[Editor's note] Shanshan turned nine years old this year. He began practicing Falun Dafa at the age of four with his parents. At the very beginning, his mother watched videos and listened to tapes of the Teacher's lectures at home, while Shanshan was playing with his toys nearby. He appeared not to have been listening closely to the lectures at all, but he started saying some words that really amazed his parents when he was five. Since then, Shanshan began his cultivation practice in earnest. Though he didn't know any Chinese characters, and couldn't even write his name in Chinese, he was able to read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books. However, he couldn't recognize the same words when they appeared elsewhere. Over the past year, Shanshan has started telling his mother about what he has seen. The contents are substantial, and the main parts are described below.

On the night of May 29th, we went to the Chinese Embassy to practice and send forth our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Before we went there, the demons were deploying their armed forces. I saw the distribution of forces written on a blackboard in a command post of the head demon. The numbers of demons dispatched to different countries were different and all these demons were sent to keep Dafa practitioners' from sending forth righteous thoughts together. Looking at the explanation in English on the board, I knew the number of demons sent to our area was one billion.

On our way to the embassy, clusters of dark clouds were also moving towards the embassy. Riding on their warhorses and raising their anti-Dafa flags, demons charged towards the embassy. Many of them were mixtures of thousands and thousands of demons. When I looked outside through the car window, I saw a demonic dog with 14 heads. Viewed in this dimension, it was a big cluster of dense and rolling dark clouds. One could vaguely see the ferocious face of that demonic dog. I immediately destroyed it with my supernormal power.

Before the first 5-minute session to eradicate the evil, we were practicing the first four sets of exercises when the evil forces started their battle. The tape recorder we used to play Dafa music became their goal. Some demons used weapons like guns to strike the buttons of the recorder, while some "technical personnel" examined the recorder with a magnifier, trying to figure out how the recorder played Dafa music. They hoped that they could find some weak links so as to stop the music. In this dimension, the music became intermittent. We all sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. There were many demons on the spot. We killed one batch of demons, but more would come. The battle lasted about 20 minutes.

The time for practitioners all over the world to send forth righteous thoughts came. There were 3 five-minute sessions. After these 3 sessions, almost all the demonic forces hovering above our heads were annihilated. The remaining 1,000 demons saw their doomed failure and fled quickly.

In the second session, some demons began to withdraw. In our dimension, one could see clouds that resembled warhorses evaporating to the horizon in the sky.

By the third time we sent forth righteous thoughts, there were almost no demons in our area. We had won!

Later, I found the defeated demons eating and drinking in a command post. They toasted each other, celebrating their escape from death. In a short while, a head demon came and scolded them for not trying their best in the battle. There were many deaths and the head demon regretted that it had dispatched too many demons to the battle. I heard it condemning its subordinates, "How can we win the battle if you all behave like this?" Hearing this, I immediately sent out my supernormal power and eliminated them.

May 30th was the second time to send forth righteous thoughts. This time the demons only dispatched part of their forces. Many more demons were preparing for later battles. Their headquarters were located in a hidden space station and "610" was written on the door, corresponding to the "610" offices (offices specifically set up to deal with Falun Gong practitioners) in China.