[Minghui Net] June 18, 2001 is an unforgettable day for many people in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, because on that day, for practicing Falun Dafa cultivation, Zhejiang University associate professor Pan Kaixiang was illegally sentenced to 5 years in jail. Another Dafa practitioner, Jin Meihua, was sentenced to 4 years in jail because of distributing Dafa truth-clarifying literature.

The trial took place in a small hall in the West Lake District Court of Hangzhou City. The guards double-checked every admission ticket. Other than to the six family members of the two Falun Gong practitioners, Pan Kaixiang and Jin Meihua and internal personnel of the public security and judicial departments who had admission tickets, the guards denied entry to all those who were concerned about the practitioners' grievances and wanted to be present.

The trial started in the afternoon. The sky suddenly turned overcast and the entire city was covered by gray mist. This reminded many people of the muddy rain that fell on Hangzhou City last April when Pan Kaixiang was compelled to write the so-called "break-up statement" [to renounce his belief in Falun Dafa], which was broadcast by many media. At that time people called out in alarm, "There must be a case of injustice if the muddy rain falls...."

When the audience who were refused entry peered through the window, curtains immediately drawn to cover the windows, leaving people to wonder whether this was a "covert" trial. The authorities had also stipulated: " No tape recorders or video equipment are allowed in the courtroom; no questions may be raised; no applause is permitted." This reminded people of the expression during despotism under the old regime: "Everyone has to say the same words."

The judge recited the so-called charges against Pan Kaixiang in such a small, soft voice that some people complained that they couldn't hear clearly. The careful audience soon discovered all of the following can actually be counted as "crimes." It is a crime to visit some fellow practitioners' family; it is a crime to study the Fa [law and principles] and do Falun Gong exercises; it is a crime to go to the Zhejiang Daily (newspaper) office to reflect that one of their reports was false; it is a crime to write to schoolmates to tell them that he was compelled to write the "break-up statement." We ask you: Is this the law in a time in China when "the human rights are in their best period in history"? (Statement made by Jiang Zemin). We ask you: Can the constitution protect the basic freedom of its citizens? Other charges were also included. One of those is explained here: In 1998, Pan Kaixiang printed a book of cultivation experience written by practitioners at Zhejiang University. But the book recorded the real situation of practitioners who had achieved both physical and mental well being through practicing cultivation in Falun Dafa. All people who knew the circumstances sighed with regret that if all this could be taken as crimes, and to be a good person is a crime, then what is innocence? What is "ruling the country by virtue"? No wonder that all this has a professor at China Science Academy and a famous, domestic scholar surprised. When he heard the news about Dafa practitioners' behaviors and the persecution they received, he couldn't help asking, "Isn't Jiang Zemin vigorously advocating 'ruling the country by virtue'? How can it be like this? "

With more and more people learning the truth, all the injustices will come to obvious consequences.

Here we sternly admonish those who persecute Falun Dafa: Do not collude with the malevolent people to do evil, and wake up before it is too late. Good begets good, and evil begets evil. Anybody who still has benevolence, please leave a way of escape for yourself.