[Minghui Net] Dafa practitioner Zhou Wenjie was among the first group of practitioners sent to labor camps, but she still refuses to break from Falun Gong. The perpetrators extended her detention and have not released her. When she first came into the labor camp, she went on a hunger strike to protest the cruel persecution. The persecutors force-fed her, causing her teeth to become loose and crooked. Another time she was put into confinement as punishment for practicing the Falun Gong exercises. In the rat-infested place of confinement, there was a suffocating smell. She was handcuffed behind her back and fed only half rations of food. Later, she was continuously tied by her arms and legs to the "death bed" (in a storage room) for more than 10 days, with her body directly touching the cold metal. The guards did not release her from the bed even to eat or defecate. The perpetrators were afraid of being exposed for their evil deeds, so the disciplinary staff had only one person deliver food to her. They won't release her unless she writes the pledge against Falun Gong. As a result, this practitioner has been detained for almost two years.

The disciplinary guards tortured another Dafa practitioner, Li Shixia, with 3 electric batons simultaneously for 2 hours. The flesh on her neck was burnt by the torture, filling the hallway with the smell of burning flesh. The guards also shocked her breasts and back with electric batons. The headman beat her until she threw up blood. Even then he did not let her go; he tied her up in a storage room and kept torturing her until she finally fainted. The perpetrator ordered someone to watch her, fearing that she would die. She has also been detained until now.

Dafa practitioner Chen Jingru also refuses to write a pledge. The guards tortured her many times with electric batons. As a result, her neck is terribly swollen and has many big blisters; she cannot move it at all. She is still under detention.

When we first entered the labor camp, we wrote appeals saying that we were innocent. There was no response to that. We then went on hunger strikes to protest the persecution. As a result, we were cruelly tortured. The ferocious guards tied our feet up with leather belts, handcuffed our hands, and force-fed us. They used some instruments to pry open our mouths, then fed us corn porridge. We threw up the food, and they fed it back to us again. We were tortured like this over and over again. They even took pictures of us in our pain, saying, "Let your Teacher look at this." After several days of force-feeding, they tortured us with electric batons. The perpetrators tortured practitioner Ou Xianghong by repeatedly forcing the feeding tubes into her stomach. The vile disciplinary guards also ordered other inmates to watch Dafa practitioners and beat them whenever they started to practice the exercises. Practitioner Xu Yuying's hands were beaten until they swelled up, while the (criminal) inmates' terms were reduced. Once the practitioners started to practice, they would handcuff them or tie them up. The practitioners were forced to work for more than 16 hours (sometimes even 20 hours) a day. They were not allowed to wash their faces or brush their teeth. In the summer, the practitioners were allowed only 15 minutes to wash their clothes every two weeks. Since they work all day, their clothes smell awful. The disciplinary guards allow them to take showers only once or twice a year, and most practitioners have skin ulcers.

The guards said that I did not behave myself, so they did not allow my family members to visit me. I could not even get the proper clothing for different seasons from my family. Everyone in the labor camp was forced to work for long hours, at a salary of 6 Yuan RMB per month (the average monthly salary in urban areas is about 500Yuan RMB). As if the salary were too high, all the maintenance expenses of the labor camp (such as fixing pipes, windows, and flooring) were taken from this 6 Yuan. Whenever inspection personnel came from outside, the guards would hide the stuff we were working on and make good food for us. When the inspectors left, the guards would force us back to work again.

There are no human rights for practitioners in the labor camp: the guards often search their bodies and their beds. If the guards find Teacher's articles, they torture the practitioners with electric batons and extend their terms indefinitely. The hallway is often filled with the smell of burning flesh (from the shock of electric batons) and the noise of electric batons. Mentally and physically, the practitioners are savagely tortured day after day. . Dafa practitioner Su Lifeng was handcuffed and hung from a bed. She was extremely weak, and her body was twitching and swinging in the air. Even the regular inmates could not bear the scene and talked to the disciplinary guards three times about it. However, the wicked guards merely turned their backs. Later on, the practitioners took turns lifting her body up in order to alleviate her pain. She was not released until the next morning.