[Minghui Net] A while ago, some fellow practitioners and I went to a rural town. Local practitioners there were very happy when they heard that we were from other places. Soon there were several dozen people gathered. We gave them Teacher's new articles and articles from Minghui Net. Many of them shed tears. One of them saw that the clothes I was wearing were dirty, and insisted on cleaning them for me. I insisted that she not. She said with tears in her eyes: "It is not for you. Really, it is for our Teacher. Teacher has given me so much. I used to have many kinds of illnesses. Now I have recovered from all of them. I am over 70 years old, but I look like I'm in my 60s. Right now Dafa is being persecuted. I did not know what to do, as I could not see Teacher's new articles and materials. I really did not know how to protect Dafa. But I do know that Dafa is good. Today I am able to study and exchange opinions with fellow practitioners. I am crying out of joy. How nice it would be if we could do this everyday! I really do not want you to leave. I will cook for you, wash your clothes everyday, and study and discuss with you. I will do whatever I can to show my heart toward Dafa."

One elderly practitioner said: "Kids, you are here so late. Why didn't you come earlier? I was longing to have practitioners come together to study, practice and discuss as we used to. I was looking forward to this day. I almost ran out of tears. Teacher, your disciples feel so sorry. I did not know what to do, and now I know. For the innocence of Teacher, and for Dafa, I would not regret even losing my life."

An illiterate practitioner said: "I heard that other practitioners could study Zhuan Falun together in the transformation classes. How wonderful that is. I stay at home everyday. I could not study with fellow practitioners and listen to their experiences. I felt depressed. I really wanted to go to the transformation classes. My wife stopped me. She told me that the news about practitioners being allowed to read the book in the classes was a lie. They were really against Dafa. Hearing this, I cried loudly. Jiang Zemin is really bad. I long to study Fa with fellow practitioners! Please do not leave. I want to be with you everyday. As long as it is for Dafa, I would like to do everything and am willing to get rid of any personal interests."

An intellectual practitioner said: "This experience sharing conference really shocked me. Maybe Teacher still thinks that I can be saved. Teacher's law body guided me here. I used to think that one copy of Zhuan Falun was enough for me to reach enlightenment. I thought that I was well educated and had good enlightenment quality. I thought I was doing well in my cultivation. Fellow practitioners always came to me when they had questions. For example, about going to Beijing to appeal, I used to think it damaged Dafa. Today, after reading Teacher's articles and materials from the web, and listening to the experience sharing, I was really shocked. Didn't I become an accomplice of the evil forces? I was the same as the evil forces that hinder the Fa rectification process. In fact, I was damaging Dafa. Teacher said in Serious Teachings: 'Why does a person study Dafa? Those people only want to gain from Dafa, and they regard Dafa as a protective shield. While Dafa encounters persecution, while disciples are being arrested, persecuted, and beaten to death for protecting Dafa, what are they doing? While their Master is being slandered, what are they doing? Are they waiting for something good to just fall from the sky? Are they waiting to reach Consummation once the tribulation ends? I'm really worried for them. They have no idea how dangerous the situation is for their true beings!' Yes, when Teacher was slandered, where was I? I was scared and I hid at home to study the theory! Was I still the disciple of the majestic Buddha? I was not even as good as an everyday person. Was I controlled by demons and headed toward the evil understanding of Dafa? If not for this experience-sharing meeting, I would have continued to deviate from Fa. Our Teacher is really compassionate! He gave me the opportunity to regret and wake up. I will double my efforts to make amends, strive forward vigorously to catch up with the Fa-Rectification process, and contribute everything to Dafa and to fellow practitioners. I will undertake the responsibility of coordinating Fa study and experience sharing in this area. I will arrange for my house to be a site for group cultivation, and I will get materials from the web."

I was in tears all through this experience sharing conference. I felt guilty and sorry to Teacher, to Dafa, and to fellow practitioners in other rural counties and villages who have not gotten Teacher's new articles yet. After the discussion, fellow practitioners took out all the money they had with them, from 2 Yuan, 5 Yuan, to 10 Yuan. The money was all over the table. One of the practitioners, who could not even afford to eat vegetables, took out 50 Yuan. Everyone asked him to take it back. He said with tears: "If Teacher had not saved me, I would have died long before. I had 9 illnesses. All of them disappeared after I obtained Dafa. I would insist on my belief even if the policemen cut my head off. I would tell them that my Teacher is the nicest, kindest and most compassionate man in the world. This money is for printing Dafa materials, not for you. Please print more materials for us. We really need these. We also really want to go home with Teacher!"

Those sincere hearts are as pure and steadfast as gold. I am not allowed to be lazy, to just observe and wait any more. I will double my efforts to make amends and go to the remote villages to fulfill my mission.

Fellow practitioners, those of you who could not get Teacher's articles and Minghui materials, please step forward.