Practitioner A: In April of 2001, I was arrested for distributing literature that clarifies the truth about Falun Dafa and was sent to the local police station. Upon being arrested, my first thought was to not allow the vicious forces to persecute me because I still need to go out and clarify the truth. I had the thought that no amount of beating could move my heart. I knew I could not follow what the vicious beings try to dictate because Master is the one who arranges my path of cultivation. I needed to find a chance to escape. After midnight, I used my righteous thoughts to unlock my handcuffs and I walked right out of the police station.

Practitioner B: One day in April 2001, I was arrested for posting literature that clarifies the truth of Dafa. At that moment, I had a firm thought: break through the arrangements made by the old forces. Master does not recognize them, and neither will I. I should eliminate them. Although I was in the local police station, I did not cooperate with the vicious forces. I did not tell them my name or my address, but instead, I told them the truth about Falun Dafa. At about 3am in the morning, I used my righteous thoughts to get out of the handcuffs. With a hint from Master, I unlocked the door and walked right by several policemen and straight out of the police station. I returned to the powerful current of Fa-rectification.

Practitioner C: A few days ago, I went with a practitioner to a subdivision to post literature that clarifies the truth of Dafa. We were arrested and sent to a local police station. At that moment, she only had one thought in her mind, which was to not be controlled by the vicious forces. The police handcuffed her to the pipe of a furnace. She refused to answer any of their questions and instead she clarified the truth to them. She also told them about the relationship between good and evil and the inevitable consequences of one's actions. She awakened the compassionate nature of one of the policemen. After she finished what she was supposed to accomplish, she realized that she should then leave the station. As soon as she sent out her righteous thought to get the key to her handcuffs, that particular policeman placed the key in a place that was easy for her to reach. Afterwards, he left because someone had asked him to take care of something. The practitioner unlocked the handcuffs and walked out of the police station. She truly experienced and became enlightened to the fact that Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful (Master's article). Her heart was filled with the great compassion given by Dafa and the joy of knowing a life had been saved.

Practitioner D: On September 29, 2000, after she read the article from Clearwisdom editors entitled "Serious Teachings -- Recorded from a Recent Talk by Master," she decided to go to Beijing and help Master rectify the Fa. She was arrested by the police for clarifying the truth to visitors in Tiananmen Square. Upon being arrested, she decided not to cooperate with the vicious forces, but instead find an opportunity to escape and then come back to Tiananmen Square to help Master rectify the Fa. The police took her away in a taxi. When they were getting out of the taxi, the police, at one moment, did not pay attention, and in that split second she got into another taxi and escaped.

On November 8, she went to appeal and rectify the Fa in Beijing. The local police escorted her back to her hometown on January 4, 2001. On her way back she thought, "I won't go home unless the Fa is rectified. Master, please help me." After the police brought her to a local police station, they told her husband to pay to get her out of the police station. Upon hearing that, she solemnly declared to them that no one is able to change her cultivation path because it is arranged by her Master. The police handcuffed her to the pipes of a furnace. She felt that ordinary human things would not work on Dafa disciples. She got out of the handcuffs right in front of everybody there and proceeded to walk three floors down, and straight out of the police station. Once again, she joined the powerful current of Fa rectification.