[Clear Wisdom] While our Teacher made his inspiring speech at the Canadian Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference, I was sitting in a room surrounded by over ten betrayers; among them were some who were brainwashed at Masanjia Labor Camp.

A few days ago, they exhausted all their brainwashing techniques on me, but there was no effect. From then on, they started to scream loudly and resort to all kinds of cruel tortures. They surrounded me and boldly talked about deviated perceptions. One of them spoke loudly, "We intend to ruin you. If we cannot succeed in cultivation, we will not allow you to succeed either..." I pointed at her with my finger and said, "That is so evil!" I also told them, "There is no need to waste your time on me. I am determined to help the Teacher rectify the Fa." They shouted at me, "You are already here, don't even dream about getting out."

I smiled and told them, "My life is arranged by the Teacher and no one else's words count at all."

They quickly became exhausted. I knew that the demons controlling them in other dimensions were defeated. These degenerated people began to prevent me from sleeping; meanwhile, I was thinking about how to get out there.

Today, while sitting here, a thought flashed in my mind: Is this really my inexorable fate? After a while, I thought that our Teacher does not acknowledge this plan by the evil forces, so why should I acknowledge it? Our Teacher said Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts are powerful. If I did not get out there soon, that would mean that I do not believe in the power of the universal Dafa and the Teacher.

After a long period of time, there was no opportunity and it was getting dark. I said to these betrayers, "I have been very tired after all these days, I need to lie on the bed to think it over. Please take this into consideration." They thought I had become less intransigent, and thus brought me to where I was staying. I didn't think too much and was asking the Teacher in my mind, "Teacher, please help me restrict the evil surroundings, I must get out here." I pushed the window open and ran quickly towards several walls. While I was crawling over the walls, the dogs began to bark. I didn't think too much at that time (It would be better if I had sent forth righteous thoughts; this reflected my shortcomings). After climbing over several walls, I successfully rejoined the mighty torrent of Fa-rectification.