June 21, 2001

[Minghui Net] 1. Recently, the Jinan Police force in Shandong Province has escalated its persecution of Dafa practitioners. Through illegal means of wire-tapping and surveillance, police officers have arrested some Dafa practitioners who had been forced to leave home, such as Gao Qi, Zhang Lei, Tian Ran, Liu Hongmei, and Xu Fayue.

2. Xu Jing is a Dafa practitioner from Jinan. She became homeless due to the persecution in China. In the afternoon of June 15, four plain clothed policemen came to her home and savagely pounded on her door; they tried to break into her home and put her under arrest. In order to escape, Xu Jing tied three bed-sheets together in attempts to climb down from the 5th floor. Sadly, she got hurt after falling to the ground. It was not clear about the extent of her injuries. Her home is now under close surveillance. In order to deny their responsibility of coercing her to jump out of the building, the policemen announced in the newspaper, "an unidentified person jumped out of the building due to unknown reasons." Thus the policemen completely rid themselves of their responsibility of causing the injury to the Dafa practitioner.

3. Peng Guixiang is a 50 year old Dafa practitioner. Police from Zhengjuesi Police Station in Lixia District of Jinan came to arrest her at her home. Peng firmly believed that it was not a crime to practice Falun Gong and refused to cooperate with them. She jumped out of the building from her home on the second floor. Her legs were injured. The police would still not let her recover in peace and put her under 24-hour surveillance. She has completely lost her personal freedom. Zhengjuesi Police Station telephone number is 86-531-6926293.

4. Dafa practitioner Cao Zhenhua works at the Shandong Social Science Academy. He had been illegally sent to a labor camp in April of this year. The labor camp refused to take him in after he was diagnosed to have symptoms of measles. Recently, after resting at home for only a short while, he was again illegally sent to the labor camp. Since then he has been tortured cruelly because he has steadfastly refused to be brainwashed.

5. Cheng Huiping was the associate director of the Falun Gong General Assistance Center in Jinan. He was illegally arrested after appealing in Beijing last October. Recently, he was charged with "Interfering with the justice system operations using xxx (slanderous words omitted) organization." He was sentenced to 5 years in prison by the Lixia District Court in Jinan.

Telephone numbers for district attorneys and courts:

Prosecutor's office of district attorneys at Lixia District in Jinan: 86-531-2968646 Responsible deputies in charge: Qu Wenjun (section chief), another deputy with last name "Liu" Felony and Crime Section of the court in Lixia District in Jinan: 86-531-6425151 Responsible deputies in charge: Han Cheng (associate judge), Shen Min.

Here is a stern warning to the evil policemen: immediately cease all the criminal activities while working as law enforcement. Otherwise, the Law of Heaven will not tolerate it. What awaits you will be immediate retribution in this life. Please be aware that every disaster and misfortune that will take place around you will not be coincidental.