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In July 1999, Shuangcheng City had close to 10,000 Falun Dafa practitioners. By the end of 2000, Shuangcheng City Detention Center had illegally jailed more than 1500 practitioners, including practitioner Zhou Zhichang, who was persecuted to death.

Zhou Zhichang and Secretary Zhu Qingwen were both officials in Shuangcheng City. Mr. Zhou, a Dafa practitioner, was the chief of the Handian County (Shuangcheng City) Weapons Unit. Due to the fact that he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in September 1999, he was persecuted to death by Secretary Zhu and his criminal accomplices on May 6, 2000. Because of Mr. Zhou's unwavering determination in Dafa, and the large number of practitioners from Shuangcheng City who went to Beijing to appeal, Secretary Zhu's chances to be promoted to the Mayor of Mudanjiang City were diminished, so he was extremely angry. He vented his anger and revenge on Mr. Zhou.

On the 6th day of Mr. Zhou's hunger strike, he was taken out of his cell and forced to sit on a "tiger" chair [the victim is tied to a chair, thighs held down, legs straight, and feet forced up by a stack of bricks, causing hyper-extension and sometimes breaking the knees backwards.] in the corner of a gloomy hallway. Secretary Zhu forced Mr. Zhou's mouth open with a metal bar and force-fed him, which caused Mr. Zhou to vomit mouthfuls of blood. Because Mr. Zhou persisted in practicing the exercises, Secretary Zhu forced him to wear handcuffs at all times. In this way, Secretary Zhu's personal hatred caused the tragic death of Mr. Zhou Zhichang via many cruel torture methods.

Zhang Guofu and Zhang Shiyue have threatened Dafa practitioners and their family members numerous times saying, "Zhou Zhichang died for nothing. So what if he's dead? None of you can do anything about it."


In order to stabilize their job positions, Secretary Zhu and his accomplices abused their power and used money to buy a list of names and some appeal letters written by practitioners who went to Beijing to clarify the truth. They paid 500 to 1000 Yuan RMB [Approximately 1-2 months salary of an average urban worker] for each letter. By inviting high-ranking officials to dinner and offering them gifts, Secretary Zhu managed to send a large number of practitioners to labor camps. Just before the 2001 Spring Festival, 81 practitioners were sent to labor camps at one time.

The Deputy of Shuangcheng Police Department, Zhang Guofu, even sent his own brother, also a Dafa practitioner, to a labor camp illegally. Zhang even flattered himself for "placing righteousness above family loyalty." When practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest their unlawful jailing, Zhang Guofu personally led the force-feeding with concentrated salt water, which caused some practitioners to faint, vomit, and excrete blood.

According to an insider, Secretary Zhu promised higher officials that there would be zero practitioners appealing in Beijing during the Spring Festival. Using the name of "re-education" classes, he arrested practitioners that he thought were important within the city. More than 1000 practitioners were unlawfully detained. Each county was ordered to send at least five practitioners to detention centers.

Five practitioners escaped a re-education class administered by the Shuangcheng Party Finance Committee. At that time the city gathered its entire police force and officials, put aside an urgent homicide case and sealed off the entire city to search for these practitioners. They positioned guards everywhere, from Shuangcheng all the way to Beijing. They cut off transport, questioned passengers, and harassed the families of the five escaped practitioners. In the end more than 10,000 Yuan were wasted without any results.

These ruffians illegally strip-search practitioners anytime they want. They have snatched several thousand Yuan from practitioners and have extorted anywhere from 500 to 30,000 Yuan from practitioners' family members.

However, under these harsh situations, flyers, flags, banners and spray painted signs that clarify the truth about Falun Dafa still can be seen everywhere. High-volume speakers clarifying the truth echo throughout the counties and towns, and those cruel persecutors are really frightened.

Twenty-three year-old Dafa practitioner Chen Junbo (female) was arrested while handing out leaflets about Dafa in the countryside and was illegally sentenced to criminal detainment.

On May 6, 2001, practitioners Su Zhenhe (female) and Cao Chunmei (19 year-old female) were unlawfully arrested while putting up posters that clarified the truth about Dafa. They received severe and brutal beatings while in jail. Su Zhenhe did not yield under pressure even though her face was beaten out of shape. Cao Chunmei said, "It was Commander Zhao who beat me. He pulled my hair and slapped my face. I put up my arms to protect myself and I was thrown to the floor. He then savagely kicked me. He lifted me up into the air and then threw me down to the ground. Even today, my shoulders and hipbones are still painful. That night I couldn't turn while sleeping and, when I was questioned, I was forced to sit in the "tiger" chair the entire night. I was shaking with cold the whole night. Su was also beaten and locked in the courtyard." Commander Zhao's contact number: 86-451-3111355.

On May 16, 2001, Dafa practitioner Wang Hongqiu (Mr. Zhou's wife) was unlawfully arrested together with 30 others while sharing experiences with fellow practitioners.

Recently, Wang Shuqing, vice-secretary of Party Politics and Law Committee, stated that they have uncovered two major "May 6" and "May 16" cases, and those practitioners will be severely punished. Even under these conditions, Dafa practitioners have never yielded under the pressure, and they continue to clarify the truth and validate the Fa. Because of this, many kind-hearted people are awakening to the truth.

Below is a list of the main persecutors of practitioners:

Zhu Qingwen: Secretary of Shuangcheng City Party committee: 86-451-3129539

Wang Shuqing: Vice-Secretary of Shuangcheng City Party committee, Secretary of Politics and Law Committee

Jiang Hongwei: Vice-Secretary of Politics and Law Committee, Chief of City 610 Office [An office created by the government to deal specifically with issues related to Falun Gong.]

Zhang Guofu: Deputy of Shuangcheng Police Department, former head of the Special Falun Gong Case Group

Zhang Shiyue: Section Chief of Shuangcheng Police Department Political Protection Branch, former chief member of the Special Falun Gong Case Group