[Minghui Net] On the morning of May 30, from 5:00 to 7:05, my mom, my grandmother, and I sat together to eradicate the evil. As soon as I began to recite Teacher's verse "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated," I saw Teacher Li smiling at us with benevolence. In a little while, Teacher Li left. Then I saw many demons come out with their mouths wide open. Some of them looked like a piece of worn-out cloth; some of them were headless and legless, and were actually a mixture of many smaller demons; some of them only had a round head (without a body). These demons were charging towards the earth. When they touched the earth, it turned black. These ferocious demons were doing many bad things on earth. For example, they were controlling the human skin of Jiang Zemin to damage Dafa.

Then, Dafa practitioners all over the world sent forth their righteous thoughts. The righteous thoughts were very powerful and they killed many small demons, but there was still one big demon (Jiang Zemin) that was yet to be eliminated. Dafa practitioners once again sent forth righteous thoughts and turned Jiang from black to gray, then from gray to light gray. His color was getting lighter and lighter...At last, Jiang turned white and emitted small white particles, and then gradually disappeared.

The above was what 12-year-old Xiaohai saw in other dimensions from 5:00am to 7:05am on May 30, 2001.