[Minghui Net] The great Dafa of the universe has entered the final phase of its rectification of the cosmos, heavens and earth. Since this is the most critical, serious and prominent moment in history, we, as Dafa practitioners who are determined to assimilate to the Fa and to assist the Teacher in Fa-rectification, must realize that there is no historical precedent for accomplishing the tasks we face. Therefore when facing complicated situations, it is very important that we abolish any and all constraints set by old notions. We must follow closely the pace of the entire Fa-rectification, not letting any of the old notions interfere with our righteous thoughts. If we cannot rid ourselves of this interference, it will not only affect our individual progress, but also affect the progress of the entire Fa-rectification. I would like to discuss my personal understanding of this issue below.

In the past, I had an overwhelmingly passive understanding of "celestial phenomena." After the evil persecution of Dafa took place, I gradually came to recognize that this persecution was arranged by the old forces. However, Fa-rectification requires that we firmly and resolutely reject and resist this persecution, which is our duty as cultivators during Fa rectification. In another words, we do not acknowledge the so-called "celestial phenomena" that existed in certain realms. That is how we come to face the most difficult, yet also the most stupendous requirement of cultivation during the Fa-rectification: resist the evil, expose the evil, abolish the evil, clarify the truth and offer salvation to people. Amidst all these efforts we are also validating Dafa. After reading Teacher's "Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation and Experience Sharing Conference," I realized that during the Fa-rectification, the Dafa of the universe is itself the most basic "celestial phenomena." This most fundamental "celestial phenomena" is breaking down all mutated matter and elements through realm after realm. Today, in the process of the universal Dafa rectifying heaven and earth, the progression of the entire body of Dafa practitioners assisting Teacher in Fa rectification in the human realm is itself the "celestial phenomena." I feel that "celestial phenomena" is indeed taking place in the human realm, and everything will be determined by how well we carry it out.

Teacher mentioned during the most recent Canada Dafa Conference, "With their exceptional breadth of mind, Dafa disciples can endure anything, but different things will happen in different histories of the future. This Great Law of the cosmos is to leave for beings at different levels in different periods of history references for when problems occur in different periods at different levels, and is to leave for beings ways of handling all kinds of situations that occur at different times in history. That is, all the types of problems that manifest today are references being left to history. The manifestations are complicated and they seem random, but in fact they're very well ordered. They're being left for history [to demonstrate] how problems that will occur in different periods in the future should be handled." I believe that Dafa practitioners are creating history. If we can fully validate Dafa and resolve all outstanding issues according to the requirements set by Dafa, then all constraints and limitations set forth by old influences will be overcome and all matter that is impure and decayed will be dismantled and rectified. From this I had further thoughts relating to Dafa practitioners' understanding about prophecy and prediction. Our understanding should no longer be based on the notions of ordinary human conceptions. The universal Dafa is being disseminated far and wide within the old universe. It restores and recreates all. At each place broken through by Fa-rectification, all established arrangements by the old universe simply become factors to be taken advantage of. Actual development will be based on the requirements of Fa-rectification. From Dafa practitioners' perspective, it will be based on how we validate the Fa. If we only have the perception that some evil-eradicating event should take place, yet without any of us actually participating in and accomplishing this event, or we think that something might have gone wrong or timing is not right when the event did not take place as expected, then we are no different than a bystander.

At the same time, never digressing from the entire group is of paramount importance during the Fa-rectification process. In other words, we should join efforts and participate in the Fa-rectification as a whole, and we cannot act according to our own understanding and recognition. Going our own way will add significant amounts of artificial tribulations, even dangers, to our own cultivation. Similarly, we must adhere to the high standard of Dafa particles during the process of group Fa-rectification and Fa-validation. Whenever we face potentially complicated situations or observe developments in other dimensions, we must not act as a passive bystander. Every occurrence is directly related to each and every one of us Dafa practitioners. Therefore we should actively send forth our righteous thoughts and take the proper course of action to stamp out evil, completely wiping out their pernicious plot. By way of this process, all outcomes from our Fa rectification actions will serve as opportunities for us to break away from human conceptions and to transform our mindset to that of the gods. All of us Dafa practitioners will be intimately bound to the final outcome. If we have an omission sometimes, could it be our own shortcoming that is causing the problem to persist? For sure, none of the problems are isolated occurrences. We as Dafa practitioners are a group and the problems we have are definitely related to each one of us. They may differ only in perspective and magnitude, but there are always enough for us to cultivate in Dafa!

In reality, no external influences can determine the current progress of Fa-rectification. Dafa practitioners are participating in creating history. We must always be unshakable in maintaining righteous thoughts that are worthy of a great enlightened being. When treating all issues in Fa-rectification, we have an irrefutable responsibility to each and every matter because we are the guardians of the universe. We must help Teacher to provide salvation to all kindhearted lives and people who can be saved. We must help Teacher to eradicate all evil beings who cannot be saved. Especially up to now, upon manifestation we Dafa practitioners have become the main forces for Fa-rectification, since Dafa created all of us and bestowed this power on us. Dafa displays its great virtue through us. If the evil beings are still rampant then we must not wait. Do not suspect that the problem may lie elsewhere. We must seek within ourselves to see if our righteous thoughts are not powerful enough. It is possible that our righteous thoughts might be limited by the human attachments of fear, thus causing us to inadvertently connive with the evil and undermine the progress of Fa-rectification! I feel that as cultivators who could reach consummation and are determined to reach consummation, we must be aware of this. It is our honor that Dafa has endowed us with this mission to create history. We have no other choice but to fulfill it with unassailable determination, pure and simple!

When facing complex situations at the present time, it is very crucial to follow closely the complete and undivided pace of Fa-rectification. Genuine practitioners must never detach from the group. Each should proactively take the initiative to communicate with other genuine practitioners. Learn and understand positive stories on Clearwisdom Net. Step forward firmly and surely. Let us look at and resolve issues from the perspective of great-enlightened beings. Let us compose the most magnificent piece of history ever during this glorious moment, the moment when the universal Dafa rectifies the cosmos, heaven and earth.