June 11, 2001

Wang Ling, female, (? - June 7-8, 2001), Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

[Minghui Net] At midnight on June 7, 2001, police of the Tiexi District Police Substation in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, who had previously tortured Dafa practitioner Zong Hengjie to death, illegally crossed the district boundary and came to Dadong District to arrest Dafa practitioner Wang Ling. Wang Ling refused to open the door, but the police, like an out-of-control mob, smashed the security door of her home and barged in. In order to protect Dafa truth-clarifying materials, Wang Ling jumped from her apartment on the 7th floor while holding Dafa materials and 3,000 Yuan in her hands. After the ambulance arrived, they asked for money before they would do anything to rescue her. However, those malevolent policemen had robbed Wang Ling of her 3,000 Yuan, and then they claimed that she had not carried any money on her. Very shortly after, Wang Ling was declared dead.

The crime committed by these vicious policemen is absolutely outrageous. The perpetrators are bound to receive due retribution for their criminal acts. Is there any way they could run so rampant without support from the local officials who abuse their public power? "When man does not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound." [Falun Dafa --Essentials for Further Advancement] Over the past several years, the development of Tiexi District has lagged far behind; its economy is failing, and many factories are going bankrupt. Shenyang City this year suffered the worst drought in the past century. Are all these phenomena not enough to awaken the people ?