[Minghui Net] We normally hear only about female practitioners and the treatment they receive in the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp. New information confirms that male practitioners are also confined there.

A practitioner and former inmate of Masanjia, whom we shall refer to as Witness A, a woman from a northeastern Chinese city, was held in the No. 2 Women's Section in Team 6 of the Masanjia Labor Camp. She heard from one of the guards that in the past, Team 6 was exclusively for male inmates. In order to handle the large number of female Falun Dafa practitioners, male inmates had been moved to a nearby one-story building. From where she was held, Witness A could sometimes see male inmates in light yellow prison clothes outside dumping trash. On another occasion in August of 2000, Witness A saw male inmates doing manual labor in the camp.

When Witness A was detained there, the prison guard beat her and tortured her with an electric cattle prod. In addition, other prison inmates were forced to kick and punch her.

In November of 2000, a program shown many times on the News Focus of CCTV (Chinese national television) and on Liaoning TV showed a male so-called "ex-Falun Gong practitioner." He had been divorced because of practicing Falun Dafa and was put into Masanjia Labor Camp for "transformation." After he had been "transformed" he reunited with his wife. Police officers from Masanjia attended their wedding. All this has been reported on the well-known CCTV News Focus program.

Witness B is another female practitioner from a city in northeast China. She tells that the top floor of a building in Masanjia holds 18 female practitioners who hold most firmly to Falun Dafa, refusing all attempts at "transformation." Two of them are Liu Fengmei and Cui Yaning, from Jinzhou, Liaoning Province. Their families are not permitted to visit them.