[Minghui Net] After suffering heavy damage in mid-June from storms, Fujian Province once again suffered severe losses from Typhoon "Qibi." According to Chinese media reports, more than 170 people are missing or dead around Fuzhou City.

According to the China News Agency, there are now at least 79 people dead, and 87 missing, in Fuzhou City. The number will surely rise, as more information becomes known.

This typhoon also caused landslides in the mountainous areas. Thousands upon thousands of houses have been damaged. In the suburban area of Fuzhou City, houses of more inferior quality collapsed in the storm, further increasing the amount of capital loss.

Inside Fuzhou City, large trees were completely uprooted by Typhoon Qibi. This typhoon affected more than 2 million people within an area of over 150 townships in 12 counties. The city government of Fuzhou refused to verify the death toll, stating only that they were still checking the numbers. There were 21 dead in Fuqing Township alone, which is located south of Fuzhou City. There were about 12 thousand homes damaged, and 321 downed power lines. Several hundred businesses had to close down.

In Ningde City, two people were reported dead, four missing, and over six thousand houses collapsed. Government representatives of Putian City stated that most of their missing persons cases were resulting from people in the vessels that were reported as lost at sea.

The economic loss to Fujian Province from the typhoon is reported to be at least 3.5 billion RMB ($0.42 billion). In the neighboring Zhejiang Province, three persons are reported dead, and one missing.


Fujian Province has suffered from heavy storms in the middle of June. Just a few days from the storms, it is being visited by the typhoon. Clearwisdom has reported how the government officials in Fujian Province are closely following Jiang Zemin's orders, with cavalier disregard for distinguishing right from wrong. We have also found that some Chinese impostors have falsely used Falun Gong disciples' torture cases to deceptively obtain legal refugee visas from foreign countries. Among them, many are from Fujian Province. They have used the monumental tribulations suffered by numerous Falun Dafa practitioners as a ticket to the fulfillment of their dreams of material gain overseas.

All kindhearted people, please remember the adage, "what goes around, comes around." On the matter of how to address the Falun Gong issue, the warning of God has just begun. Whoever continues to act as henchmen to assist in suppressing Falun Gong, will receive their due retribution, one by one, no matter where they may be.