[Minghui Net] According to Radio Xinjiang's broadcast on June 11, 2001, the northern Xinjiang region (located in northwest China) has been suffering from a locust plague. Places that have been affected include Tachang, Yili, Boertala, Aletai, and Hami in Xinjiang. Based on one estimate, roughly 20 million Mu (3.33 million acres) have been affected. Moreover, with the rising temperature, more locusts are hatching. As a result, the level of danger continues to rise. This plague will seriously threaten agriculture in Xinjiang and the lives of its inhabitants. Considering Xinjiang authorities' malicious conduct in following Jiang Zemin and his regime's orders to eliminate Falun Gong, the current disaster should not come as a surprise.

There are several examples of Xinjiang authorities' viciousness. For instance, in the Wulapo Labor Camp, prison authorities have used brutal means to forcefully brainwash Falun Gong practitioners. Several police officers, led by Ba Xiaomei (female), tortured practitioner Sun Shoulan (female) of Kui Tun City with electric batons. As a result, Ms. Sun suffered a broken nose, and her legs were badly injured. Moreover, she was forced to stand still for two days and two nights.

Another example of this occurred in early February 2001. In order to avoid police interrogation and illegal detention, practitioner Xiao Xue (pseudonym) jumped from a balcony. She broke her leg and lost consciousness. Unperturbed by this scene, police ransacked her home. Xiao Xue remained unconscious for four days in the hospital. Police blocked all information from her family, and nobody was allowed to visit her. As of now, no one knows if she is still alive.

Also in Xinjiang, information is spreading about practitioners receiving jail sentences and dying in police custody. For example, a local T.V. station reported that a practitioner named Zhu was pronounced dead after jumping off a train on his way to a detention center. It also reported an event in which a practitioner died while in police custody. Other publicly disseminated news is that Dafa practitioner Fan Wei and three other female practitioners were sentenced to jail terms for refusing to renounce Falun Gong. Also, Urumqi's (Xinjiang Provincial Capital) Xinshi District Court illegally sentenced six practitioners to labor camps. Among those sentenced was Hu Jingyao, who received two-and-one-half years. In addition, on December 19, 2000, the authorities arrested 27 practitioners in Urumqi. In other areas, the authorities illegally rounded up practitioners and sent them to Urumqi's Wulapo Labor Camp. Most of the detainees are women, and approximately 70 of them have been sentenced to forced labor terms. Those who have been sentenced include people as young as 16 years old and even people over 60 years old.

Abuse of Dafa practitioners is not limited to the Wulapo Labor Camp. Authorities in Changji Labor Camp have severely tortured practitioners. Ever since it began to detain practitioners in December 1999, the camp authorities have regularly used extreme violence to torture Falun Gong practitioners. For example, they once stripped, locked in an office, and then tortured a practitioner with high voltage electricity for an extended time period. In addition, in order to harm large numbers of practitioners, the labor camp guards used electric batons as their weapons of torture. Even a 62-year-old practitioner was not spared from this horrible physical abuse. Some practitioners were brainwashed by the authorities' lies and fabricated stories and were then forced to abandon Falun Gong. But later they realized they were wrong and then returned to cultivation. To punish these practitioners, the police redoubled their persecution and subjected them to more severe treatment. For instance, practitioners Zhao Aijun and Cui Guilin were sentenced to criminal prison terms.

Xinjiang authorities have imposed especially cruel punishment against practitioners who have dared to reveal the truth about the persecution to the public. Practitioners Zhang Wenyan and Liu Hongyuan were arrested in the end of December 2000 in Wusu City. They were only suspected of distributing truth-revealing flyers in the city. Despite their lack of hard evidence, the police arrested them. As of now, they are still in detention. In another instance, Mr. Liu and his wife of the Xinjiang Machine Research Institute passed out truth-revealing flyers to their relatives in Changji. After police found out, they tricked them [into going to a specific location in] Changji and arrested them. Their whereabouts remain unknown. Also, Urumqi's practitioners Tang Longzhang, Wang Xin, Zhang Jianbo, Gao Yuhong and Zhang Wangsheng, along with 16 others, were arrested when telling the truth to people and distributing flyers. Their whereabouts are also unknown.

Police officer Bai Gang, who is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong in the Shayibake District Police Deparment in Urumqi, is infamous for his brutality. When the head devil, Luo Gan (China's Secret Police chief, Jiang Zemin's right hand man -- translator), went to Xinjiang to reinforce the crackdown, according to the news, the police intensified their persecution. Presently, most practitioners who are arrested quickly receive labor camp sentences.

On the other hand, though, many people who have been involved in persecuting Falun Gong are suffering retribution for their sins. Wise people can certainly see this. All those who willingly participate in the persecution will pay for their crime; no one is left out. The retribution has just begun. The old proverb "goodness necessitates a sharing of itself and so does evil" is revealing its power to those godless villains who believe in nothing and whose criminal acts know no boundaries.