[Minghui Net] Sincerely, I have great esteem for you, great cultivators. You have done so much work for Dafa [great law and principles] and spent almost all of your time and energy ensuring Dafa's healthy and smooth advancement in the human world. However, I still want to remind you cultivators who are busy doing things for Dafa everyday: do not ignore the Fa [law and principles] study; do not neglect improvement and solid advancement in the Fa. Your cultivation practice is naturally within it.

Some practitioners didn't pay attention to their daily Fa study and their improvement in the Fa because of their busy work for Dafa. I feel anxious about their situation. As I understand from learning Dafa, this Fa is the only way for Dafa practitioners to cultivate and make improvements all the way until Consummation. How can we strive forward vigorously in the Fa if we cannot keep reading Dafa books and studying the Fa for a long period of time? I believe that no matter how much work we have done for Dafa, it cannot be taken as an excuse for not studying the Fa and reading the books. Work for Dafa cannot replace Dafa cultivation itself. We just cannot become like staff members doing Dafa work but not act as Dafa cultivators.

I have truly seen that some practitioners do not act like Dafa cultivators because of ignoring their Fa study; their words and deeds are not based on the Fa, and they cannot measure themselves by the Fa. Although they have spent a lot of time and energy doing Dafa work, I still think it is very necessary to read the books and study the Fa. Is not all of this to establish our mighty virtue? If we focus more on doing things for Dafa, but pay less attention to our own improvement, sometimes, we may not be able to handle things well in our work. If our own realm cannot ascend, we may bring damage to Dafa, for our realm of mind is manifested in our daily life and work. Once we cause damage to Dafa due to our own fault, will this not tarnish our own cultivation practice, and tarnish what we have enlightened to in our own cultivation course?

I know that every genuine practitioner must have a heart full of compassion and mercy to worldly beings when doing Dafa work. I remember a practitioner saying, "It is not important now how high a cultivation level that I am able to achieve; life has true meaning when it is in the Fa-rectification." I couldn't help shedding tears when I read these words. What a great cultivator! What a great realm of mind it demonstrates! Have we truly given up the attachment of selfishness when doing Dafa work? Have we truly relinquished the attachment of complacency from doing much work for Dafa? Even a little left should not be permitted. Everything done for Dafa should come from the pure and unselfish heart of a Dafa practitioner, without any selfish factor in it at all. Dafa has given us so much, and Master has endured so enormously for all sentient beings. How can we allow even a little bit of selfishness to exist in the holy realms? When I went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa, in the face of the vicious police, and while clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to the public, I even had the selfish thought that it was for my Consummation, and I wanted to reach Consummation. I regretted this deeply. Master asked us "...to attain the right enlightenment of selflessness and altruism." ("Buddha-Nature Is Free From Omission", Falun Buddha Law, Essentials for Further Advancement). No matter what we do, we should first think of Dafa, the worldly beings and Master. I sent out the strong righteous thought, "No matter how deep are the selfish roots in my life, I will root them out with all my strength." I vowed to Master in my inner heart, "If my life is not for the Fa, for the cosmos and for the sentient beings, there will be no meaning for its existence." When I had this thought, I felt my own small world become full of a strength and compassion that could not be described in words. I truly felt the state of a Dafa particle and my heart was full of a comfort and peace that I have never felt before.

All of this comes from Dafa and from righteous convictions and righteous thoughts towards Dafa. Practitioners have their own karma and attachments. If we neglect studying the Fa and reading the Dafa books, it is very difficult to keep our pure righteous thoughts. The demons will take advantage of our "omissions" to damage and interfere with the Fa-rectification and cultivation practice. Master has said, "Some volunteers go a long period of time without reading or studying the Fa. How can they do a good job for Dafa? You have unwittingly incurred many losses that are very hard to recover. Past lessons should make you more mature. The only way to prevent the old, evil forces from taking advantage of the gaps in your mind is to make good use of your time to study the Fa." ("Towards Consummation" ) I suggest that all of us practitioners who do Dafa work look within ourselves and find our own shortcomings and purify ourselves in Fa-rectification in order to further dissolve into the Fa. This is to "Assist Teacher in his journey in this world."

Great cultivators: in this special historical period, we should adhere to reading the books and studying the Fa in all ways in order to solidly advance in the Fa and attain the righteous enlightenment of selflessness and altruism.