• My Experience as a Woman in Beijing's Xin'an Labor Camp

  • "Everyday Practitioners are Unfurling Banners in Tiananmen Square"

  • Stories of Yunnan Dafa Practitioners Validating Dafa

  • Kaifeng City Yu Opera Troupe Slandered Dafa; the Director of the Troupe Received Retribution

  • Harsh Persecution Disables A Practitioner in Fushun City

  • Information from Qingdao City

  • The Houses of Dafa Practitioners Who Went to Beijing for Appealing were Torn Down

  • The Law-violator Officials in Lanzhou University Continue to Persecute Dafa Practitioners

  • "610" Office of Guangdong Province in Collusion with the Province Affiliated

  • Worker-Committee Held An Illegal "Reform Class" in Sanshui City

  • Yang Xizhong and other Police Criminals from Yanjiao Police Department Viciously Beat up Dafa Practitioners

  • Criminal Records of Mobs, Including Cao Jiali from Yanjiao Police Department in Sanhe City, Hebei Province

  • Retired Teacher Lei Yufen from Chengdu was Illegally Detained a Month for Distributing Dafa Truth-clarifying Materials

  • Songyuan Dafa Practitioners' Home Surrounded by Police for no Reason

  • The Righteous Thoughts of a Senior Dafa Practitioner

  • The Sky of Zhanjiang City

  • The Vicious Deeds Committed by Police from Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

[Beijing] My Experience as a Woman in Beijing's Xin'an Labor Camp

I was forcibly taken to this labor camp for the so-called "reforming." (Brainwashing practitioners of Falun Dafa away from the practice and bending their minds toward Jiang Zemin's ideology). I know the real situation from personal experience. In the beginning, several persons who had been "reformed" would beset one practitioner. They chattered nonsense the whole time and slandered Dafa and Teacher. They forced us to write statements. A few days later, since we refused their requests, they began to beat us. Several of them surrounded each practitioner to kick and abuse her. After the torture, because of the beatings, some Dafa practitioners had become severely disabled. Almost every time when new detainees were brought into the camp, someone would be beaten to the point of being disabled and sent to Daxing District Tuanhe Hospital.

I heard that the situation in the male labor camp was even much worse. Those practitioners who could not be "reformed" were not allowed to sleep. They were beaten and abused. In addition, they were forced to drink the dirty water that had been used for cleaning the floor. There were 2 male practitioners who could not be "reformed," since they were very determined to keep up with Dafa. Later on, they were sent to Xin'an Labor Camp for brainwashing. One of them was Zhu Xuanwu from Haerbin City in Heilongjiang Province. The other one was Zhao Ming, a Chinese student who used to study in a university in Ireland. These 2 practitioners suffered a lot from the tortures in the labor camp. They were beaten countless times. One of Zhu Xuanwu's legs was deformed from the beatings. However the two were still very determined and could not be "reformed." At last, the labor camp authorities had no alternatives and sent Zhao Ming to the "strict administration group" for further persecution, abuse and torture.

The labor camp was full of deceits and lies. It was said that in order to cope with foreign reporters' investigations, the authorities compiled and delivered a list of over 60 "common questions asked by reporters" to the labor camp. Every detainee had to learn the answers, which were simply a bunch of lies.

For example, if a reporter asked "why were you put into a labor camp?" The answer must be "for disturbing the social order" instead of "because I practice Falun Gong." If the question was "How long have you been detained here?" The number in the answer must be "less than 37 days." Even though someone had been detained for several months or even half a year, detainees had to answer that they were only detained for 15, 20 or 30 days. If the question was, "Have you ever been beaten?" The answer must be, "No."

[China] "Everyday Practitioners are Unfurling Banners in Tiananmen Square"

Recently, a practitioner who rarely had contact with other people happened to come across an acquaintance working in the Provincial Police Department. In their conversation, the policeman complained to the practitioner that he just came back from Beijing and he had been very busy recently. The practitioner asked him curiously, "I did not hear of anyone appealing in Beijing recently." The police replied, "You know what, everyday there are practitioners unfurling banners in Tiananmen Square."

[Yunnan Province] Stories of Yunnan Dafa Practitioners Validating Dafa

We are Yunnan Dafa practitioners. One night, we 3 practitioners posted Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. A little while later we were followed by a plainclothes policeman. We sent forth the righteous thoughts and silently read Teacher's Fa-rectification verse, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated." The plainclothes policeman stared at the truth-clarifying materials in my hand. We faced the vicious being calmly and continued doing what we should. We thought of Teacher's verse "The Great Enlightened..." and continued posting the materials. I was not scared. I only felt it was pitiful for the plainclothes officer, since, with his eyes wide open, he could not see anything. As we sent forth the righteous thoughts all the time, the plainclothes officer left us.

