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1. Righteous thoughts should be the purest and most determined

After the notice of "sending forth the purest and most determined righteous thoughts" was published on Minghui net, some practitioners thought as soon as they saw the notice, "I finally see the light after waiting so long." Some looked forward to all the bad people receiving due retribution and being immediately and completely eliminated. They had all kinds of human feelings such as happiness, showing off and hatred. They used their human hearts to imagine the Fa-rectification process, and as a result they were instead taken advantage of by the demons, and the power of their righteous thoughts was not strong enough. Each time when one of Teacher's new articles is published, there are always a small number of people thinking and acting in an extreme way. My personal understanding is, that the main reason for this is that they use their human hearts to measure their understanding. In fact, the purer and more righteous the thoughts are, the stronger the power of the thoughts will be.

2. One cannot catch up with the Fa-rectification process unless he completely gives up all attachments

Righteous thoughts come out of cultivation. Only by giving up all attachments can one send forth the purest and most determined righteous thoughts and catch up with the Fa-rectification process. Teacher said, "Going beyond the limits of Forbearance is included in the Fa's principles. It is just that because in cultivation, Dafa disciples have tests to pass, their xinxing [mind nature; moral quality] need to be improved, and they need to let go of all attachments amidst ordinary humans, Master has not talked about going beyond the limits of Forbearance. Once told, it could create obstacles for disciples who are in the process of cultivating. In particular, it could render them unable to handle themselves correctly in the midst of evil's test of Dafa." (Teacher's article "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance") If one cannot "give up all the attachments in the human world," how can he or she have the great mountain-toppling and sea-overturning courage to envision the vicious people and eradicate the demons? When feeling the limit of endurance in rejecting the evil persecution, have we ever thought that it was because we have attachments that we could not yet give up? (On the other hand, if we have no attachment, there wouldn't be any elements for us to forbear.) I remember there was a female practitioner, when the police told her that he would send her to the male cells, she replied with two sentences, "First, you won't be able to harm me; second, I am not afraid either." So what was the result? The bad ones crumbled by themselves! It was not because what she said was so brilliant, but because of the mighty power of practitioners' fearless hearts! These are the righteous beliefs and thoughts that arise from giving up all attachments during cultivation. Any practitioners' attachments during the persecution will be taken advantage of by the demons, and result in problems and losses.

From this I thought about myself: Can I give up my sentiments of family that surround me, and all my other attachments? When my family, friends or myself experience pains and hardships, can I always keep in mind to protect the Fa, not anything else? I found because I didn't give up some attachments that I should have long ago, the demons have taken advantage of it. It has seriously influenced my advancement, and made me remain near the edge of danger. It is time to give up all attachments during the transition from human beings to Gods.

3. Eliminating all bad thoughts, thought karma, and bad notions in one's own mind

The main consciousness must be strong! Many thoughts in us are all the reflection of degenerated mentalities. If we cannot stand on the point of the Fa and treat ourselves as gods, we will deviate from the Fa. A few days ago I dreamed that I was chased and arrested, but I didn't choose to move away. I didn't think the dream was a hint, but the demons' trying to make me suspect and worry by taking advantage of my formed mentalities. So if I would give up all the attachments, no one can harm me! Later, when I heard more practitioners were arrested, I wished to tell fellow practitioners: If I was arrested and something happened, it must be the evils' doing. Through studying the Fa, I thought this mind was not pure and righteous enough. I am a Dafa particle in the Fa-rectification, so I must envision the bad persons and defeat the demons, and never allow the demons to act rampantly and show outward aggressiveness.

Some practitioners without very strong main consciousnesses did not realize, and even did not want to face their inherent attachments. When conflicts happened, they could not calm down and think carefully, that who was right or who was wrong is just one side of the story; the key point is both sides have the chance to improve themselves. There are also some practitioners (especially myself), who did not take some small demon natures such as laziness and bad temper seriously, but today this issue has become very serious. Those degenerated beings remaining in other dimensions, including all the karma in the human world, are trying their very best to take advantage of everything before they die. If you still have any attachments and your main consciousness is not strong and can't eradicate it positively in your mind, it will control you more and more, causing difficulties in your Fa-rectification work and causing obstacles to your own cultivation advancement. Teacher said, "If a cultivator does not get rid of his demon-nature through cultivation, his gong [cultivation energy] will be badly disordered and he will attain nothing or follow a demonic path." (Teacher's article "Buddha-Nature and Demon-Nature"áin the book Essentials for Further AdvancementTeacher has said this clearly a long time ago, so why do we always feel that we are not included in those words? The consequences are not what we can imagine with human minds.

4. Study the Fa

When talking about the issue that practitioners feel they do not have a particular problem, the most serious lesson to me is still what Teacher said: to study the Fa. Teacher said, " I suggest that everyone set his mind to reading ten times the book I wrote, Essentials for Further Advancement, which you call scripture. When your mind isn't at peace, studying the Fa is not effective. You should study it with a peaceful mind.á"(Teacher's article "A Heavy Blow" in the book Essentials for Further Advancement) At that time I felt I had studied the Fa many times, and I was studying everyday. I felt what Teacher mentioned were those practitioners who only do work for Dafa, but do not study the Fa. I even felt a little bit pleased with myself. I was suddenly shocked when I read a Minghui article that a practitioner studied the book another 10 times with all his mind and heart and melted into the study according to Teacher's requirement, even though this practitioner had already hand -copied the book more than 20 times. What Teacher said is the Fa. I asked myself, "Did you act according to the Fa? Can a person be a genuine disciple of Teacher if he or she does not act according to the Fa? Why do we always have problems, have trouble with Dafa work? What do we do then? Cultivation in Fa-rectification has not ended; we still have a chance to compensate for it.

5. Offer salvation to people with benevolence

The truth is to be clarified to those who are lost in the human world, and to those deceived by the lies. Only by clearly explaining with a benevolent heart, and only by speaking from the heart, can the clarification of the truth be deep, broad and heart touching. It's hard to be saved if one's heart is not touched. At this historical point when the Fa is undergoing tremendous hardships, if people do not know about the truth, or only know a part of it, they will usually feel indifferent, and as a result they will miss a vitally important opportunity. "At present, humankind's every day is arranged according to Dafa's needs." (Teacher's new article "What Are Supernormal Abilities") That chance does not come easily to people. Since we've taken on the mission of Fa-rectification and offering salvation to people, let's do it well together with all our reason, wisdom and benevolence.