• [Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province] Practitioner Wang Ailing Tortured to Death by Police
  • [Lanzhou, Gansu Province] Dafa Practitioners Released After Holding a Hunger Strike for 11 Days
  • [Yanqing, Beijing] The Local Police Brutally Tortures Dafa Practitioners
  • [Xuchang, Henan Province] The Court Gives Mandatory Sentence to Dafa Practitioner Zhang Peisheng
  • [Jinan, Shandong Province] Judge Wang Shengrui of Jinan Intermediate People's Court Is Illegally Imprisoned
  • [Boli, Heilongjiang Province] Police Commits a Heinous Crime at Train Station
  • [Xuchang, Henan Province] Practitioner Bai Hongming Is Illegally Sentenced to 3 Years in Labor Camp
  • [Shenzhen, Guangdong Province] Police Illegally Organize "Transformation Class"
  • [Anxi County, Gansu Province] Vicious Police Step Up Persecution of Practitioners

[Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province] Practitioner Wang Ailing Tortured to Death by Police

Wang Ailing (female, 52) went to Beijing to validate the Fa on January 1st, 2001. She was illegally arrested and detained for 9 days by the Beijing Police Bureau. After she started a hunger strike, local police from Zhangjiakou took her back from Beijing. In spite of the fact that her husband was paralyzed and needed be taken care of, the police sent her to the detention center, where she was brutally beaten. A few days after being detained, she experienced high blood pressure and abdominal pain, but the police would not release her. They kept force-feeding her until the 59th day of her hunger strike. The police even extorted money from her family. When she was finally carried back home, she could not take in any food and was incapable of taking care of herself. In April, the police came to her home again to take her away, but when they saw that she had been tortured so severely that she could not move, they left. On May 16th, Wang Ailing passed away.

[Lanzhou, Gansu Province] Dafa Practitioners Released After Holding a Hunger Strike for 11 Days

The illegal "transformation class" in Qilihe had to release most of the Dafa practitioners after a four-day hunger strike, but at the time they still held the other six practitioners. Those six practitioners continued hunger strike, and the person in charge of "transformation" said, "Write down something, whatever you like, and I will release you all." However, the practitioners firmly refused. On the 11th day of the hunger strike, one of the practitioners passed out. The person in charge was afraid and reported it to the higher authorities to no avail. He told his superior, "You will only pay attention when these people die? If workers lose their jobs and die, nobody cares; but if even one practitioner dies, it will appear on the web." The higher official came and had to release those six practitioners. As of now, all 31 practitioners who had been illegally detained in the "transformation class" have been released.

[Yanqing, Beijing] The Local Police Brutally Torture Dafa Practitioners

23 practitioners (including a practitioner with a less than 8-month-old baby) who validated the Fa in Tiananmen Square on April 25, 2001 were arrested and sent to Yanqing County. The police there forced every practitioner to pay 30 Yuan [Chinese dollars, the monthly salary of an averaged worker in cities of China is about 500 Yuan] as "transportation fee". They numbered and photographed practitioners. When some practitioners did not want to comply, the police forced them to have their photos taken by pulling their hair. They then sent practitioners to different departments and offices of the local police station. Every department or office assigned ten or more policemen to interrogate each practitioner overnight. They took shifts during the interrogations and did not allow practitioners to sleep. They made up various lies to deceive practitioners, and they also threatened and beat them. They even burned one practitioner's face with a lighter and did not allow practitioners to use the restroom. All these vicious measures they took were to force practitioners to give their names and addresses. After two days and nights of torture, the practitioners were sent to the detention center.

After the practitioners started a hunger strike, the detention center officials decided to force-feed them that night. As a result, one practitioner passed out and had to be hospitalized. They said that as long as they had a certificate of death from the hospital, they took no responsibility. Some practitioners did not cooperate, so the police tied them to a bed and force-fed them with an intravenous drip. During the night, a practitioner fainted twice, but the police just left him tied up.

On May 1st, an official from the Yanqing detention center came to the hospital with a bunch of prisoners. They tied up all practitioners in the hospital and brought them back to detention center. There, they force-fed the practitioners with tubes. Three practitioners who refused to give out their names and addresses were force-fed like this for 11 days without having the tubes taken out. Two of them resisted by pulling out the tubes, and the police ordered the prisoners to tie them to chairs. Two of the practitioners lost consciousness, and their lives were in danger. Because the higher authorities instructed the police not to release practitioners without "hard" work, they forcefully subjected the practitioners to intravenous drips. When the practitioners still did not cooperate, the police used electric batons to shock them.

On May 16th, the police came to force-feed practitioners again. One practitioner resisted and was tied up to a chair by three inmates. Three practitioners shouted out "Suffocate Evil, Eliminate Evil," so they stuffed socks and towels into the practitioners' mouths. As a result, one of the practitioners fainted immediately. To shift the responsibility, the police sent the practitioner to the hospital again. Finally on May 17th, the practitioners were released due to their health condition.

[Xuchang, Henan Province] The Court Gives a Mandatory Sentence to Dafa Practitioner Zhang Peisheng

Practitioner Zhang Peisheng (36, female) from Xuchang is a university graduate. In October of 2000, she was arrested while clarifying the truth of Dafa and distributing Dafa materials on the street. She was detained in the Xuchang Detention Center for eight months.

