[Clearwisdom Net] We are the nearly one hundred female Falun Dafa practitioners who are illegally locked up in the First Section of the Female Branch in Judong Labor Camp, Jiangsu province, simply because we refuse to give up our right to practice Falun Gong. We are publicizing our experiences to denounce the policemen's brutal persecution against us within the Judong Labor Camp so as to clarify the truth to the world and to ensure a correct understanding of the facts.

At the beginning of the persecution launched by Jiang Zemin on July 22, 1999, Judong Labor Camp locked up thirty Falun Dafa practitioners. The prison policemen then began a long-term mental and physical persecution against us. In October 2000, the prison policemen intensified their forces against Falun Gong.

The policemen forced individual practitioners into groups of three to five people consisting of other inmates, so that they could be constantly monitored. Under the orders of the policemen, the prisoners denied us the right to speak to others. If we spoke, they would stop us, curse at us, and beat us. Many of us were beaten black and blue and were forced to limp because we were kicked. Some practitioners were pulled by their hair some so hard that their scalp was torn. The policemen not only incited the prisoners to beat and curse at us, but also gave them electric batons to intensify their abuse. Several of us were beaten black and blue, with blisters all over our bodies as well as bloody cuts. The policemen beat our heads and faces, to the point where the other inmates could not even bear to look at us. The prisoners also took us individually to the office to beat us and shock us. One day last December, the policemen shocked and beat dozens of us. In the evening, they even turned off the light to shock and beat us all over our bodies.

Meanwhile, we also suffered mentally. It was rumored that 98% of the practitioners nationwide had been reformed. Actually, in Judong, the so-called "reformed" practitioners made up only 5-6%. The prison policemen falsified public opinion by saying that our families were suffering because of us, when it was actually caused by Jiang Zemin's persecution and unfair treatment of us, and that we were selfish. They intended to mislead some practitioners who were not clear-headed into feeling guilty about their family members. A few practitioners wrote "guarantee letters" under strong mental and physical duress. Nonetheless, some of them knew from their own experience, that deep in their hearts Falun Dafa was good, and declared their guarantee letters invalid.

In order to protest against these inhumane acts, slanders against Falun Dafa and Teacher, and the brutal persecution against us, we went on a hunger strike to demonstrate our steadfast heart for Dafa. Seven or eight policemen would hold one practitioner down and forcibly feed him or her with burning hot liquid. Some practitioners' esophagus and trachea were burnt and scalded. They also illegally confiscated our Dafa materials and Teacher's new articles. We were forced to work 14 to 18 hour days. Our appeals, written both individually and jointly, were purposefully withheld for two to three months, without ever receiving a reply.

When the labor camp arranged for us to watch TV, several male and female police officers were standing all around. Some of the male police officers even held electric batons in their hands. When we saw that the TV program was telling lies, slandering Dafa and Teacher; we practitioners shouted from the bottom of our hearts: "Falun Dafa is good!" "It will be unpardonable to damage Dafa" etc. Right away, eleven fellow practitioners were forcefully dragged out of the hall. Two male policemen with electric batons in their hands ferociously shouted at a practitioner to squat down. The practitioner refused. Those two policemen used their electric batons to shock the sensitive parts of her body, like her hands and neck. When they saw that the practitioners were keeping absolutely still and unmoved, they continued to shock her all over her body. When one fellow practitioner stepped forward and said, "You are going too far," the policemen then turned their electric batons onto him. Meanwhile another practitioner kept saying, "No persecuting of Dafa practitioners!" Even under such strong protest, the policemen did not stop and continued to shock and beat the practitioners. Only a few elderly practitioners were not beaten electrically. When the policemen demanded one practitioner to squat down, she refused, and was then shocked her all over her body. That practitioner said to them calmly and with a compassionate smile: "I give all my life to Dafa." Her words deeply moved all the Dafa practitioners who were present. But the two male police officers that shocked her with electric batons were utterly inhuman. They continued to use the electric batons to shock her. The practitioners kept shouting into the hall: "Falun Dafa is good." They did not let us go until the TV program ended.

Dafa practitioner, Wang Jianping (male), from Yancheng, Jiangsu province suffered severely from the persecution and it's not known whether he is dead or alive. Besides ours, there were four other additional sections where Falun Dafa practitioners were held.