1. About 100 practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts and eliminated the evil at the the Beijing government office in Hong Kong.
  2. Representatives of the practitioners delivered an appeal letter but were rejected.

On the afternoon of June 8, about 100 practitioners appealed peacefully at Beijing's government office in Hong Kong urging the Chinese leaders to stop Jiangs regime from persecuting Falun Gong and to immediately release all the detained Falun Gong practitioners, including the five overseas practitioners.


The Beijing government office, under the unnecessarily tight guard of the Hong Kong police, rejected the appeal letter as usual. Practitioners placed the letter at the door of the office.

It was raining heavily from early morning until the afternoon, but the practitioners resolution was not swayed. From 2:55 3:05pm, they sat on the wet ground to send forth righteous thoughts and eliminate the evil. After that, they read an open letter to the Chinese leaders. A practitioner who had lived in Shenzhen city and was recently detained for a month for distributing Dafa material, talked to the media about the inhumane torture he suffered in jail and the fact that the Chinese authorities were covering-up the truth to all outsiders.

The rain stopped and the appeal was over at 3:30pm. The Hong Kong practitioners had taken yet another stride along the road of exposing the evil, clarifying the truth, eliminating the evil, and assisting the Master to save sentient beings.