The courts in the Weidu district of Xuchang once began proceedings against Zhang Peisheng, and she defended herself. There was no conclusion of the case at the time. The court planned another hearing and gave her a mandatory sentence. The regime of Jiang Zemin and his lackeys broke the constitution, disregarded citizens' human rights, and arbitrarily arrested people. They fully deserve the criticism that they have received. We request the government to release Zhang Peisheng and all Dafa practitioners who have been illegally detained in detention centers, prisons and labor camps.

[Jinan, Shandong Province] Judge Wang Shengrui of the Jinan Intermediate People's Court Is Illegally Imprisoned

Wang Shengrui (35, male) is a judge of Jinan Intermediate People's Court. On June 1st, 2001, his child's birthday, the court's chief and party committee secretary secretly arranged for him to take a business trip to Licheng under false pretenses, where they arrested him and kept him in custody at a secret location.

The Jinan Central Area Police Sub-Bureau was involved in this event. To protect themselves, officials of the Intermediate People's Court conspired with the Central Area Police Sub-Bureau and requested the problem be resolved internally.

Wang Shengrui is known as a fair and impartial judge. He was illegally arrested only because he didn't give up his beliefs and firmly practiced Falun Dafa. He has been deprived of his individual legal rights. As an independent judicial organization, the Jinan Intermediate People's Court shamelessly violated the constitution and broke the law.

[Boli, Heilongjiang Province] Police Commit Heinous Crime at the Train Station

Around June 1st, a group of wicked policemen put a picture of Teacher on the ground of the check-in entrance at Boli train station and forced travelers to step on the picture before passing through. If anyone refused, police arrested him immediately. We hope that Dafa practitioners will send out righteous thoughts to eliminate this evil.

A Heli practitioner went to see relatives in Jiamusi with her child. Because she wore a Falun button, the police at Jiamusi train station illegally searched and arrested her. The child was crying loudly, but the wicked policemen forcefully arrested the parent anyway. The practitioner has been imprisoned by the local police for more than one month so far.

[Xuchang, Henan Province] Practitioner Bai Hongming Is Illegally Sentenced to Three Years in a Labor Camp

Bai Hongming (40, male) is a member of the [party name omitted] party and a university graduate. On January 22, 2001, while he was at home busy preparing for Chinese New Year, suddenly a group of policemen rushed into his home and turned it upside down. Although they did not find anything, they still took the couple away. Their son, an elementary school student, cried in vain and went to his grandmother's home. The police then sentenced Bai Hongming to three years in a labor camp without any legal basis or procedure. In Bai Hongming's words, "It is my fifth arrest. The first time I was imprisoned for two weeks in July 1999, the second time was in January 2000, the third time was in May 2000, the fourth time was in October 2000. Each time it was one month in jail, the fifth is three years."

Citizens who practice Falun Dafa in China do not have basic human rights, and most attorneys do not dare to defend practitioners. Practitioners Xu Meilian, Miao Huiling, Li Yuping and another ten people from Xuchang are being illegally imprisoned and forcefully brainwashed. We urgently appeal for kind people around the world to pay attention to their fate, and request Chinese government to unconditionally release all imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners.

[Shenzhen, Guangdong Province] Police Illegally Organize a "Transformation Class"

The Shenzhen 610 Office [An office created by the government to deal specifically with issues related to Falun Gong] and Police Bureau organized a notorious "transformation class" in March. A wicked policeman named Wang Xiang (the vice-chief of the Shenzhen Futian Area Police Sub-Bureau) was instrumental in forcefully arresting many practitioners from their homes or workplaces. Some practitioners resisted the vicious actions with their lives, thwarting attempts to take them away. Many practitioners were compelled to leave their homes.

The illegal "transformation class" was set up at Xili asylum, which currently imprisons over 60 practitioners. Former practitioner Wang Yajuan initially accepted wrong understandings of Fa when she was imprisoned at Guangdong Sanshui Labor Camp. After being "reformed", she has been active in spreading lies and deceit about Dafa, as well as in "transforming" practitioners. Along with other 20 so-called transformed people, they formed the transformation group with 610 Office, Police Bureau and the local police. Each practitioner is monitored around the clock, and they face the threat of being sent to labor camps if they refuse to be "transformed"

[Anxi County, Gansu Province] Vicious Police Step Up Persecution of Practitioners

Anxi County has instituted new policy to heighten persecution. Practitioners from Anxi County who went to Beijing to appeal have been illegally imprisoned for "disturbing social order." Practitioners who haven't gone to Beijing to appeal are still interrogated by the local police, and even people who said, "Falun Dafa is good" are to be imprisoned for a month. Someone who wrote a letter to higher authorities reporting the Police Bureau's illegal behavior has already been imprisoned.

After being released, practitioners lost their jobs, and family members were required to pay 5000 Yuan [Approximately 10-months salary of an average urban worker] for a "guarantee fee". On May 2001, each practitioner was compelled to pay 200 Yuan in fines. If the practitioner refused, the fine would be doubled or the practitioner would be detained. Family members of practitioners were affected also. Some were laid off from workplaces, because they were blamed for not taking "good" care of their relatives. Some practitioners' homes were searched, and sometimes police even illegally searched practitioners' relatives' homes. Practitioners were under constant surveillance, and many practitioners were forced to write pledges. Some workplaces have not paid their wages since last April. Some have gotten back their jobs but were assigned menial tasks, paying only 300 Yuan a month, and some have not been allowed to come back to work at all.