June 7, 2001

[Minghui Net] Wei Haiqing (Pseudonym) is a 52-year-old woman who has very poor eyesight due to congenital denaturation of retinal pigment. Because of her determination in Falun Dafa and her legal appeal for Falun Dafa, she was once put in detention for four days on the charge of "disturbing public order," detained three times for a criminal offence, and sentenced once to a labor camp. The following stories were related by her.

On September 18, 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for the first time. I wondered why such a good practice was banned and I wanted to have a look at the situation in Beijing. One week after I came back, the political and security section of the Huainan Security Bureau searched my house illegally without a warrant and ransacked my Dafa books, VCR and cassette player. I was taken to the bureau for interrogation. Only they could speak and I was deprived of my right to debate. I asked them why they searched my house and arrested me. They said it was the order from a higher authority. My fellow practitioner who went to Beijing with me was also arrested on the same day. We were sent to a lockup later that day (by law, there are different rules for handicapped people) and were told that we would be released after half a month. They threatened my family that if I didn't renounce Falun Dafa I would be sent to the 1st Detention Center. My family gave the police 3,000 Yuan RMB (about 6 months' salary of an average worker in China) hoping they would release my fellow practitioner and me immediately. These 3,000 Yuan were squandered by the police (Ma Baohe, Wang Huaijing, Xu Hong, etc.) within one night. The next day they said they could only release my fellow practitioner and they charged me with all the so-called crimes. My family could not stand it and gave them another 2,000 Yuan. We were then both released after 16 days detention and our family members had to sign the guarantee letters for our release.

After I went home, I pondered over these matters and could not understand them. Why did the security people treat a disabled person like myself, who only wanted to speak out the truth, this way? They ransacked my house frequently and didn't allow me a happy life. I asked them why and they said it is only because I wanted to practice Falun Dafa. I thought there must be a place where these matters could be reasoned out, thus I went to appeal in Beijing again with other practitioners on February 26, 2000. We came across a dozen practitioners in the railway station, but we were all taken to the Qianmen Police Station before we could reach Tiananmen Square. There were about one thousand practitioners there. After registration, we were taken to a local agency in Beijing and held there for seven days at a cost of 30 Yuan per day. Moreover, we had to pay all the expenses (food, drink, entertainment and cellular phone) incurred by those people who came over to pick us up. The six of us paid 870 Yuan per person. When we came back, we were sent to a detention center for two months as criminal offenders. There were 27 people in one room and no space for any activity. The security personnel took turns interrogating me but failed to get what they wanted from me. Later I was released with a bail of 2,000 Yuan. I went home on May 4.

Two months later (July 6), I was taken to the lockup again (under the guise of talking with me) without reason. After 15 days detention, I was forced into a police van and taken to the security department of a mine company for interrogation. Later I was brought to a hotel to attend a study class. Every day they forced us to slander Dafa while attempting to "transform" us. One roughneck slapped my face and kicked me. Failing to transform me with various means, they detained me for additional 17 days before they finally released me. Meanwhile my husband and my third daughter were detained for one month due to their appealing in Beijing.

One day in September, I was taking care of my grandson when some policemen rushed to my house and wanted to take me away for forced labor education. I requested to see the document sentencing me to forced labor education and they were rendered speechless. They forced me into the police van and sent me to the provincial women's labor camp. The guard on duty in the labor camp asked me to sign my name and I said, "I can't see." Hearing this, the guard brought me to another room and inquired about the details of my situation. She then told the policemen, We don't take in the disabled. The policemen asked for written proof and the guard showed them some legal documents that stated she did not have to present any proof. The policemen had no choice but to take me back to the security department and ask my family to pick me up.

I was always detained in office 110 each time when the detention center refused to accept me. During those periods of time, I lacked the ability to live on my own and had to rely on the policeman on duty to help me to the washroom, otherwise I had to endure. One can easily imagine how depressed I felt. The only reason for all this is that I said: "Falun Dafa is good."

In October, I was suspected of revealing the death of a fellow practitioner, Xie Guiying, and was forcefully taken to the Panji Security Bureau. Six people interrogated me in turn for two days. Then I was transferred to the 2nd Detention Center after having been detained for five days. Director Tao of the detention center told the policemen that according to the law the center could not accept me. The policemen then took me back into police custody for another three days. Then Cao Chuanmei, the general secretary of the Politics and Law Committee in our district, sought false documentation from his relationship with doctors in order to show that I have no eye disease and my disability is false. The doctors checked out my eye problemthe denaturation of retinal pigment in both eyesbut under pressure they said I was pretending. I told them seriously and justly that they should follow the moral code of medical doctors. As a result, they reported my situation truthfully. Several days later, the policemen again took me to the detention center. However, the detention center again refused to take me in because of my disability. The policemen had to bring me back to Office 110. They frightened my family for a while before they released me. During this period of time, my family didn't know of my whereabouts.

At that time, my third daughter was two months pregnant. The security department threatened to force her to have an abortion if she did not stop the practice of Falun Dafa. Failing to attain their goal, they sent my daughter to a detention center. The detention center refused her due to her pregnancy.

In the evening of January 19, 2001, after I had gone to bed, someone from the Panji Police Station came over to tell me that the Chinese New Year was approaching and the leaders would like to talk to me. They thus deceived me into going to the police station. They wrote a detention warrant immediately and sent me to a lockup for no reason. I questioned them, but their answer was that I would be arrested whenever I practiced. To protest the illegal detention, I went on a hunger strike, asking for release. They had no choice but to allow my family to pick me up.