The annual Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival took place on June 23-24. This is one of the biggest festivals in Ottawa. Many people participate each year. There are performances, fairs, as well as a dragon boat contest. Therefore, it is a good chance to promote Dafa and clarify the truth.

After setting up our booth, practitioners started to practice the exercises and hand out a truth-clarifying newspaper. We had a very good location, right across from the stage. All passersby could see us. Many of them stopped to look at our exercise demonstration and photo exhibitions.

The contents of one exhibition board were all about the brutal persecution, which attracted a lot of people. They were shocked after seeing the pictures showing such cruel tortures and could not believe such inhuman things could happen. One person, after learning the truth about the persecution, took the initiative to bring the exhibition board to other booths, speak out about the truth and collect signatures for us. How kind these people are. They no only have helped others, but also laid foundation for their own good future.