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Song Dahua was punished by Heaven

Song Dahua, 48, a cadre in the legal system department of the Changchun Public Security Bureau who was responsible for approving the illegal "labor education sentence" to Dafa practitioners, died in April 2001. When he was still alive, he suffered a great deal from severe heart, liver, lung and gallbladder problems for several months. Before he died, he realized what he had done is wrong and he told people who went to visit him, "I might be receiving the retribution for sending Dafa practitioners to labor camps."

A deputy director of a certain street committee received retribution

A deputy director of a certain street committee in Changchun City once led the policemen to find Dafa practitioners' homes in September 1999. He helped the street committee to suppress Dafa practitioners; he even called practitioners at midnight to check what practitioners were doing so as to prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal. One night in November 2000, on his way home, he was struck on the back of his head with a heavy object; he fell and was frozen in the snow for over one hour. Later he was found by 110 patrol police and sent to hospital. His head was caved in and there was hemorrhage inside his skull. He has had two operations and has spent about 20,000 Yuan RMB since. He is now still bedridden.

The perpetrators in Heizuizi Labor Camp who torture Dafa practitioners paid for their atrocity

Four female ruffians at the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp in Changchun were once praised by the Jiang Zemin group as "Role Models in Transforming Falun Gong Practitioners" and they are: Zhang Guoying, Zhang Guimei, Li Tong, and Hou Zhihong.

Female ruffians Li Tong and Zhang Lilan had been punished before for taking bribes from the prisoners and they are actually the scum among the police. Since the labor camp began to illegally detain Falun Gong practitioners on a large scale, they had been trying all means to torture practitioners as a way to climb up. In order to improve the so-called "Transformation Rate," to be named the "Role Models," to become a XX party member, and to get promoted, they tortured Falun Gong practitioners in every possible way. Every tiny piece of the benefit that they got came at the expense of the severe pains of the good people.

Policewoman Zhang Lilan got her retribution; she has breast cancer.

Other police criminals who persecuted Falun Gong practitioners got their retributions too. For example, Qiang Tongqin was hospitalized recently.

Criminal Fan Youlan, the head of the labor camp who is in charge of transformations, is a ruffian who follows closely to the Jiang Zemin group. She talks about why one should not disobey the national laws while secretly she makes a big profit on the prisoners by taking bribes. She totally ignores the national laws. During these two years, she has made a lot of money by blackmailing Falun Gong practitioners.

Fan Youlan encouraged and ordered her subordinates to torture Falun Gong practitioners with all kinds of means, such as beating, physical torture, and electric shock. Her way of transforming practitioners was merciless and inhuman, seriously against the so-called "Transforming by Education" slogan written on the wall of the labor camp. They also made their own rules. The family members of the Falun Gong practitioners who were not transformed were not allowed to meet with the practitioners, and they were not allowed to send them living necessities and clothes. The sentence terms could be extended endlessly. Falun Gong practitioners not transformed are not allowed to go home.

However, the high walls could not hide the crimes. Although Fan Youlan thought she was well covered, the facts about her corruption and her taking bribes were well spread long ago. The law department of the province has received some report revealing Fan's crimes. The net of heaven has large meshes, but it lets nothing evil through. All the evil crimes must end in extreme shame.

The telephone numbers of the criminals:

Luan Yunjuan: 86-431-8726809

Liu Lianying: 86-431-518218

Ye Jiong: 86-431-8912561

Hou Zhihong: 86-431-2723754

Li Tong: 86-431-7938390

Fu Yufang: 86-431-5626543

Tian Hou: 86-431-5643627

An insider

June 7, 2001