[Minghui Net] On May 1, 2001, two guards of the 12th team of the Harbin City Wanjia Labor Camp attempted to forcibly transform a Falun Dafa practitioner with several so- called "reformed" people. When they failed, the two guards pushed the practitioner under the bed and tried to seal her mouth with tape. The practitioner cried out. Upon hearing her voice, lots of Falun Dafa practitioners rushed outside and tried to stop the illegal behavior. Just then, the head of the labor camp showed up. The Falun Dafa practitioners tried to persuade him to forbid the beating, cursing, physical punishment, and torture of the practitioners. But the issue was not resolved. More than fifty practitioners began a hunger strike that afternoon. At around 9 o'clock, the labor camp ordered dozens of male guards as well as many criminals to break into the cells of the female practitioners. They separated the practitioners by pulling, dragging, beating and kicking as well as sealing their mouths. Fourteen practitioners were forcibly locked into a guarded room (small cell.)

On the morning of May 4, the head of the labor camp and the team leader of the 12th team ordered Wang Yan, the director of the labor camp hospital to force-feed the practitioners. He, along with more than ten male guards, came to the small cell. One of the practitioners, Guo Hongyu, said to Wang Yan with a kind heart, "Our request is reasonable and legal. We didn't cause the directors any trouble. We should have our request granted." However Wang Yan roared at her, "Eat! If she doesn't eat, then feed her!" Under the command of Wang Yan, several guards pressed Practitioner Guo into an iron chair and forced a tube into her nose. Practitioner Guo's nasal cavity and esophagus were damaged and she began to bleed. Guo's body had many scratches and wounds. After she was force-fed, she was still forced to sit in the iron chair. Each and every one of the fourteen practitioners was ordered to be force-fed. If they didn't cooperate, then Wang Yan would command several male guards to drag them out.

The one who was most seriously tortured was practitioner Liu Guixiang, a 55-year-old woman. When she was dragged by the male guards and pushed into the iron chair, they inserted the tube into her trachea. The elderly woman cried out with extreme pain. Practitioner Liu fainted immediately when the corn flour sealed her trachea. When she was in a coma, she closed her mouth naturally. At that time the doctor's hand was still in her mouth. One thug punched her in the face to make her wake up. After she awoke, the doctor asked, "Why did you bite my hand?" She said, "Sorry, I didn't do it intentionally." Wang Yan said shamelessly, "She bites like a dog; does she have humanity? Is she still human?" What kind of gangster logic is this? After practitioner Liu was force-fed, she vomited blood for nearly two days and had blood in her stool. She also had bruises all over her face from the beating..

When they force-fed practitioner Tan Guizhen, they intentionally pulled the tube up and down to torture her. Meanwhile, Wang Yan and the other thugs stood beside her, laughing. One practitioner, Zhang Hong, who was also force-fed, was a doctor and she told them that this was inhumane and very dangerous. But Wang Yan continued to use force-feeding as a method of torturing practitioners. It seemed to be entertainment for him. Every time he did a beating or force-feeding, he appeared to be very excited.

We seriously warn the evil beings: your crimes will be paid with due retribution. If mankind does not do something about it, heaven will.