[Minghui Net] I am a [female] Falun Dafa practitioner from Wuhan City. Because I insist on practicing Falun Gong and because I have traveled three times to Beijing to appeal, I have been illegally and forcibly sent to a Transformation Class on two different occasions. I have suffered disciplinary detention, criminal detention, and the labor camp. Now I am writing to reveal the heinous crimes committed against practitioners, crimes that I witnessed with my own eyes. I hope kindhearted people all over the world will show their concern and speak out against these atrocities. I also want to call out to those vicious criminals to put down the clubs they have used to torture peaceful, benevolent Falun Gong practitioners. Eventually good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be rewarded with evil.

1. Beijing City Public Security Bureau, Pinggu County Detention Center

On the morning of October 28, 1999, I went to Tiananmen Square to appeal peacefully. The Beijing City Public Security Bureau forcibly sent me to the Fengtai Gymnasium. Several thousand Falun Dafa practitioners were detained there over the course of that day. The policemen wrote the names of different provinces and cities on the wall and sent the practitioners in batches to their respective offices in Beijing. In the gymnasium, some practitioners were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs. Vicious cursing from the police could be heard all the time. They did not allow the practitioners to go to the restroom. Some practitioners could not control their bladders any more and had to urinate in their pants. A twenty-year-old Shanghai girl who was a student at the Beijing Agricultural University tried so desperately to hold back her urine that her face turned red. She asked the policemen several times but was refused every time. She felt so humiliated that she could not hold back her tears.

In the evening, they sent me to the Pinggu County detention center. When the police interrogated the practitioners, they held the practitioners' arms high over their backs to torture them and used other physical punishments as well. They handcuffed me and a fifty-year old practitioner, locked our feet with chains and shoved us to the ground. Several military policemen held us down to make sure we could not move and then inserted tubes into our noses to force-feed us.

2. Xiannongtan Police Station subordinate to Beijing Public Security Bureau, Xuanwu District Detention Center of Beijing, and the Jiangxi Province Public Security Bureau

Again I traveled to Beijing to appeal on the first day of the year 2000. At the gate of the appellate office, I was attacked by dozens of policemen. One from Jiangxi Province rushed over to me and accused me of being from Jiangxi. As he was viciously cursing me, he beat and kicked me and then ordered me to kneel down. I refused so he threw me to the ground. My knees were bleeding. When a kind old man from Beijing pointed out to these police officers that what they were doing was wrong, dozens of them attacked the old man. Then, they illegally sent me to the Xiannongtan Police Station, and later the Xuanwu District Detention Center. It was winter and minus twenty or thirty degrees [Celsius] in Beijing; as soon as I entered the detention center, they forced me to take off all my clothes for inspection. Everyday I was forced to wash the toilets and clean the floor for the prisoners.

3. In the Transformation Class at the Jianghan District Police Station of Wuhan City Public Security Bureau

On two different occasions the Jianghan District Police illegally forced me to attend the Transformation class. Dozens of officials from more than ten departments of the district government lived in the class every day and conducted their so-called observations. All day long they ate, drank, and played cards. There was also a couple detained in the class who had to leave their child at home alone. Upon their release after six months of illegal detention, they had to pay almost a thousand RMB in living expenses and their employer had to pay several thousand RMB bail for them.

4. In the First Station of the Seventh Department of Wuhan City Public Security Bureau -- the First Women's Detention Center of Wuhan City

On February 19, 2000 I was illegally detained in the First Station of the Seventh Department. The experience was like living in hell on earth. The station was full of other illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners. A practitioner in Cell 40 was handcuffed to an iron door and window for three whole days. She did not want to inconvenience others [to feed, wash, and help her relieve herself] so she did not eat or drink; she could not sleep either. When the practitioners on the second floor spoke out to the officials against such inhumane action, the police used all the available handcuffs, even those taken off the hands of other criminals to lock up Falun Dafa practitioners.

The practitioner in Cell 40 was brutally tortured. After being handcuffed for three entire days, she was placed in confinement and was locked in dead shackles [a term used in the prison for locking a prisoner who is sentenced to the death penalty in an isolated cell] for eight days. After that, she was then locked in live shackles [referring to the confinement of those prisoners who are not sentenced to death but to a number of years of prison] for eleven days. In Cell 39 a practitioner was handcuffed and hung to an iron window for one day and one night because she talked to another practitioner. One day a practitioner in Cell 34 greeted another practitioner in a low voice in the yard and therefore she was also handcuffed to the iron door for one day. A fifty-year old practitioner in Cell 39 was handcuffed from the back for several days because she refused to make three guarantees.

5. In the Drug-drop Center in Wuhan City

I was sent to labor camp in July 2000, and was detained in the Correction Center of Wuhan City for drug abusers. This center was full of drug addicts. All day long they used abusive language. We practitioners were illegally detained alongside them. One or two drug addicts kept watch over twenty practitioners at all times, even during dinnertime or while practitioners were in the restroom. The guards deprived the practitioners of the right to talk to each other, but gave special leeway to the drug-addicts, and even shortened their prison terms. Seeing that the police were abusing the rights of the practitioners, these drug-addicts beat and cursed the Falun Dafa practitioners even more mercilessly.

Everyday, a fifty-year old practitioner in Squad 5 was beaten, kicked, and dragged by two inhumane drug-addicts. The guards ignored the obvious pounding sounds caused by the heavy beatings to her body. A young practitioner in Squad 1 who had been cruelly tortured in the first station of the seventh department was further beaten and cursed by these so-called humans. When she refused to be transformed, the police incited two 20-year-old female addicts to beat and verbally abuse her. A practitioner in Squad 2 was always beaten, cursed, and kicked by these criminals. A female addict claimed, If you practice exercises or talk again, I will beat you to death. Don't you believe me? With the support of the police, the drug-addicts were extremely savage.

I witnessed these perpetrators and their inhumanity with my own eyes. This is just a drop of water in the ocean compared to the persecution against tens of millions of Falun Dafa practitioners. There are many committing monstrous acts against practitioners and they have yet to be exposed. As always, we shall expose, suffocate, and eradicate the evil until the Fa rectifies the world and the truth is clarified.

The location where these crimes took place: The Drug-drop Center in Wuhan City amongst the female group. The perpetrators: Group leader Yang, Liu Hongling, Yu Huixia, Xu XX Telephone: 86-27-85692298, 86-27-85692907

May 29, 2001