[Minghui Net] Falun Dafa practitioner Zuo Zhigang, a 33 year-old male, worked at a [privately-owned] computer company located on Zhongshan Street, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.

On May 30, 2001, criminal police from the Public Security Bureau of Shijiazhuang City and the "610" Office [an office that specifically deals with the Falun Gong issue] suddenly appeared at his workplace and illegally took him to the Qiaoxi District Police Station in Shijiazhuang. Later, the police interrogated Zuo Zhigang, using various means of torture, and he was beaten to death on the same day.

His corpse was full of scars. One of his ears was dark purple and there were two big square-shaped holes on the back of his torso. There was a mark on his neck showing that a string had been pulled tightly around it. The next day, the murderers lied to the people, falsely reporting that Zuo Zhigang had committed suicide by using his own shirt to hang himself. As this was being reported, they brought barricade tape to his workplace to seal off the building and tried to close down the company where Zuo Zhigang had worked. Later, taking this insult in stride, the company invited them to dinner in order to get the police issues resolved. Now, those murderers are carefully censoring the news while still walking around freely in Shijiazhuang City, committing more crimes.

This monstrous crime, committed by the Shijiazhuang Police, follows previous crimes involving the deaths of four Falun Dafa practitioners: Tao Hongsheng, Liu Xiurong, Liu Shusong and Zhao Xinnian. The crimes committed by these thugs are countless and it has raised the indignation of both the people and the gods.

On May 30, in the city of Shijiazhuang where the weather had been hot for many days, the temperature suddenly dropped and it became unusually cold. It snowed heavily in the tourist district of Wuyue Village, Lingshou County, Hebei Province, accumulating to a depth of about 20 inches (half a meter). Now, all the people in the city seem quite fearful, as everyone believes in the old saying that snow in June is a sign that hidden cases of injustice must exist.

Even though the malevolent forces are running rampant, we will maintain good xinxing [moral character] and maintain righteous thoughts, in order to better assist the Teacher during the Fa-rectification [the Fa (Law and Principles) is rectifying the Cosmos]. At the same time, we remain responsible to society and to the people. Falun Dafa practitioners solemnly warn the criminals: The gods will punish you for your crimes and the retribution for those wicked acts can be expected soon.

We hope people who know the true facts behind the news can help record the crimes of those thugs and the detailed information of their victims. We can publish this information and allow people to know the truth, in order to help save people.

* Editors note: The term, "Snowing in June," is an old Chinese proverb meaning that something so brutal and outrageous has occurred that the heavens also want to show their indignance by dropping freezing snow on to the earth even in the summer as a token of punishment.