After a while, when we posted the materials on the walls near a city police station, a police car drove toward us and stopped only 2 meters (about 6.5 feet) away from us. The headlights pointed directly at us. The 3 of us continued to post materials, with our back toward the lights. It was a dark night and we could not see clearly. The car lights helped us to see better; they lit up the wall for us. The police in the car watched and followed us. We posted the flyers while walking down the street. Soon the police car drove away. Finally, we posted the flyers on the most eye-catching places: city police residential buildings, police booths, security booths, hotels, and banks. Afterwards, we 3 practitioners returned home safely.

Teacher said, "If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will become non-existent." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)") We felt the vicious forces were just like "paper tigers." They had no power when confronted by our mighty righteous thoughts.

[Kaifeng City, Henan Province] Kaifeng City Yu Opera Troupe Slandered Dafa; the Director of the Troupe Received Retribution

Not too long ago, several practitioners went to Zhengzhou City and Kaifeng City in Henan Province to share experiences with the local practitioners. At that time, Kaifeng City Yu Opera Troupe staged an opera slandering Teacher and Dafa. It was said it would be presented in local theaters and then in Beijing. On the night of the initial performance of the show, over 10 practitioners gathered in Kaifeng City and collectively sent forth the righteous thoughts to eliminate the vicious forces manipulating the troupe in other dimensions, to destroy and stop them from persecuting Dafa. We practiced the first set of the exercises. A practitioner spoke out loud the verses, "Maitreya Stretching His Back; Tathagata Pouring Energy into the Top of the Head ..." He felt the verses he spoke out were very strong and powerful. He felt the energy, strengthened by Teacher. When we were practicing the exercises we heard booming thunder. It rained heavily after we practiced. We knew that the evils were eliminated in other dimensions although the weather forecast of the day was "clear skies."

A few days later we read on Minghui Net that the director of the troupe was taken sick and hospitalized. The main character was no longer in the mood to perform.

[Fushun City, Liaoning Province] Harsh Persecution Disables A Practitioner in Fushun City

A 30 year-old female practitioner was sentenced to 3 years in a Fushun City Labor Camp. After being severely tortured by guards Zheng and Li, the practitioner was diagnosed with brain damage. She could not even move her feet. Under these developments and circumstances, the labor camp authorities sent her back home. It is up to her family to deal with the situation by themselves.

[Qingdao City, Shandong Province] Information from Qingdao City

About 90 Dafa practitioners are detained in No.3 Unit of Qingdao City's Labor Camp. The method used for brainwashing was to let the police make up crooked standards and play the video of "reformed" persons (after brainwashing) to confuse practitioners. Meanwhile, they applied excruciatingly painful methods to achieve the "reforming."

Some of the policemen had read Teacher's articles. They learned some of the truths. Therefore, they were not active in persecuting practitioners. Therefore, the vicious forces did a lot of re-assigning among the policemen. They dispatched some policemen to outside assignments and transferred in some others from different departments.

Fax number of Qingdao City Labor Camp: 011-86-532-7898443

[Yi County, Hebei Province] The Houses of Dafa Practitioners Who Went to Beijing to Appeal were Torn Down

Last October, some Dafa practitioners from Peishan Town in Yi County went to Beijing to appeal. They were escorted back and detained in local detention centers by police. At the same time, under the high pressure of the county government, the Peishan town government sent people to intrude into practitioners' homes, smash the doors and windows and take all the practitioners' valuable possessions and grains away. In addition, they fined each practitioner 30,000 Yuan. Practitioners' new houses were left empty. They even threatened, "We will break up your family and see if you dare to appeal again."

Some Dafa practitioners from Shanbei Town in Yi County also went to appeal. They were escorted back and detained. The local law-violator officials tore down practitioners' houses while they were detained so that the practitioners could not return to their homes after being released. The local government forcibly took practitioners away from their homes and detained them for several months to prevent them from appealing. Recently, some Dafa practitioners from Shanbei Town were taken away again by the local law-violator officials when they asked for their Dafa books that had been previously confiscated. The government ordered the police to detain Dafa practitioners secretly in different county work units.

[Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] Dafa Practitioners were Illegally Taken Away

Female Dafa practitioner Qiu Zhumin was illegally "arrested" by the police because they found Dafa materials at her home. They planned to bring her to court on June 15, 2001.

Female Dafa practitioner Wang Lan has been detained in Lijiatuo Detention Center in Chongqing City since she was taken away by the police in the middle of April, 2001. As she was determined to practice Dafa and did not cooperate with the evil, she has been subjected to brutal tortures. She was locked up in a small dark cell for a long time with handcuffs and shackles. The police had to carry her to the next cell because she was too weak to walk by herself.

On May 8, some Jiangbei District practitioners were arrested by the police when they were sharing experiences in a park. Now their detention terms have expired, but most of the practitioners have not been released. It is said that the police have issued arrest warrants for some of the practitioners.

