June 11, 2001

According to a news report in Chinese Youth, until May 31, over 33.56 million mu (a Chinese unit of area), or 2.2 million acres of the farmland in Liaoning province are suffering from drought. About 1.61 million people as well as 710,000 cattle face severe water shortages. In the east of the province, the populations of harmful insects, such as migratory locusts, aphids, and others have exploded, damaging more than 6.6 million acres of farmland.

Of the 900 reservoirs throughout the province, 351 are dry, and more than 25 cities are experiencing water shortages, which affects a population of 1.89 million. The daily shortage of water has been up to 1.09 million cubic meters. Since this spring, Liaoning province has been suffering from the most severe drought in the last 50 years; the Liao river once stopped running for 103 days, and all the small and mid-sized rivers in the west of the province have completely dried up.

People don't believe in punishment from the Heavens, but the facts seem to indicate the contrary.

Nobody will forget the notorious Masanjia labor camp, the hell on the earth where Falun Gong practitioners are persecuted by all possible dirty means, where female Falun Gong practitioners were stripped of their clothes and put into the cells of male prisoners. Before being sent to that place, practitioners found that the instructions on labor camp warrants say that those arrested are allowed to plead. However, the vicious policemen there told practitioners directly: "Even though the criminals sentenced to death have the right to plead, you, as practitioners, have no such right."

Qi Yuling, a practitioner imprisoned there, was shocked on the nipples with an electric club by the vicious guards . Zhang Xiujie was beaten and shocked with electric clubs and was even shocked in the vagina; she once passed out from repeated electric shocks. Because she refused to be "reformed," Wang Manli was taken to the office of the labor camp, where the wardens and the camp director slapped her face until she fell to the ground. Then they beat her head and shocked her with electric clubs until she lost consciousness. Simultaneously shocked on the head and feet with four electric clubs, Li Xiaoyan had her muscles burnt terribly by the wardens who were trying to force her to "reform." What is even more inhumane is that the vicious wardens there stripped off the clothes of 18 female practitioners and put them into the cells of male prisoners. The vicious policemen in Masanjia told practitioners: "What is forbearance? It is just that you are raped but you are not to allowed to sue." These vicious people were even rewarded and had their salaries increased for it. Su Jin, the director of the labor camp, her hands stained with the blood of practitioners, received 50 thousand Yuan of reward money from Beijing, and vice-director Shao Li received 30 thousand Yuan.

Certain departments of the provincial government have divulged that Masanjia was under expansion. The criminal clique of Jiang Zemin has spent over 10 million Yuan of the people's money to build the place as a base to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Although Jiang Zemin has seen his own three-month plans bankrupted each time, the criminal government of Shenyang city, the provincial capital, started their own three-month plan at the end of this April to institute a new 100-day widespread persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

However, all these criminal activities cannot escape the eye of the Heavens. The senseless persecution of Falun Gong by the criminals in Shenyang is bringing about heavy disasters to the city.

The former mayor Mu Suixin, former vice-mayor Ma Xiangdong and the fomer chief procurator Liu Shi and more than 20 other government officers, who did their best to persecute Falun Gong practitioners to please Jiang Zemin, have been charged with corruption and association with criminal gangs, and have been arrested by their superiors. Now Mu Suixin is bedridden with illness. Doctors have diagnosed his illness as lung cancer, and the cancer cells have spread to his pancreas.

This year Shenyang met the worst drought in meteorological record, and the drought is still worsening. According to information from the meteorological authorities, the continuous drought from spring through summer is unprecedented in the city in the last 100 years, and the losses caused by it will be far beyond human imagination. Hurricanes, crop disease, damaging insects, loss of soil fertility, uncontrolled growth of wild grass, pollution of farmlands, and other disasters have occurred in succession. The consequences they will bring to the city are obvious.