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Story I: Master Li arranged for me to leave, and then I was able to leave; nobody could see me.

A practitioner from China was detained in a police station. A vicious policeman forcefully interrogated the practitioner but obtained no answer. After that he left, leaving the practitioner by himself. The practitioner began to realize that this was the Teacher helping to let him go. However, he didn't feel confident in his heart. He went down to the first floor and saw a few people standing by the gate, so he turned around and went back. Still, there was only himself in the room, so he started to think, "This was arranged by the Teacher and it cannot be wrong." He went downstairs and though he heard people talking and walking, he thought, "Master Li arranged for me to leave, so I will be able to leave and nobody will see me." Then he walked out of the gate under the watch of more than 10 eyes. It was only one day from the time he was detained until the time he left.

Story II: Try this method to make me give up? No way.

A practitioner went to Beijing to appeal and was eventually detained there in a detention center. When it came time for the fingerprints, however, the practitioner didn't cooperate. A policeman viciously grabbed her hand and tried to break her finger. The practitioner didn't move at all and thought, "I am a practitioner and you try to use this method to make me give up? You try it." The practitioner's eyes, which were as quiet as still water, made contact with the policeman. This policeman made a few moves but gave up. Another vicious policeman came up and grabbed her neck, but the practitioner continued to look at the policeman peacefully, thinking, "If you want to try it, then try it." With the righteous thoughts of practitioner, the vicious policeman couldn't use his force and released his hands immediately. It was just like Master Li said, "If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will become non-existent. (Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s))"

Story III: I still have to go out and expose the evil.

A practitioner who was distributing truth-clarifying literature in a village was brought to the town government. The next day only an old policeman was watching her. The practitioner was thinking, "I must find a way to get out and expose the vicious beings' deeds. It would be nice if this monitor would fall asleep." After a while, the policeman fell asleep and the practitioner walked out of the police station and successfully went back home. She wasn't even in the detention center for one day.

Story IV: Maintain righteous thoughts all the time and never cooperate with the evil.

Two practitioners were spreading truth-clarifying literature in the countryside when, unfortunately, they were caught. They reminded each other to maintain righteous thoughts at all times and never cooperate with the evil. Later that night, a middle-aged policeman came to look at the two practitioners. There were seven inmates in the room. In the morning, the practitioners started to practice the exercises and the police tried to stop them. The practitioners said, "You are violating the law if you beat people." The policeman was instantly immobilized and didn't know what to say. One practitioner was telling the truth and spreading the Fa with a righteous energy. The inmates heard this and said, "Falun Gong is this good. You can continue to practice. Practice!" The policeman didn't dare to beat practitioners after that. He suddenly opened the lock of the room and rushed to the bathroom. Seeing this, the two practitioners jumped out of the window. The sound was loud, but the police didn't even hear it.