[Minghui Net] In late February 2000 (on the Chinese lunar calendar), in Jinshan Crematorium, Gaozhou City, Guangdong Province, the body of Huang Yaoying - a lady over 60 years old - was cremated under strict police supervision, after an autopsy. What was learned during the autopsy and cremation chilled to the bones those who had participated in murdering this old lady. The following is an account of what happened:

After being put into the cremation furnace the first time, the body came out completely unchanged. Increased voltage was used to cremate the body a second time, but the result was the same. When voltage was further increased for the third attempt, an earth-shaking miracle occurred: a skeleton emerged, but without ashes! All those present were greatly shocked!

According to the inquiry, the coroner who performed the autopsy was surprised by the extraordinary findings. The body was still soft 36 hours after death occurred; the blood had not clotted and still looked fresh; there was no sign of any food in the digestive system; the stomach and intestines looked milky white and clean. According to Huang's family, the old lady had eaten the night before she died. One of the doctors involved said that this was absolutely incredible.

However, the local authorities in Guangzhou have covered up this world-shaking news, because this case totally undermines the beliefs of modern science. The skeleton is still being kept at the crematorium.

The fact is, Huang Yaoying was a practitioner of Falun Gong. Around the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2000, some Falun Gong practitioners from Gaozhou went to Beijing to appeal, and were detained upon their return for 15 days, as well as being fined 3,000 Yuan RMB each. Huang did not have 3,000 Yuan, so she was not allowed to go home at the end of the 15 days, and was sent to the police station instead. The next day her family was notified to go to "pick her up," but when the family arrived they found Huang already dead, lying on the floor with handcuffs on.

The police blocked this news very tightly; many practitioners were arrested. The police called Huang's family members to a "meeting," and gave them a certain amount of compensation. As a result, their lips were sealed thereafter no more mention of anything to do with Huang's death was ever made. Many are guessing that Huang died from cruel torture at the police station, and the so-called autopsy report was but a part of the whole cover-up scheme. Life is God-given, yet this "death case" was being hushed up and brushed away casually just like that!

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After completing this news report, I clearly remembered a recent report by the Beijing Evening News, that during the great floods that had just hit the Province of Guangdong, the city of Gaozhou was hit worst among the cities most seriously affected. It looks like "Good and Evil are always rewarded accordingly" is a heavenly law (or mandate); sooner or later people in the whole world will come to believe this fact whole-heartedly.