June 20, 2001

[Minghiu Net]

Crimes committed at the Daqing Natural Gas Company

The following is a record of the criminal activities of the Second Team, No. 6 South Processing Station, of the Daqing Natural Gas Company, Heilongjiang Province. Station Leader Li Kaifeng, Station XX Party Committee Secretary Zhao Baoqing, Team XX Party Committee Secretary Pan, and Security Supervisor Wang have ganged up to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

Yang Ming refused to write a pledge to give up practicing Falun Gong. To prevent her from going to Beijing to appeal, these criminals kidnapped her at her workplace and illegally detained her there. Yang Ming managed to escape, but had to abandon her job and home and is now forced to survive the best that she can.

Telephone numbers

Li Kaifeng: 86-459-5681852 (Home)

Zhao Baoqing: 86-459-5722517 (Home)

Pan XX: 86-459-4989440 (H)

The Main Control Office: 86-459-4989545

Crimes committed at the Heilongjiang Petroleum Factory

At the Heilongjiang Petroleum Factory, the following people were the major persecutors of Falun Gong practitioners: the Chairman of the board (ex-XX Party Committee Secretary) You Guifang, Chairman of the board Liu Xiangdong (ex-Secretary of the Factory Discipline and Supervision Committee), Security Supervisor Xu Yabin, Qingzhai Police Station Supervisor Cui Yufeng and police officer Chen Xigui. On April 21, 2000, in order to prevent Dafa practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal, they illegally sent four practitioners who refused to write statements renouncing Falun Gong to the detention center. Mr. Zhang Zhong was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor education. Ms. Zhang Tieyan was held in custody until she died on the morning of August 11, 2000 in the Saertu District detention center. The other practitioners were not released until after the death of Ms. Zhang Tieyan.

However, on the Chinese New Year's eve, January 19, 2001, this gang again tried to unlawfully confine another Dafa practitioner, Ms. He Zhihong, in the detention center, but she firmly refused to cooperate with them. The supervisor, Cui Yufeng, was shamed into anger and vengefully changed Ms. He's sentence from administrative detention to criminal detention, and increased the term from three days to one month. Ms. He was then taken to the Daqing Detention Center. One month later, the Daqing Detention Center issued a release order for Ms. He; however, this gang imposed another detention order on her, and sent her to the Dulitun Detention Center. Fifteen days later, she was transferred to the Saertu Detention Center to be illegally detained for another two months. When that term was almost over, Chen Xigui filed another one-month detention order. The Heilongjiang Petroleum Factory later bailed He Zhihong out of the detention center in order to confine her unlawfully for a term of brainwashing.

The policeman Chen Guixi publicly announced, "The law serves the politicians. We can hold you as long as we want. Didn't Zhang Tieyan die in detention? You will spend your entire life in detention." While the detention center was interrogating He Zhihong, Chen Guixi connived with his accomplices to forge her signature, and personally pried open her fingers to take her fingerprints. Though he wore a police uniform, he committed criminal deeds. He also openly said in front of Liu Xiangdong to a female practitioner, "You will be obedient if we order one hundred men to rape you." He has completely lost the basic moral qualities of a human being.

Heilongjiang Petroleum Factory phone numbers:

The Chairman of Board, You Guifang: 86-459-672-8273;

Discipline and Supervision Committee: 86-459-672-8660

Security Department: 86-459-672-8337

Home phone numbers:

Liu Xiangdong: 86-459-672-8242

You Guifang: 86-459-672-8602

Xu Yabin: 86-459-672-8698.