost consciousness due to the severe pain, the police put chili water into her eyes, and inserted a lit cigarette into her nostrils. She went blind from this torture.

The police also ransacked her home, and stole 1000 Yuan RMB, the only cash she had. Nature has its course. These criminals will surely receive retribution for their evil deeds someday.