[Lanzhou City, Ganshu Province] The Law-violator Officials in Lanzhou University Continue to Persecute Dafa Practitioners

After the exposure of the crime committed by leaders of Lanzhou University in collusion with the vicious city policemen to persecute Tan Xiaorong and other Dafa practitioners, they intensified their efforts to persecute Dafa practitioners instead of repenting. After they arrested 4 practitioners, including Tan Xiaorong, in Dingxi on June 2, they suspected that a bag was transferred by Wang Hongmei, a PhD student in the Department of History, class of ྞ. Therefore on June 7, they illegally took Wang Hongmei to the police station for interrogation.

Wang Hongmei was determined not to cooperate with them, and refused to answer any of their questions. She sat in the police station and sent out righteous thoughts. Running out of alternatives, the police asked her husband to persuade her, which did not move her either.

To clear themselves from possible implications, the officials at Lanzhou University sent Wang Hongmei to the notorious Taoshuping Detention Center during the night and threatened that they would send Wang Hongmei to a "reform class" [a class established to brainwash practitioners to give up their belief in Falun Dafa and accept Jiang Zemin's ideology] once the detention period expires.

Four Dafa practitioners Tan Xiaorong, Duan Jinhui, Zhu Gaofeng and Zhang Lumin, who were arrested on June 2 due to painting Dafa slogans have now been put into criminal detention in Dingxi Police Station.

Previously there were Dafa practitioners in all 7 departments of Lanzhou University except the Department of Chemical Engineering. Now the appearance of Dafa practitioner Zhang Lumin from the Department of Chemical Engineering shocked the university officials. It is said that the leaders asked each department to check thoroughly for fear of more practitioners stepping forward to clarify the truth.

[Guangdong Province] "610" Office of Guangdong Province in Collusion with the Province Affiliated Worker-Committee Held An Illegal "Reform Class" in Sanshui City

It was disclosed by a kind-hearted person that after the Guandong Province College Worker-Committee illegally kidnapped teachers to attend the "reform class", (which hasn't been completed because of the firm resistance of arrested Dafa practitioners) the practitioners haven't been released yet. Incited by the "610" office [an office established on June 10th for the singular purpose of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners], the Province Affiliated Worker Committee also secretly and forcibly sent 7 Dafa practitioners to the Sanshui City "reform class." Among the practitioners were Lin Yaocheng from the Province Committee Office, Zhong Yunsheng from the Province Committee Policy Research Office, Lin Tianchi from Auditing Bureau and Tian Yulan from the , College of Colored Metal (another 3 names could not be heard clearly). All of them were forcibly taken away.

[Sanhe City, Hebei Province] Yang Xizhong and other Police Criminals from Yanjiao Police Department Viciously Beat up Dafa Practitioners

On June 25, 2000, I went to Tiananmen Square to appeal peacefully for Falun Dafa. The police from Yanjiao District Police Department, Sanhe City, Hebei Province escorted me back. At 7 pm, policeman Yang Xizhong asked me why I went to Tiananmen Square. I told him, "I went there to safeguard the Fa." He did not say anything, but instead slapped my face from left to right over 10 times until my mouth started to bleed. At 8pm, he asked me if I would continue cultivating Dafa. I answered, "Yes." He slapped my face again several times, pounded my head and twisted my face. He said, "If you still want to cultivate, go out and kneel down!" He pushed me outside to kneel down on the small pieces of stones. He also said, "There is nobody here; no one can witness this; your family members are not at home. It would be easy for me to beat you to death and dump your body into Chaobai River." He forced me to kneel down during the torture for 3 hours, till 11 pm. During these 3 hours, he shocked me with an electric baton and force-fed me 3 bottles of water. He shocked me on my wrists, arms, and inside my thighs. These parts were covered with bruises and blisters. I was forced to kneel down during the torture. He would punch and kick me whenever I moved. The brutality was extreme. The Police Department also fined me 2,000 Yuan. Lu Junde, the security chief from my work unit, brought the police to my home to arrest me several times but failed.

[Sanhe City, Hebei Province] Criminal Records of Mobs Including Cao Jiali from Yanjiao Police Department in Sanhe City, Hebei Province

On February 25, 2000, two fellow practitioners and I went to the Beijing Appealing Office to speak out for Teacher and Falun Dafa. When we arrived, we found out that the appealing office had been turned into an arresting office. Many policemen and plainclothes policemen entangled us with questions to get our addresses. After getting what they wanted to know, they informed the Yanjiao Police Department of Sanhe City. As soon as the leader of the criminal police team Cao Jiali arrived, he pushed us onto the police van, handcuffed us and verbally abused us all the way. Upon arriving at the police department, Cao handcuffed us separately to 3 iron poles, beat and cursed us. He slapped me over a dozen times on my face and kicked me on my left leg. They kept torturing us like this until 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon. By that time we had been handcuffed for 6-7 hours. They then sent us to the Sanhe Detention Center and held us 24 days until March 19. They forced me to hand in 1,500 Yuan.

