[Minghui Net] When the first cosmos was just created, we had just attained our Fruit Status. We did not have time to enjoy ourselves for even a second, as our great Teacher wanted to spread the Great Law of the Cosmos and come down to the human world to offer salvation to sentient beings. We all knelt down before Teacher at the two sides of the Big Cave, taking our solemn oath: When evil forces persecute Dafa, we will go to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa, safeguard Dafa and eradicate the evil forces. All Gods in the Cosmos were moved to tears.

After that, we jumped one by one from the Big Cave as "Shanshan" (a young practitioner) saw and jumped into the hell arranged for reincarnation by Yama, king of Hell. No one dared to come down to this human world, as only through cultivating the Greatest Law could one return to one's origin; otherwise, one would have no chance to return. We jumped down with our heavenly courage, and we have no idea through how many cosmos' we have reincarnated.

When the evil forces persecuted Dafa, all Dafa practitioners who went to Beijing to validate Dafa were to pass the trial of life and death that has 100 gates. Practitioners who have validated and safeguarded Dafa could pass the 100 gates in no time.

At the same time, there is a diary recording the history of the Cosmos in Heaven. Only Gods who have more than six swastikas are allowed to read it. I was able to glance at two pages. They contained the names of practitioners who went to Beijing to validate Dafa and those who had put down their attachment to life and death and stepped forward to validate Dafa in their local areas, including young practitioners. Young practitioners' situation is very special, and they validate Dafa in other forms.

If you haven't stepped forward to validate Dafa, no matter how high you have cultivated, Gods in Heaven will not accept you, because you have taken your oath, but you have not fulfilled your oath. That means you told lies; but Gods cannot tell lies.

Teacher tells us to take ourselves as Gods, "Imagine that you are like a god, as tall as heaven and incomparably noble, with an enormous body." It can't be any more clear. A God should act according to "Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truth-Compassion-Forbearance)" At the same time, we should also pay attention to some trivial things manifested in the human world. Our clothes must be clean and tidy. We should talk in a benevolent and peaceful tone; our outward actions and inner thoughts must be consistent, and remain the same either at home or in society, because Gods can't say something one way and act another way. We should regard ourselves as Gods all the time, because there is a law in Heaven: a cultivator is half a god, and two cultivators can form a whole complete god.

Teacher tells us that both Zhuan Falun and Essentials for Further Advances are important. Zhuan Falun guides us practicing cultivation, while the scriptures (Teacher's articles) are important to guide us in our cultivation. When studying Zhuan Falun, we should also read Essentials for Further Advances more. The more we read, the better, as it can improve our xinxing (mind and heart nature). Moreover, we must promote and spread Dafa, clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, expose the evil and offer salvation to human beings. Now, demons are everywhere on the Earth. They ran away once we silently recited four of Teacher's Fa-rectification verses.

Teacher Endures for Us

In order to pay back the debts we owed to "Buddhas, Taos and Gods" of different levels and the demons, Teacher drank one bowl of the most toxic poison for each of our practitioners. For the practitioners who had been deceitful, sly persons in society, Teacher had to drink four bowls of poison, or they could not be saved. Consider how many bowls of poison Teacher drank for us!

Everyone of us has karma as high as seven big mountains. Teacher has removed three big mountains for us; our parents, relatives and good friends removed one big mountain, but there are still three big mountains left for us to remove. Though saying it is for ourselves to eliminate, actually, it has all has been undertaken by Teacher.

To eliminate karma for us, Teacher's body was shaken completely into pieces by the demons. After eliminating our karma, Teacher had to synthesize his body again. We feel pain in the course of cultivation practice, but think how much our Teacher has suffered for us!

To lift and upgrade us, when we are participating in eliminating the demons, Teacher apportions his own gong pole [energy pole] to each practitioner. Now it is Teacher who is leading us up to high levels!

Our Great Merciful Teacher--he gives us all he has. Our Great Teacher!