June 7, 2001

[Minghui Net]

Falun Dafa practitioners from Wei County of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, have come out to safeguard Dafa one after another since July 20, 1999, and are surging forward with great momentum. At the same time, they are also suffering from inhumane persecution. The perpetrators against Falun Gong practitioners have committed countless crimes, which arouses the anger of humans and gods, and the great mountains are also furiously condemning their crimes.

The tortures that Falun Dafa practitioners from Daiwangcheng Town of Wei County receive are horrifying. The officials there also make use of illegal detention to extort large amounts of fines from practitioners.

In the spring of 2000, Duan Bin served as the Secretary of the Chinese XX Party Committee of Daiwangcheng Town. In the classrooms of the town middle school, he and his followers illegally detained dozens of Falun Gong practitioners and tried to brainwash them by force. They beat, kicked, slapped, electrically shocked, and whipped Falun Gong practitioners with a belt. Every practitioner had to go through the test. These brutes also utilized this chance to collect large amounts of money. Hundreds of Falun Dafa practitioners in Daiwangcheng Town were all illegally fined, from several hundred to up to five thousand Yuan RMB (roughly 1-10 months' salary of an average worker in China). Male practitioners, Xiao Tang and Liu Guiming were illegally detained for as long as 8 months because their families had used all their money to pay previous fines and didn't have any money left to get them out.

Gao Yuping, female, 38, was arrested and sent back to Daiwangcheng when she went to Beijing to make her lawful appeal in March 2000. She was brutally beaten by the town government employees. A group of policemen from the police station, including Zhang Jianqiang, violently beat her with an iron instrument, then shocked her head, neck, back, hands, etc. with electric rods. In the end, she was shocked until she fainted and didn't regain consciousness for 4 days. Later those thugs shocked her legs and found her skin still reacted, so they shocked her again and again ruthlessly and sadistically. She was unlawfully detained for 20 days and fined 5000 Yuan without following any legal procedures. In June 2000, Gao Yuping was taken away from her home by police for no reason, detained for 28 days and had 1400 Yuan extorted from her. One May 8, 2000, she could not stand it any more, so she wrote a letter to the local government to introduce how she had benefited physically and spiritually after practicing Falun Gong. However, she was arrested by the mayor of the town, Li Fujin, and now nobody knows where she is or whether she is still alive.

Li Xi, male, over 50 years old, is the head of his village. Because he insisted on practicing Falun Dafa, he was illegally detained in March 2000 in Beizhong of Weizhou Town. During the illegal detention, he was coerced to confess by being tortured repeatedly. One evening, the thugs turned off the light (they were afraid of their identities being disclosed) and 5-6 people violently kicked and beat him together for a long time. He was beaten until seriously injured; his teeth became loose and he could not eat for several days. However, the thugs still had no mercy and later shocked him with electric batons for a long time and then illegally fined him 4000 Yuan.

Li Jinjun, male, around 30 years old, repairs radios in Daiwangcheng Town. Because he is determined to practice Falun Dafa, he was also detained in Beizhong in March 2000 without any legal reason. His captors unlawfully interrogated him many times and tortured him twice. He was kicked violently for a long time and shocked with two electric rods at the same time and then fined 4000 Yuan. His wife is also a Falun Dafa practitioner and was fined 3400 Yuan.

Li Yunmei, female, 38, went to Beijing to make her lawful appeal in March 2000. She was arrested and escorted back to Daiwangcheng and then brutally beaten. Policeman Zhang Jianqiang forcefully asked her if she would still practice Falun Gong. She said "yes" and then he brutally beat her head and face. These thugs also violently hit her legs and the lower parts of her body with an iron instrument and then shocked her with electric batons. She was again beaten and then asked if she would still practice Falun Gong. She said "yes" and then she was shocked again with two electric batons at the same time. She was shocked in the head, neck, back, and hands. After she fell down from receiving the electric shocks, she was forced to stand and then was shocked again. She was tortured until she lost consciousness. But the brutes still didn't give up and woke her up by pouring water on her face. Then they questioned her and shocked her again... she was tortured until she was injured and bruised all over her body; she was detained for 21 days and forced to pay 5000 Yuan. In June 2000, the town government tried to force her to write a "repentance statement," but she refused. So she was illegally detained for 8 days and fined another 1400 Yuan.

Ma Guangrong, female, 65, went to Beijing to make her lawful appeal in March 2000 and was arrested and sent back to Daiwangcheng. She was cursed and brutally beaten. A group of policemen pulled her hair and knocked her head against the wall. She was illegally detained for 21 days and fined 5000 Yuan.

Liu Guiming, male, 37, went to Beijing to make his lawful appeal at the end of February 2000. He was arrested in Tiananmen Square and sent back to Daiwangcheng. Town Mayor, Li Fujin, and director of the police station, Shao Jie, first beat him fiercely. In the evening, the Chinese XX Party Committee Secretary, the Mayor and the police station director of the town personally tortured him. They first asked him if he would still continue practicing Falun Gong. Mr. Liu said "yes." Then these brutes joined together to beat and kick him. They whipped him with a belt, and then forced him to take off his trousers and whipped him again. After the belt was broken from beating him, they beat him with an iron instrument. After the iron instrument was bent from beating him, they used a wooden stick as thick as a man's arm to beat him with, and then shocked his face and neck with two electric rods at the same time.

During this period, they also arrested his wife Cai Jinzhi (also a Falun Dafa practitioner) and forced the couple to kneel down on one stick, facing each other at a distance less than half a meter. They then shocked the couple over and over again until the couple's necks and faces were covered with blisters and blood blisters. But the couple refused to say they would give up practicing Falun Gong. These thugs didn't stop until they were exhausted from beating the practitioners.

Later, Cai Jinzhi went to Beijing to make her lawful appeal and was released only after paying 5000 Yuan. Mr. Liu was later illegally detained for over 4 months. In addition to the illegal detention, the same town officials still tried to extort a fine from him. However, his family had already borrowed a large amount of money and could not find any money to pay the fine this time so he was unlawfully detained for over 8 months. After he was released, these fiends still forced him to write some note to the town government saying that he owned them 5000 Yuan.

More than 400 Falun Dafa practitioners in Daiwangcheng Town were all fined to different extents. These town officials have in total extorted more than 200,000 Yuan without any legal procedures. Some Dafa practitioners' homes have been impoverished. Who can uphold justice for Falun Dafa practitioners?

Contact information of the officials that have persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners in Daiwangcheng (The postal code is 075700):

Wen Xiang, Deputy Secretary of the Chinese XX Party Committee in Wei County, Hebei Province, workplace phone number: 86-313-7010930, home phone number: 7216322, beeper: 86-127-2641200.

Gao Feng, Administrative Director of the "610" Office of Wei County (the office set up specifically for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners), Hebei Province, workplace phone number: 86-313-7011097, home phone number: 7215923.

Shi Xiong, Director of Wei County Public Security Bureau, Hebei Province, workplace phone number: 86-313-7210447, home phone number: 7210299.

Liang Ligang, Deputy Head of Political and Security Department, Wei County Public Security Bureau, Hebei Province, workplace phone number: 86-313-7212272.