Lu Junde, the chief of security section of my work unit, called frequently and attempted to take me away from home several times but failed. In October 1999, he impounded my household registration and didn't return it to me until now.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Retired Teacher Lei Yufen from Chengdu was Illegally Detained a Month for Distributing Dafa Truth-clarifying Materials

On May 17, 2001, Dafa practitioner, retired teacher Lei Yufen from Chengdu No.51 Middle School was illegally detained for a month in Lianhua Village Detention Center for distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials. She was just released a few days ago. The authorities in Chengdu disregarded the fact that her husband had been very sick in bed for a long time and needed care. Their lack of mercy made neighbors and other people very indignant.

[Songyuan City, Jilin Province] Songyuan Dafa Practitioners' Home Surrounded by Police for no Reason

On the afternoon of June 10, 2001, the temporary residence of several Falun Gong practitioners in Heping Village, Ningjiang District, Songyuan City of Jilin Province was suddenly surrounded by a large number of policemen for no reason. The policemen attempted to break into the house but were sternly refused by practitioners. The situation went on for a while. Later, some practitioners opened the door and walked out. With righteous thoughts in their minds, they left the place safely in an open and dignified manner. But one of the practitioners was caught later. The detailed situation is not known yet. Fellow practitioners and kind-hearted people, please pay attention to this.

[China] The Righteous Thoughts of a Senior Dafa Practitioner

A senior female Dafa practitioner has been very busy in exposing the evil, clarifying the truth and helping other fellow practitioners. One day, when she arrived home, the person in charge of the street administration office followed her and said, "It's said that you have been going out early in the morning and returning home late in the evening during the past few days. What have you been doing?" This practitioner said, "It seems that you have been following me. Do you know that you are violating the law by doing so? If any of you dare to persecute me in the future, you will receive retribution. Our Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts are powerful." The face of the person in charge turned pale on hearing this and said in a hurry, "How can you Dafa practitioner say such words? Previously you were very benevolent, don't you practice benevolence and forbearance?" Our fellow Dafa practitioner replied loudly, "You persecute our Dafa practitioners while knowing clearly that we practice benevolence. Aren't you too vicious? I am now notifying you sternly, 'Forbearance (Ren) is not cowardice, much less is it resigning oneself to adversity.' 'Forbearance is absolutely not the limitless giving of free rein, which enables those evil beings who no longer have any human nature or righteous thoughts to do evil without limit. With Forbearance, one can give up everything for Truth. But Forbearance does not mean tolerating evil beings--that no longer have human nature or righteous thoughts--defying both human and divine laws as they corrupt living beings and Dafa's existence at different levels, much less is it ignoring terrible crimes.' [from Teacher's article "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance"] So, if any of you keep on persecuting us like you used to, I'll immediately send forth righteous thoughts and completely eliminate the evil." The person in charge was scared and slipped away immediately. Since then he dares not to do evil things any more.

[Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province] The Sky of Zhanjiang City

After sending forth righteous thoughts at dusk on June 3, dark clouds in the shape of running horses moved aside quickly, and the sky became very colorful. In the evening, a light circle formed around the moon. At 5am on June 10, before we sent forth righteous thoughts, there was a light circle around the moon. After sending forth righteous thoughts, the circle became bigger. The inner side of the circle was golden, the outside fringe was light blue, and it covered a large area. On the afternoon of June 9, a rainbow appeared in the sky. At dusk, two parallel rainbows appeared. The order of the 7 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, sky-blue, blue and purple) in the two rainbows was exactly the opposite. It had been rained every day for two weeks except on May 27 and June 3 when we sent forth righteous thoughts. The sun rose in the morning on both of these days.

[Nantong City, Jiangsu Province] The Vicious Deeds Committed by Police from Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

It is said that Police in Nantong City severely persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. Since July 20, they transferred the police force to look for Nantong Dafa practitioners nationwide. Around the Chinese Spring Festival of 2001, dozens of people went to Hefei City, Anhui Province to look for Dafa practitioners from Nantong City. They tied practitioners' arms behind their backs, and sometimes even hung them up this way. The police deprived practitioners of the right to sleep at night in order to "reform" them. Those who refused to be "reformed" [To turn away from Falun Dafa and toward Jiang Zemin's ideology] were sent to labor camps or "reform class" until they were "reformed." They would not let loose of an old man of seventy years old.

Personnel of Nantong "610" Office: Zhang Jian, Chen Bin, Gao Guo, Qian Xiaoru and Zhang Weicheng, etc.