June 26, 2001

[Minghui Net] On June 11, 2001, when 10-year-old Yangyang returned home, she found her grandma lying on the floor, dead, still holding a half-thawed ice candy bar in her hand. This was what has happened half a year after Yangyang's mother was illegally sent to a labor camp and as a result, the 10-year old girl and the 80-year-old grandma had to support themselves.

Han Ping, Yangyang's mother, is an employee of the Heilongjiang TV Station. Since July 22, 1999, executives in the TV station including Zhang Kezhong, Wang Yueren, Li Wei, Cui Bin, and others had pushed Han Ping and several other practitioners to write a guarantee to give up practicing Falun Gong. They first lured Dafa practitioners with enticements of fame or interest. After finding this did not work, they illegally sent them to a deep mountain in another county. They had done that several times, during which they disallowed Dafa practitioners to go home and discontinued any connections with outside. Every time, Dafa practitioners were always taken away without any notice. Han Ping requested to make some arrangements for her mother and daughter before being taken away, but Wang Yueren denied, "It is not my business!" Thus, Han Ping (who had been divorced for years) was forced to go for one month while leaving her young daughter and 80-year-old mother unattended.

Dafa practitioners Zhao Xidong and Han Yanchun (husband and wife), and Yang Yue were also forcibly sent to the mountain within two hours. None of them was given any time to make arrangement for their family. One day, after Zhao Xidong and Han Yanchun's daughter, an 11-year old, returned home after school, she waited and waited, but her parents did not come back even when it was totally dark. Thus, the poor girl was left alone for the whole night. In the mountain, Zhao Xidong and Han Yanchun were separated. They requested to live together according to the Marriage Law, but were denied this basic right. Li Wei, as the general secretary of the XX Party in this provincial TV Station, insulted them by saying, "There is no way for them to stay together. If they want, they can be left outside in the forest and then they will be together!"

After failing to convert Han Ping, Cui Bin, the Assistant Director of the TV Station, insulted her angrily during a meeting, "What man would want a woman like you?!" To cover their illegal actions and mislead the public during the employee meeting, Director Zhang Kezhong shamelessly claimed that, "I treat them as if they were my own children." In early 2000, vicious officials of the TV Station illegally fired these four practitioners, but they still kept them on probation for another year so as to continue the persecution.

Last November, simply because of going to Tiananmen to say Falun Dafa was good, Han Ping was forcibly sent to Harbin Detention Center to be jailed there. The couple, Zhao Xidong and Han Yanchun, were also illegally detained for going to Tiananmen to validate Dafa. The executives in the TV Station were furious at Dafa practitioners' going to Beijing to appeal and they took advantage of their power to vent their anger towards Dafa practitioners.

In December, when the unlawful detention of Zhao Xidong and Han Yanchun was completed, the police needed authorization from their work unit to release them. However, the TV Station rejected this request. Li Wei shouted at the police, "I already spent over 200,000 Yuan RMB on them. They cannot be released, send them directly to the labor camps!" His words shocked some policemen who still had conscience, "The officials in your work unit are so mean, and they won't stop until you are dead. We've never seen officials treating their own employee like this!" With the unreasonable interference from the TV Station, the practitioners were not released. In April 2001, after more than four months of overtime detention, the TV Station interfered again. They did not agree to release the couple, instead, they forcibly sent them to the brainwashing class in the provincial Drug Rehabilitation Center, where they were threatened with being sent to labor camps etc., to write guarantee and give up practicing.

Under the plotting by the vicious officials in the TV Station, Han Ping was illegally sent to Wanjia Detention Center at Harbin. As a result, her 80-year-old mother and young girl were left at home unattended and they were having a miserable life. The grandma and the young girl were unable to look after each other: the grandma was often deluded and incoherent, and she could not even get downstairs; the daughter was always wearing dirty clothes and often late for school. The girl was in tears all day, and everyone around them was moved. After the grandma's death a few days ago, poor Yangyang has been left alone and nobody takes care of her.

To stop being further persecuted, Yang Yue quit the TV Station. However, she was still illegally harassed and threatened by them in the past year. She had no choice but to leave her home.

These four Falun Dafa practitioners are all very good employees in the TV Station and work diligently. However, just because they practice "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance), and don't want to betray their beliefs, they were forced to depart from their homes. Their families were broken up and some of their loved ones even died in such persecution.

The vicious leaders in the TV Station of Heilongjiang Province not only persecute Falun Dafa practitioners by various inhuman means, but also openly fabricate false news to cheat and poison the masses. Last year, some departments in the provincial government grouped several so-called transformed traitors to form a "report team" and arranged a meeting for them. More than one dozen Falun Dafa practitioners working in those departments were forced to attend the so-called "report meeting." The meeting didn't change the determined hearts of these practitioners towards Falun Dafa. However, to show their achievements and ask for awards, after the meeting, the TV Station made up lies in the provincial news, bragging unblushingly that, "More than one dozen Falun Gong practitioners right away announced to break away from the Falun Gong organization." Such fabricated news like that often appeared in the programmes of the Heilongjiang Province TV Station. It is not known how many kind people have been perplexed and misled by such deceitful actions.

We hereby sternly warn the perpetrators of Falun Gong practitioners in Heilongjiang TV Station: stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, stop making lies and fabricated propaganda, and your crimes have all been recorded. Though the evil political gang of scoundrels of Jiang Zemin are still struggling and the punishment based on the law has not come to you yet, please remember that it is the heavenly principles that "Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil." It will be too late to regret when the retributions happen to you. The crimes and karma of persecuting Falun Dafa will deprive you of any future.

At the same time, we also would like to state one thing, that when you travel abroad at the expenses of the government budget, don't forget you may face criminal and civil lawsuits at any time and may be sent to court for trial.

The Chinese Constitution, Criminal Law and Civil Law all stipulate that, "The citizen's rights are protected by the nation's laws." Chapter Four of Criminal Law is about the crimes that violate personal and democratic rights. Its Item 238 stipulates that, "(those) Illegally detaining others or illegally depriving the personal freedom of other people by any means, will receive sentence of 3 years or shorter in prison, detention, under surveillance or deprivation of political rights." The Item 246 stipulates that, " (anyone) openly insulting others by force or other means, or fabricating facts to slander others, if the case is serious, will receive the sentence of 3 years or shorter, in prison, detention, surveillance, or deprivation of political rights." The Item 120 of Civil Law stipulates that, "If the citizen's rights of name, image, reputation, credit are violated, one is entitled to claim to stop the violation, resume one's reputation and credit, clear up the negative impact, ask for apology and also can claim for compensation of losses."

The list of persecutors:

Zhang Kezhong, (the Director of the Radio and TV Office of Heilongjiang Province), phone number: 86-451-2627454, 2893503(office), 3608811(home). Home address: 25 Anshan Street, Nangang District of Harbin City, postal code: 150001.

Wang Yueren, (the Director of TV Station of Heilongjiang Province), phone number: 86-451-2645185, 2893620 (office), 3608833 (home). Home address: 25 Anshan Street, Nangang District of Harbin City, postal code: 150001.

Li Wei, (the Secretary of the Chinese XX Party of Heilongjiang TV Station), phone number: 86-451-2893618 (office), 2612200 (home).

Cui Bin (the Deputy Supervisor of Heilongjiang TV Station), phone number: 86-451-2616616, 2893621 (office), 3653726 (home). Home address: 25 Anshan Street, Nangang District of Harbin City, postal code: 150001.

The address of Heilongjiang Province TV Station: 181 Zhongshan Road, Nangang District, Harbin City, postal code: 150001, operator: 86-451-2893114.