[Minghui Net] The lawless officials of Xinji City have followed Jiang Zemin, whom Amnesty International has declared as "a scoundrel against human rights," and have several times held so-called "Transformation Classes" to persecute Faun Dafa practitioners. They have installed iron doors and windows at the 5th floor of the building of the Xinji XX party school to make it a "private jail."

On March 20, 2000, after being illegally detained elsewhere for 48 days, because they went to Beijing to appeal, more than 70 Dafa practitioners were sent into this "private jail" to continue with an illegal "mandatory transformation class." As those practitioners refused to write a "Letter of Renouncement," the city had to close the class on July 18.

However, before being released, each practitioner was forced to pay more then 3,000 Yuan RMB for so-called "living expenses." [3,000 Yuan is approximately 6-month salary of an average urban worker in China.]

Zheng Jianying (female, age 36) and her mother Hao Jingrong (age 56) come from Dashizhuang village in the township of Hemujing. They couldn't afford to pay the money, so they were again illegally detained by the Hemujing local government for another 50 days.

Another female practitioner Fang Zhihua, age 38, resides on the 10th Avenue of Xinji Town. She was illegally sentenced during the time of the "Transformation Class." They didn't release her until November of last year. After she got home, she was in a state of mental disorder. We don't know how those perpetrators persecuted her to put her into such a terrible condition.

A male practitioner, Li Zhishui, age 59, had a middle school education, and resides at Shuangliushu village in Hemujing town, Xinji City (please refer to http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/5/4/9257.html for a previous report about him by Clearwisdom Net). After returning home from the "Transformation Class," he couldn't eat or sleep, and he was in a state of great agitation and anxiety. Two months later, he died due to the extreme mental and physical pressure from the long period of persecution in the detention center. Jiang Zemin's political gang of scoundrels "transformed" a real life into a dead one simply because he refused to renounce his belief in the principle of "Zhen-Shan-Ren" [truthfulness-benevolence-forbearance]

Many practitioners were detained in the "Transformation Class" together with their family members, such as the above mentioned daughter Zheng Jianying and her mother Hao Jingrong, another mother and daughter Zhang Ruihua and Zhao Yanyan, Lu Shuqin and her daughter Zhao Yun, Zhao Cangyan and her daughter Zhao Feng, two sisters Zhao Ting and Zhao Xiang, two sisters Zheng Shujing and Zheng Shurong, a couple Mu qichen and Mu Xinduo, and another couple Cui Cheng and Fan Qinglian.

Some of the Dafa practitioners' property and belongings were confiscated because they didn't have money to pay the fine. Their farmlands were neglected. The sum of the mental and material damage is impossible to measure. Happy families have been torn apart and some have even suffered the loss of their family members. Many weep all day long.

In March this year, those lawless officials in Xinji City once again forcibly sent almost 20 Dafa practitioners to that "private jail" to have a "mandatory transformation class." Up until today, more than two months have passed and the class is not yet finished.

Some Dafa practitioners who have not been captured yet have decided to leave home in order to resist the persecution and to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to a wider group of people. Falun Dafa practitioners refuse to renounce the Universal Truth and do not give up their right to safeguard justice --- what is wrong with that? However, the evil forces even put the blame on the victims by saying that those Dafa practitioners "neglected their homes and their jobs." This is absolutely irrational logic!

Hereby, we call for support and help from people of all walks of life who are willing to safeguard justice. We shall condemn Jiang Zemin's political gang of scoundrels and strongly demand the release of all innocent Dafa practitioners!

Telephone numbers of some criminals who have persecuted Dafa practitioners:

The XX Party School of Xinji City: 86-311-3222571

Xinji City Detention Center: 86-311-3221676

Hemujing Town: (Town head: Qiao Jiansheng) 86-311-3371003

Hemujing Town: (Office) 86-311-3371001

Hemujing Town: (Secretary) 86-311-3371002

Dashizhuang village committee: 86-311-3371620

Shuangliushu village committee: 86-311-3371646