[Minghui Net] I went out to dinner with a friend and we discussed Falun Gong. He said, "I've heard of Falun Gong before. A Falun Gong practitioner I know often brings me Falun Gong flyers to read." "Really?" I asked. "What do you think about Falun Gong?" He said, "I think this Falun Gong practitioner that I know is remarkable." "How so?" I asked. I knew that most practitioners in the US just work at regular jobs, so I was very curious about why my friend thought this practitioner was remarkable. He said, "This woman is really good. Every weekend she asks for leave. Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days for us and we have to work overtime. However, on Friday she always leaves right away, and we won't find her over the weekend, though she works very hard during the weekdays. At first we thought that she must have another job on the weekends. Later we found out that she stands in front of a supermarket alone and distributes Falun Gong flyers. It is remarkable that she does this. We all admire her!"

I was deeply moved by the story.

We then talked about how the Chinese media in the US is being pressured by some people from the Chinese Government. He said, "I understand that you practitioners must encounter many difficulties. I have friends working in newspaper agencies and TV stations. They say that they do not dare carry too many paid advertisements for Falun Gong because they fear pressure from the Chinese Consulate." I said, "Yes, now many businessmen are saying that they are against the crackdown on Falun Gong, but they are also afraid of offending the Chinese Government and the Chinese Consulate." He spoke with a raised voice, "What is there to fear? Aren't the paid advertisements business? I think they are crazy. I told my friends, 'You are afraid of offending this and that. Aren't you afraid of offending your own conscience in the end?'"

My friend also happens to be a businessman.