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Falun Dafa practitioners from Wei County of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, have come out to safeguard Dafa one after another since July 20, 1999 and are surging forward with great momentum. At the same time, they are also suffering from inhumane persecution. We hereby expose the crimes conducted by Jiang Zemin [Amnesty International named "human rights scoundrel"] and his political gang, against Falun Dafa practitioners as below.

Dafa practitioners Gong Zhe, Wang Yuhe, Zhao Yuwei, Li Dongpo, and Zhao Mingcheng have been unlawfully detained for a long term, interrogated secretly many times, and sentenced without trial for three years in labor camp. In September 2000, they were sent secretly to labor camps in Shijiazhuang city and Baoding city for illegal labor education. In addition, practitioners Han Jinhuan (Female, age 38), Li Junlian (Female, age 56), Wang Jianchun (Female, age 36) Lian Yongnian (Female, age 48) all have been forcibly sent to forced labor through re-education for no reason.

Gong Zhe, male, 35 years old, and a doctor of First Secondary School in Wei County, was maligned when he was sharing experience with other practitioners at his home in October 1999. Later he was again accused falsely with the so-called "organizer" by the vicious guys when other practitioners went to appeal in Beijing legitimately. He didn't appeal in Beijing but was arrested and detained for a long period of time. Later on he was sentenced for three years in prison and he is now jailed in Tangshan prison, Hebei province.

Zhao Yuwei, male, 30 years old, went to appeal in Beijing on October 22, 2000, and was detained for a long time after he was taken back. He was sentenced illegally for three years, and is now jailed in Tangshan prison, Hebei province.

Li Dongbo, male, 33 years, is a self-employed doctor; Zhao Zhenming, male, 28 years, owns his own business in decoration. Both of them were arrested due to their appealing in Beijing on October 25, 1999. After their arrest they were detained for a long time, and later illegally sentenced to three years in jail. Li Dongbo is now in Baoding prison, Hebei province while Zhao Zhenming is detained in Tangshan prison, Hebei province.

Wang Yuhe, male, 35 years old, went to Beijing to appeal in October 1999, and was illegally detained for more than three months, and later released on bail. After the lunar New Year in 2000, he went to work in Beijing and gained some materials from Clearwisdom Net. He brought the materials back home to pass around among other practitioners. As a result, the village dispatched eight cadres to watch him. Later he was sent to the detention center of the county, and sentenced without trial. Now he is in a jail in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province.

Guo Yuping, female, about 40 years old, worked at the Wei County Carpet Factory. She has been detained in prison twice because of her appeals in compliance with the laws telling the benefits of both body and mind after she practiced Falun Gong.

Lian Yongnian, female, 48 years old, lawfully appealed in Beijing in October 1999, but was detained for more than three months, and hasn't been given her pension for quite a while after she was released on bail. In June 2000 her work place attempted to force her to write a "pledge." She refused, and was then isolated and monitored unlawfully again. Lian Yongnian had to borrow 5000 Yuan RMB (roughly 10 months' salary of an average worker in China) to pay her work unit in exchange for her release. (Otherwise she will be detained successively) At that moment Lian was already heavily in debt, and her daughter still needs money to go to school.

After the 2000 Chinese New Year, the leader of Lian Yongnian's work place (the manager Song Jianjun, former manager of Gulou Mall, phone number is: 86-313-7212142; Now he is in the product material company, the office phone number is: 7213409, home phone number is: 7214806) even spent 2000 Yuan to bribe the political security section of the county public security bureau in order to send her to the detention center. She held a hunger strike, and six days later the work unit allowed her to go home, but left four people to monitor her, day and night. Lian Yongnian has never had any record of crime, nor did she commit any crime in this case, but she was sentenced to forced labor education.

Wang Jianchun, female, 36 years old, was a former employee of a transistor factory (the director of this transistor factory is Chen Zhangmin, office phone number is: 86-313-7212302, home phone number is: 7213416). Since July 22, 1999, she was forced to quit her job only because she did not agree to give up her rights to improve herself and raise up her morality. That October, she appealed in Beijing. Then she was forced to separate from her six-month-old baby when she was taken back and monitored by the village committee; her husband Li Dongpo appealed with her, and was cast into the detention center and was later sentenced to three years in labor camp in September 2000; her mother-in-law, Qi Xiuzhen, and her baby, were all monitored illegally. In the face of such unfair treatment, she went to appeal again in June 2000, and was taken back by the cadres of her town. They bribed the security bureau to cast her into the detention center. She has staged a hunger strike many times since the Chinese New Year, the longest being 12 days. She became very skinny, weighing less than 30 kilograms, and her heart pulse became very weak. The roughneck sent her home at 10pm of the sixth day after Chinese New Year Day in fear that she would die. Afterwards, they also sent three people to her house to keep close surveillance on her. At that time, it seemed she would not live to the next day, but she survived out of the mighty power of Dafa.

On April 28, 2001, Wang Jianchun was deceived by the village committee to come out of her home, and into the street where she was arrested, leaving her two-year-old daughter unattended on the street, scared, and crying for her mother. Wang Jianchun was illegally placed in a labor camp after her husband, Li Dongpo, was illegally sentenced to labor camp.

Yang Shuping, female, about 37 years old, went to appeal in Beijing in the middle of June 2000. She was detained in the county detention center after being taken back. She had a hunger strike to protest it, but those vicious guys handcuffed, fettered her, and pressed her nose for force-feeding. This caused her to cough severely and throw up blood. She was sent to the hospital, and the diagnosis showed she had severe pulmonary tuberculosis. They released her on bail after this, but her health still has not totally recovered since then.

Dong Hailin, female, about 30 years old, went to Beijing for two days in the summer of year 2000, and was detained by the Songjiazhuang village government for a long period of time after she returned home. She wasn't released until this March. But the vicious guys also designated the village committee to monitor her at her house.

Qi Ai, male, about 35 years old, and Shi Qiang, male, about 35 years old, both used to work at the county government. They were good cadres, but they were dismissed from the party and their position, and illegally detained for a public order violation.

Ms. Han worked at Wei county people's hospital. She was about 25 years old, and has been detained for quite a long time, only because she wrote a letter to the general secretary of the county party committee in Wei county in the spring of year 2000 to suggest the release of all the illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioners in the county. Her work place later fined her 7000 Yuan.

Yuan Wen, male, about 32 years old, was the deputy chief of Wei county public security office. After April 25, 1999, the county forced him to acknowledge his "fault." He was dismissed from his post and transferred to work at the county supply and sale association. Yuan Wen went to Beijing to appeal on April 30, 2001, and was illegally detained at the county detention center up to the present. Because he used to be security staff, the vices fear that he would expose their evil deeds, so they still detain him up to now.


The above are only part of the true stories.

The criminals who have persecuted Dafa practitioners are as below:

(Note: the area code for Wei county of Hebei province is: 0313; the post code is: 075700)

Wen Xiang, deputy general secretary of the committee in Wei county, his office phone number is: 7010930, his home phone number is: 7216322, the cellular phone is: 127-2641200

Gao Feng, the chief of "610" office (an office specifically established for the crackdown on Falun Gong in China.) in Wei county, his office telephone is: 7215923

Shi Xiong, the director of Security Department in Wei county, his office phone number is: 7210447, home phone number: 7210299

Liang Ligang: Deputy chief in political security section in Security Department of Wei county, his office telephone is: 7212272