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Falun Dafa practitioner, Wang Qiuxia, a 48 year-old female, was a resident of Dalian City, Liaoning Province. On October 1, 2000, she was illegally detained, while on her way to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. She was first detained at the drug rehabilitation center in Dalian City, and then later transferred to the Yaojia Detention Center. Later, she was sentenced to forced labor "education," and was sent to the Zhoushuizi Labor Camp, also in Dalian City. During her illegal detention in the labor camp, Wang Qiuxia suffered through a series of tortures and beatings. Yet despite receiving this vicious treatment, she still held her belief in Falun Dafa with firm resolution, and resisted the labor camps so-called "reform" methods.

On June 9, 2001, labor camp personnel, surrounded Wang Qiuxia, on the third floor of the labor camp. These thugs used all available means to beat and torture her. During her lengthy period of persecution and torture, and taking advantage of a point when she was not fully conscious, the perpetrators forced Wang Qiuxia to write a "repentant statement" [renouncing her belief in Falun Dafa.] The next morning, on June 10, she became clear-headed again, realized that what she had done was wrong, and immediately insisted upon a retraction of her "repentant statement." For making this request, she was continually tortured and beaten, even more brutally, until around noon by which time she was hovering on the brink of death.

Wang Qiuxia died while on her way to the hospital. It was not until around 9:00 P.M. that the labor camp finally notified her family members. When her family members viewed her body, they could see that Wang's head was swollen and had become misshapen. Both of her legs were swollen, and her entire body turned dark and purple from her injuries. The labor camp still refuses to admit that Wang Qiuxia's death was caused by the beatings. When Wang's family members requested to that a murder investigation be conducted, the corpse was then transferred from the hospital to the Yaojia Detention Center, for "examination by the legal medical expert." At the time this report was written, the findings of the "medical examination" have yet to be presented. Regarding these incidents, all Falun Dafa practitioners will continue to monitor the situation and continuously report them in the future.

Recently, tragedies of people being beaten to death have continued to take place at the Yaojia Detention Center and in the Zhoushuizi Labor Camp in Dalian City. The mounting ruthlessness of these contemptible people has culminated to a point of arousing condemnation of their actions by a growing number of people, who are increasingly indignant with these accounts.

These murderers will not be tolerated and they can not shirk their responsibilities for the lives they have harmed. They will most certainly receive their just retribution for their crimes.

All kindhearted people, around the world, please stay informed about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in Dalian City and extend your help and support.

The Contact information of the perpetrators:

Hao Wenshuai, Hhead of the Dalian City Labor Camp;, phone: 86-411-6859017

Zhang Baolin, Deputy Head of the Dalian City Labor Camp;, cell phone: 13500700895

Hao Baokun (the most despicable person), Director General of the Administration of Justice;, phone: 86-411-4301018

Wang Jun, phone: 86-411-4604201-3678, cell phone: 13500716121

Qiao Wei, Sun Jian, (the thugs who beat and abused practitioners using all available means)

Wang Jun, phone: 86-411-4604201-3678; cell phone: 13500716121