May 17, 2001

May 13th, 2001 was World Falun Dafa Day and also the 9th Anniversary of the introduction of Dafa to the public. With their righteous faith, Indonesian Falun Dafa practitioners held a seminar in Jakarta verifying to the people of the world that Falun Dafa is the great righteous Law.

At 7:30 am, about 100 practitioners began to practice the five sets of exercises along with the Dafa music. The gentle, slow and curved movements attracted many passersby to join the practitioners.

The seminar was held at the Senayan Gymnasium in Jakarta. There was a yellow colored banner with red letters reading: "Classical Meditation, Traditional Qigong Becomes a Popular Cultivation." These words were published in local newspapers for a day, and attracted about five hundred people who all came to the seminar. People came from television stations, media, business, various kinds of religious groups and many Qigong groups. The whole atmosphere was very auspicious and solemn.

There were three doctors, who are very determined practitioners, giving speeches at the seminar. The first doctor had a Master's degree, and he gave a speech entitled: "Falun Dafa Cultivators' Neutrophile White Blood Cells are Superb."

The second doctor said that miracles happened to three Dafa practitioners, who had very serious diseases before they learned the Dafa, such as: uterine tumor, pathological changes in menstruation, migraine, sciatica, pathological changes in vertebra joints, high blood pressure and stroke etc. After they practiced Falun Gong, they had a recheck at the hospital. The tests showed that their diseases were all cured now. This doctor said Falun Gong cultivators' bodies are stored with high potency energy, which have extreme resistance to virus and can strengthen human cells and prolong life.

The third doctor is an acupuncturist. He said, "According to Chinese medical pathology, the cause for people having illness is because the passages, through which vital energy circulates, are choked with extravasated blood. Hence the imbalance of yin and yang [Chinese medical terms indicating respectively the feminine and the masculine principles of nature] leads to illness. Whereas cultivating Falun Gong can help smooth blood circulation so as to keep the vital energy running unblocked in all the passages. In this way, people can stay away from sickness."

And then, another Dafa practitioner gave an introduction to the Falun Gong exercises. He talked about benefits of Falun Gong. He also pointed out that the only way to keep fit, rid ourselves of diseases and to uplift our Xinxing is to read Teacher Li's books a lot and cultivate ourselves diligently.

All of the above practitioners' speeches made deep impressions on the audience and won a warm ovation. About five hundred people in the audience were very fortunate to learn of Falun Dafa. They raised many questions and received satisfactory answers from our practitioners.

In the end, practitioners taught the audience how to practice the second exercise "The Falun Standing Stance Exercise." While holding the Falun (the Law Wheel), a lot of people felt a very strong energy field around them, and they all said that Falun Gong is good!

It was not accidental that there were about five hundred people coming to learn the Fa on World Falun Dafa Day. It showed the mighty power of the Falun Dafa among Indonesian people. There will be several billion people learning the Fa in future. We are well prepared to step forward by helping our Teacher to clarify the truth and spread the Law. Let the Buddha-light illuminate over the thousand of islands in Indonesia.