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Collective Wisdom

Why should Dafa disciples merge into one body in Dafa? Actually, cultivation during the Fa Rectification is quite different from the conventional one. What we do on this side is simply appealing to the authorities, unfurling banners, and revealing the truth. But the evil elements that we eliminate on the other side are beyond our sight. They are in fact the evil essence that we want to eradicate. However, some disciples that cultivate in the human society are not able to differentiate conventional individual cultivation from Dafa cultivation during the Fa Rectification. They are not able to understand what Teacher said in "Rationality": "Getting arrested is not the purpose. Validating Dafa is truly glorious--it is to validate Dafa that you step forward. Since you step forward, you should try to succeed in validating the Fa--this is the real purpose of stepping forward." From Teacher's recent articles we can more clearly see the manifested power when Dafa disciples collectively send forth righteous thoughts to "Eradicate all evil in the Three Realms that damages Dafa." Whether Dafa disciples go to Tiananmen to appeal, or are in jails, or face persecution in other environments; we should not regard the persecution as personal karma elimination or personal tribulation. We should merge ourselves into a whole body and eliminate the evil that damages Dafa with collective energy and wisdom. Any thoughts of personal tribulation may be negative and may be what the demon hopes for in that environment. After seriously examining our own Xinxing, all remaining parts is interference and should be eradicated with determined righteous thoughts. The scenes of the elimination of evil in other dimensions, depicted by some practitioners recently, also testifies to the effectiveness and power manifested when Dafa disciples merge ourselves into a whole body and collectively send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate all evil elements that damage Dafa in any environment.

Eliminating Interference from the Degenerated Matter in Our Mind

As practitioners in Mainland China reveal the evil and tell the truth, they should also actively clean up the interference from the evil and degenerated matter in their own mind. In great difficulties and in the degenerated environment, if we do not look at them from an individual cultivation perspective, but link them with the Fa Rectification, we are actually eradicating the degenerated matter. The more we can shake off the interference from the degenerated matter, the faster we can destroy such evil matter. Otherwise, we may get stalled and become victims of the interference. The purer the mind, the more powerful the righteous thoughts will be.

Then, what is the degenerated matter? As Dafa disciples, should we believe in "the nature of the universe governs everything" (in "A Brief Explanation of Shan") or be swayed by the evil logic that validating Dafa may result in this or that? Should we firmly believe that we are doing the greatest and most righteous thing in the universe, or follow the degenerated rules that our violating the evil regulation may lead to illegal labor terms and sentences? In addition, skepticism, suspicion, and seeking others' opinions are all human behavior but not the Xinxing manifestation of Dafa cultivators. If such impurities are not gotten rid of, a single thought may result in the degenerated matter and impure field, which in turn will interfere with our normal cultivation. Whoever can stop them and correct them will be eliminating the degenerated matter. Our energy field will become more pure and righteous.

The time when the evil becomes most violent is the time Dafa disciples' righteous belief in Dafa is tested. "Since we are collectively eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts, why are the evil still so violent?" Such tests of believing or not believing in Dafa, even in the achievement of Consummation, are actually tests of people's hearts. The reason for not seeing the power of righteous thoughts is also because of interferences from many elements. Dafa disciples cultivating during this period are very great. One of such reason is that we can maintain our Xinxing standard in illusion, clean up the degeneration in our mind, and eliminate all evil in other dimensions that damages Dafa. When exposing the evil and telling the truth, we are eradicating such evils and undertaking the greatest enterprise that benefits all sentient beings in the universe. That is how Teacher is utilizing the great Dafa of the universe to forge us, the real protectors of the future universe. Dafa is creating everything for our Dafa disciples' future.

Controlling Ourselves with Righteous Thoughts

We are able to be true great Dafa disciples established by Dafa because we are more and more able to participate in the Fa Rectification with the wisdom and ability bestowed by Dafa. Maintaining righteous thoughts with a pure and clean mindset is important because it determines whether we can elevate ourselves into an enlightened being's realm; and look at what is occurring, and guide all our actions from there with wisdom. In the course of a living being turning into a god, and especially in the course of "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos " evolving into the current stage, the matter of believing or not believing in Dafa is manifested by whether righteous belief and righteous thoughts can be produced when tribulations occur. To put aside life and death is still a cultivator's perception. Only when a cultivator abandons the concept of life and death can he/she become an enlightened being. "Dafa disciple" has become a standard name for gods at different levels of the universe who are bestowed with wisdom and mighty power by Dafa. In my opinion, a "Dafa disciple" established by Dafa is already a particle of Dafa and a great being forged by Dafa. He is indeed completely melted into Dafa. Believing or not believing in Dafa is also manifested in another aspect: whether to believe in our own power established during Dafa cultivation. Such a belief is the righteous belief that determines whether Dafa disciples can walk out of illusion, walk out of tribulations, truly get rid of interferences from degenerated human thoughts; and better participate in the Fa rectifying the cosmos, and truly control ourselves with righteous thoughts.

Such belief of being able to gradually "control ourselves" with a righteous mind is the wisdom produced after melting into Dafa, assimilating into Dafa, and getting rid of interferences from degenerated thoughts. It is about whether or not to believe that, during the accelerating Fa rectifying the cosmos, you are able to eradicate interferences and damages from all evil elements; and your righteous thoughts can restrain and eliminate the evil in the course of "Validating the Fa with reason, clarifying the truth with wisdom, spreading the Fa and offering people salvation with benevolence" ("Rationality"). Such is the manifestation of disciplining ourselves with a righteous mind, a righteous belief and a higher standard at all times. Such is the confidence of triumphantly arriving with Dafa truth under the footsteps. There are no irrational elements or unreasonably magnified attachments of our own. Such is the wisdom and the ability included by the mighty wisdom bestowed by Dafa.

The evil still exists and actively functions because many Dafa disciples still need to achieve the realm and mindset of an enlightened being. Use your righteous thoughts to rectify everything in your dimensional field and better guide you to validate Dafa and protect Dafa; and to eliminate all evils that damage Dafa. Such is to perfectly harmonize Dafa. What is an enlightened being who comes with the truth and the power to do what he wants? Could he lack confidence in Dafa? Could he be taken aback by the evil? Could he worry about not being able to achieve consummation? Is the evil qualified to test him?