[Minghui Net] When Falun Dafa and Teacher are treated with injustice, Dafa practitioners go to Beijing to appeal according to the law. However, Dafa practitioners who went to appeal were sent to labor camps against their will. At the Wanjia Labor Camp, many practitioners are still illegally detained although their terms were over. The practitioners there are often arbitrarily detained in solitary confinement without a given reason and have to sleep on the damp floors. Over ten Dafa practitioners had developed scabies on their bodies. We had given the government leaders enough time to let them know about us in hope that they could have a correct understanding of Falun Dafa. However, some of them have mistaken our great forbearance as fear and thus believed that they could do whatever they liked. Under this circumstance of extreme persecution, which has gone beyond our limits of forbearance, over one hundred of us practitioners together went on a hunger strike. We are innocent and should be unconditionally released.

The following are the experiences of several practitioners who were severely persecuted during the hunger strike:

1. Practitioner Gao Shuyan (female):

One April 2, 2001, she was searched and her (Dafa) book was taken away while she was detained in solitary confinement. The guard Quan Minghao wantonly searched, beat, and humiliated her. On the following day she went on a hunger strike. On April 6, she was force-fed by 4 or 5 people who held her down on a chair and inserted a tube into her stomach. This made her nose and mouth bleed. Seeing that she was in agony when the tube was being inserted, the administrative section chief Liu Lun made fun of her suffering using vile language. The labor camp chief Shi Yingbai , standing by the door, also took pleasure over her suffering. On April 16, she was sent to a hospital where she was forcefully given an injection. When she told the hospital leaders about her severe side effects after the injection, the hospital chief Hao said, "You, after staging the hunger strike, should be punished as such." Gao Shuyan also clearly saw that the nurses simply washed the force-feeding tube in a basin used by those who developed scabies on their feet, and then used the tube on another practitioner. Furthermore, these tubes used were the obsolete rubber tubes. Gao Shuyan had been on hunger strike for 28 days.

2. Practitioner Zuo Xiuyun (female):

She was forcefully sent to the hospital on April 14. Later, there were 6 other practitioners sent there at different times. Everyday, each of them was injected with intravenous drip at least 4 times. (Sometimes for as many as 7 times.) Thirteen days later, the practitioners had swollen bodies, and 5 of them developed drug induced rashes all over their bodies that were extremely itchy. The intravenous drip was not stopped until Zuo Xiuyun, who graduated from a medical school, went to talk with the hospital Chief. According to medical science, a long-time intravenous drip would result in kidney failure and other serious problems. Zuo Xiuyun had been on hunger strike for 31 days.

3. Practitioner Hao Yunzhu (female):

Once as she refused to be force-fed when she was in the hospital, she was dragged into a so-called penalty room, and then the Hospital Chief, Song Shaohui, fiercely hit her on her face. She felt dizzy and almost lost consciousness. When she returned, we saw that she had big black-purple bumps on her forehead from the beating. Her right eye was swollen and could not open. Her eyes were black and her face deformed. There were many black and purple areas on her face. Her mouth was bleeding and her shirt was soaked with her blood. She had been on hunger strike for 20 days.

4. Practitioner Shao Ying (female):

Several days after she started her hunger strike, she became very skinny and weak. She, being a small fragile women, was also kicked and beaten by the wicked Hospital Chief, Song Shaohui, during a force-feeding. Song hit her several times on her head in the areas just above her ears. The beating made her dizzy and she almost lost consciousness. Song also beat her in the chest area and humiliated her using vile words. Once, the doctor Jiang Chao inserted a tube into her stomach and then immediately pulled it out. After this, Jiang asked her, "Would you eat?" She replied, "No." Jiang tortured her in this way by continuing to insert the tube and then pulling it out 4 consecutive times. Shao Ying had been on hunger strike for 26 days.

5. Practitioner Pan Xuanhua (female):

She had been on hunger strike for 25 days. She was only force-fed 5 times since her stomach could not take the force-fed food. On one occasion, the tube was inserted into her stomach after 10 attempts, and she vomited out everything that was forcibly pumped in. The doctor tried to use an injection tube to force-feed her and all the injected food also came out of her mouth. During her first force-feeding, Song Shaohui, drove other practitioners out of the room and then kicked and beat her, which resulted in big bumps on her forehead. Song threatened that "If I see you here again for force-feeding, I will beat you to death." When the labor camp was to send her out on bail for medical treatment, she said that she had no illness. She suffered a nose cancer before, but it had been cured after she started to practice Dafa.

6. Practitioner Li Xiuqing (female):

She is 60 years old and once was forcefully dragged away. Song Shaohui kept cursing her while grabbing her by the hair. Song gave her a heavy slap on her face and a heavy kick to her body. On the 23rd day of her hunger strike, Song kicked her continuously for several times and kept cursing her. She also noticed that the milk powder used for force-feeding had become black and was rotten. After the force-feeding, she developed diarrhea for over half a month. Her hunger strike went on for 25 days, during which she was forced-fed 16 times.

7. Practitioner Guo Mingxia (female):

She went on hunger strike for over 10 times when she was in custody and in the labor camp. She was severely beaten by criminal prisoners as she refused to be force-fed. Once, Song Shaohui beat her so badly that her nose became black and purple and her face swollen. After the beating, she was forcefully given an injection and then dragged into solitary confinement. In the cell, she lost consciousness, the back of her head became numb, and she had difficulties in moving her hands and feet. When she regained consciousness, the guard leader Liu Yaqin deceived her into going to the hospital. Until now she still has not recovered yet.

During the hunger strike, most of the practitioners (over 100) had been tortured in a variety of ways. They were also badly beaten by the criminal prisoners. We only wish people remember what Teacher said, "A person----no matter who he is----must himself pay for all of the bad things he has done in the world." (Teacher's article, "Deter Interference") People, please do think about it. What made us come out to speak out the truth while we are facing the risk of losing our families and careers? Why are we still in good health after so many days of being on hunger strike? Why do we have no complaints or regrets and why have we not surrendered under the heavy pressure? All these testify to the supernormal nature of the Buddha Fa and our Teacher's great compassion for humankind.

The list of evil persons in Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City:

Labor Camp Chief, Shi Yingbai: (86) 451- 4101454 ext. 3309 (phone) and (86) 451- 97126-7856 (pager)

Chief of No. 7 Brigade, Wu Jinying: (86) 451-4101454 ext. 3472

Leader of No. 12 Team, Zhang Botao: (86) 451-101454 ext. 3471