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I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Dongbei Province. I was sentenced to a labor camp for one year because I went to Beijing and appealed to higher authorities in June 2000 for Falun Gong. I was sent to Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp in July. At that time, over 500 Falun Dafa practitioners were being illegally detained. They were divided into 2 groups, with more than 260 practitioners in each group. I was assigned to Group 1. Group Director Wang was one of the most vicious disciplinarians in the labor camp, notorious for inhumanely persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

Each group had five cells, with over 60 people in each cell. Sixty-four people slept on 34 single beds. It was extremely crowded. More practitioners were illegally arrested and sent here everyday. Thus many practitioners had to sleep on the floor.

The vast majority of practitioners resisted being "reformed." Most of them were not allowed to sleep at all. Some of them could sleep for only 2 or 3 hours every day. The practitioners who resisted being "reformed" had no personal freedom at all. They were closely monitored day and night. They couldn't talk to each other or sleep. They were not permitted to look or make gestures to each other. And they could only eat, drink, or use the toilets at certain times of the day. The disciplinarians recruited criminals and a few "practitioners" who had actively acknowledged the "reforms" and betrayed Falun Dafa as their "partners." The disciplinarians then instigated these accomplices to persecute resolute practitioners.

In order to "reform" practitioners, Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp has many malicious ways to persecute practitioners. I learned what hell could be like from my experience in the labor camp. The typical methods used by the labor camp are as follows: 1. The labor camp created rumors to slander the Teacher and Dafa to deceive practitioners. At the same time, they deployed lies, coercion, intimidation, and verbal abuse to brainwash practitioners to achieve final "reform." During the "reforming" period, they didn't allow practitioners to sleep at all.

2. The labor camp paraded practitioners through cells and denounced practitioners crudely. The disciplinarians and criminals banded together against the practitioners, cursing and humiliating them; abusing practitioners mentally.

3. The labor camp imposed various inhumane physical punishments on practitioners. They forced practitioners to do hard physical labor, daily, for over 12 hours, sometimes even 24 hours. They took the practitioners who couldn't bear the physical punishment as successfully "reformed."

4. The labor camp forced practitioners into a "highly intensive and coercive reforming process." Those were the words used by the disciplinarians. All the disciplinarians and guards headed by the group director went all out using electric batons to torture practitioners for two days. Each cell had its own "reforming quota" and a day shift as well as a night shift to deal with practitioners. The disciplinarian that achieved the quota would be promoted or offered a large bonus. The criminals' terms would be reduced.

Following are some stories of persecution against practitioners in Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp. I was closely monitored when I was in the labor camp, so I only know part of the punishment endured by those practitioners.

Around 8 PM on August 2, 2000, Jiang Yuqing was brought to a secret room and tortured for over five hours. She was sent back after 1 AM and she could barely walk. She had cuts and bruises all over her body and her skin was all black and blue. She had severe pain in her internal organs and passed blood in her stool for over a month. Disciplinarian Huang, in her cell (Cell 3), refused to let her out for treatment in order to cover up her own crimes. Huang tied Jiang Yuqing to the bed in her office every night and forcibly fed her medicine. Jiang Yuqing was beaten very badly. The criminal that beat Jiang Yuqing the hardest was Jiang Jianhong. She was serving her sentence in the labor camp because of committing some crimes in 1999. She was a key accomplice to the bad cops in the labor camp since the first practitioners arrived. She has beaten over a thousand practitioners.

On August 3, the day after she beat Jiang Yuqing, some practitioners reasoned with her and solemnly told her that practitioners would file a lawsuit against her. She was scared and told them that the labor camp ordered her to do this. She said if she refused to do it, her term would be prolonged and that she had started to torture practitioners in order to have her term reduced. She promised, "I will never beat Falun Gong practitioners again."

