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May 13, 2001 10: 40am

Today is World Falun Dafa Day. Overseas practitioners, although we are far away in distance, our hearts are not distant. I know you very well, although we cannot meet; but we meet everyday in my dream. This is not just ordinary sentiment, but the noblest and happiest, holy, predestined relationship that was established billions of years ago.

It is the predestined relationship of Dafa, and of Master: What a predestined relationship it is! No human language can describe one iota of the eternal reason: because of the relationship, we obtained Falun Dafa in the Dharma-ending time. Master rescued us from the dirty mire, cleaned us, purified our bodies, gave us golden Falun, and led us to the road home, giving us direction, caring about us, withstanding the hardship for practitioners. How many times practitioners are moved to tears: we are forever unable to repay Master. Even now there are dirty things and attachments in my heart still. I'm sorry, Master.

Master wants nothing from us, but our kind heart! Is my heart as pure and kind as requested by Dafa? Master waits for every genuine practitioner to achieve the selfless and noble realm. Don't ask Master when the evil tribulation will end, but ask yourself, have you achieved enlightenment?

May 14, 2001 7: 05am

Last night I dreamed that I would go home. On the road I encountered a crowd of scoundrels. They wore black uniforms and fired at me with pistols. I didn't feel pain, but blood gushed out from my wounds. I wanted to lie down and sleep. At that moment I saw one row of geese flying in the sky, as if they came to bring me home. I lay down on the soft green lawn in the mountains. I felt the ground moving. The mountain shook. A volcano erupted. A crowd of monsters were frightened and fled. They were finally destroyed by the rock magma. After I woke up, I thought: I was tranquil when facing death in the dream, I should be tranquil when facing death in reality also. We already know the meaning of the Truth. We already see through life and death. The average man is afraid of death, but there are still people who sacrifice their lives for justice, even among ordinary people. Practitioners treasure their lives more than ordinary people. They respect life, and wish to return to its genuine originality. But these demons who cruelly harm people shamelessly claim they also "respect life." Their way to "treasure life" is to force a person to give up her conscience, morality, and benevolence, and degenerate into a demon with wicked a heart. What is waiting for these demons is the incomparable and endless pain. The devils come from hell, but they forget hell is also exists in the universe.

May 21, 2001 afternoon

Tongtong: My baby, mother has not been able to hug you for a month. Mother has dreamed of you frequently. Because mother practiced Falun Dafa, we were forced apart by bad people when you were only four months old. Mother didn't violate her conscience and speak lies. They imprisoned me in a so-called "study class" to transform me. My baby, you certainly felt strange and asked mother, " Telling the truth is a mistake?" Yes, telling truth isn't wrong. A good person should tell truth. But in today's China, under this vicious people's regime, one who tells the truth faces having her family's property confiscated. She faces imprisonment, torture, even loss of life. Because viciousness hates benevolence and kindness, these people hoodwinked by the evil haven't treasured this rare chance. Dear baby, when you grow up, the blue sky will be clean and transparent forever, no dark cloud will block out the sun again. For the promise we made long ago, for the belief in the Truth, for the future auspicious wonderful world, mother and tens of millions Falun Dafa practitioners are willing to sacrifice anything of ourselves. It is worth it to do however much is required.

When I was writing, your father brought you to see me. Although the time was very short, we met. But there are many other people who cannot meet with their parents or children. Your father was deeply deceived by the vicious propaganda. I believe someday he will understand. At that time, how he will regret his misunderstanding! My baby, the day "Fa rectifies the world" will come soon.

May, 2001