[Minghui Net] I would like to share with you my understanding of "righteous thoughts".

In July of 2000, a practitioner here in Saipan was invited by the Department of Arts to display his artistic skill making paintings at an evening market. Several other Falun Dafa practitioners and I accompanied him. We played the VCD of "The True Stories of Falun Gong", handed out Falun Dafa flyers and performed the exercises. At the beginning, we all stayed together in one market stall. Realizing after a while that several nearby stalls were vacant, we moved into one. The manager of the market came over to ask who we were and what we were doing. When he learned that our activities were offered free and that we were friends of the artist, he gave us permission to continue.

Our artist friend immigrated to Canada in March of 2001. The rest of us, however, continued demonstrating Falun Dafa at the evening market. On April 19, I went to the market as usual. A fellow practitioner told me that the Director of Tourist Administration had come (the organizer of the evening market). I immediately realized that something was up. I started to think over what we might have done wrong. Was it because we didn't pay for using the space? I told Chen (fictitious name), the artist' brother and also a practitioner, "Maybe we should pay for staying here." He said, "That's not the issue. I talked it over with the director (they were friends). He said someone reported us as destroying the spirit of the market. They criticized us as being political." We had been there for more than half a year and nobody had said anything to us. Could it be an intervention from the Chinese government? Later I heard that some people from Chinese consulate had come, saying that the evening market was a place with so many Falun Gong people and their activities. At the time, the Tourist Administration was holding talks trying to boost business with China.

I started doing the meditation. In my mind, I thought, "These are all illusions and superficial phenomena. Anything that hinders Fa rectification is evil. I will seize the elements behind it and eradicate them." I had a thought that I was a great Buddha sitting there, emitting powerful lights to eradicate any evil elements that intended to stop Fa rectification. I firmly believe that the cultivated part in me has the power to do it. A Buddha is capable of any desired achievements. I don't have to use my hands. I can eliminate it by simply sitting there and sending forth righteous thoughts, with Master and the power of Dafa behind us. With these ideas, I felt my body growing vast and my energy covering everything. In about 20 minutes, I felt a great power coming out of my body, like the explosion of an atomic bomb, though I didn' feel the shock of the explosion myself. A wave spread out from my body to the surroundings. Everything around me turned crystal clear. The clearness was unprecedented and beyond description. I shared my experience with Chen after coming out of tranquility, saying, "Don't be bothered by the superficial phenomena. They are all illusions. Simply seize the elements behind them. It's just like what's discussed in the 'Issue of Treating illness' in Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun. Seize it. Eliminate it. Then we can talk to the director about continuing our activities here."

The next day, Chen went to talk to the director. The director said, "Personally I am supportive of you. I myself might learn it, too. But the evening market is purely a business event. We do not want to have any political involvement." Chen asked him, "Can we take part in the evening market as a traditional Chinese cultural display?" The director said, "Sure, but we would need approval from the Department of Arts." Chen happens to be a good friend of the manager of the Department of Arts. After he heard Chen' explanation, he said, "I am completely in support of you Falun Gong people. I will talk to the director of the Tourist Administration tomorrow."

On Saturday we took part in the Arts Festival organized by the Department of Arts. We were invited to perform the five sets of Falun Gong exercises onstage. During the evening, when we were doing meditation together, I imagined myself again to be a great Buddha sitting there eliminating the evil. Once again I felt my surroundings become crystal clear. After we finished doing the meditation, the director came over to our stand and told Chen that he had a talk with the managing officer of Department of Arts. Tomorrow the Department of Arts would write a formal letter to the Tourist Administration, inviting Falun Gong to perform the exercises in the evening market as a traditional Chinese cultural display. I felt happy that the evil had been eliminated.

I enlightened to the following particular aspect of the Fa: When facing the evil, we should put our minds into the realm we have reached through cultivation and think thoughts accordingly. How can one' main consciousness be repressed by the human mentality? We ought to hold a firm belief that we have the power. We can do it. We are able to accomplish anything. A determined mind is powerful enough to conquer everything. All that hinders the Fa rectification should be completely eliminated. Only when you have truly firm belief can you really have the power. It is like how we treated sickness karma when we began cultivation. It is a matter of whether you take the suffering as an illness, or as clearing karma. Only when you firmly believe what Master says can you experience supernormal results, for at that time your mind has reached a supernormal state. Your behavior has surpassed that of everyday people. Therefore you have the supernormal ability. After reading Master's new article "Dafa Disciples' Thoughts are Powerful," I had a deeper understanding of the Fa and a more determined mind.

On May 27th, we gathered together to send forth righteous thoughts and eliminate evil. Before setting out, I felt an indescribable excitement, a feeling of holiness before going on an expedition. When sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt energy rolling out of my body in waves upon every thought of "The Fa rectifies the cosmos. The evil is completely eliminated." The purer my thought, the more powerful and long lasting the energy.

It was the same when we sent forth righteous thoughts on May 30, 2001. With experience, I was now able to be more highly concentrated and hence send out more powerful energy. On that day, I had a truly powerful thought, "I will eliminate all the evil even if I have to exhaust all that I have. At any time, all the cultivated beings in me ought to actively eliminate the evil." I soon had a fitful headache. I knew the beings in my body were fighting with the evil. I felt happy in my heart to have the opportunity to participate in the Fa rectification. I was grateful in my heart to Master for giving disciples the opportunity to eliminate the evil and establish their mighty virtue. I will cultivate steadfastly forward, doing all I can in gratitude for the incredibly immense mercy of the Lord of Buddhas.