On August 7, 2000, I saw Yu Suzhen of Cell 2 when I was being physically punished with a dozen other practitioners because we were resisting being "reformed." She had been tortured for over three months and had become very skinny. She suffered all different kinds of physical abuse and was still not "reformed." I remember one night at the end of August, I saw 7 or 8 practitioners of Cell 2 being physically punished. Some were squatting with their arms extended sideways. Some were squatting with their arms raised. Some were bending over. Some practitioners' lower bodies were on the bed but their upper bodies were extended out, unsupported, over the floor. The criminals that monitored them slapped their faces, pulled their hair and cursed them if their postures were not "standard." Yu Suzhen was one of those practitioners.

During the Mid-autumn Festival (August 15 in the lunar calendar), Yu Suzhen was detained in the disciplinarians' dorm. Those thugs headed by Qiu Ping, the disciplinarian of Cell 2, secretly gave Yu Suzhen the most horrible torture. We could hear Yu's blood-curdling screams day and night. On September 13, Qiu Ping and disciplinarian Huang of Cell 3 beat Yu using a high voltage electric baton until she fell unconscious. But still Yu Suzhen wasn't "reformed."

Another practitioner in Cell 2 is Zou Guirong. She has been tortured relentlessly since February 2000. They beat her with high voltage electric batons until late every night, sometimes even the whole night. She had new scars over old ones. And she was physically punished during the day. Sometimes she was made to bend over and sometimes she was hung upside down until her face turned red and her eyes protruded. She suffered this torture for over half a year. I once overheard Qiu Ping say that she and Discipliner Huang together beat a fat practitioner in Cell 2 with an electric baton and that the practitioner couldn't move at all. They grinned hideously when they talked about this.

Ge Chunling was a practitioner in Cell 4. The disciplinarian, along with some criminals, tortured her for over 20 days with electric batons and other instruments, besides giving her physical punishment. This disciplinarian developed a big tumor on her shoulder.

On the morning of August 8, 2000, a practitioner ran out of Cell 1, covering her head and crying loudly. I saw there was a big hole on her light yellow clothes. It was from an electric shock and it smelled bad. Two criminals ran after her and finally dragged her to the toilet. They gagged her and beat her for a long time. She was burned black all over her body by electric shocks. The disciplinarian and the criminals seriously injured practitioner Zhang Yuqing in Cell 1 during July and August 2000. We could see her bruised body through her clothes since it was summer and her clothes were worn out and very thin. We couldn't tell whether the bruises were from beatings or from electric shocks.

I saw the chest of Practitioner Tian Shanyan of Cell 3. A large part of her chest was burned black with yellow body fluids on it. That was from electric shocks from disciplinarian Huang and other criminals. Disciplinarian Huang also gave electric shocks on the arch of her foot.

Two disciplinarians of Cell 1 and Cell 3 gave electric shocks to practitioner Hou Xiaohui of Cell 3 with high voltage electric batons some day in August 2000. Hou cried bitterly and loudly. Those disciplinarians tortured her separately by various means until she was "reformed."

Wu Yanqiu of Cell 1 was tortured very badly, also. She wasn't allowed to sleep for a long time. I remember that I saw her being punished in a restroom around 3 AM or 4 AM. Those people who monitored her took turns sleeping in 2 hour shifts.

The above persecution stories are just what I saw. There are so many practitioners in Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp being tortured. The miseries suffered by practitioners there are bitter beyond words. Many of them were injured, disabled, or mentally distraught. Disciplinarians in the labor camp are the most vicious and crudest scum of society. But in Mainland China, these bad people did not receive the punishment they deserved. Instead, they were repeatedly praised and honored by the Chinese [party name omitted] Party. This is because of the backing by Jiang Zemin's political gang.

Practitioners in Masanjia are still suffering unbearable persecution and torture. Every second is extremely painful for them. They need sympathy and help from kind-hearted people! They are hoping that those who have been deceived by Jiang Zemin and his associates will awaken and they are waiting anxiously for the voice of justice!